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Zhou Yong Qi (周永琪) is the youngest daughter of ZhouFamily. She is particularly close with BaoNa, WenYan and JiaXuan. She had supported the latter against her elder brother's external romantic affairs. After venturing overseas for medical treatments due to HongJie, she subsequently continued her world voyage.


Introduced as an affectionate person, who deeply appreciated the importance of friendship and bringing warmth among her closed ones. On the aspect of "kinship", YongQi capitalizes the harmony of ZhouFamily and retaining a rightful sense of justice. As a result, she exhibited sheer determination in safeguarding the well-being of JiaXuan; viewing themselves as biological sisters against the affairs of YongCheng and XiaoXin while deeming her brother as utterly irresponsible over marriage and resolved with bringing him back from his wrongdoings. On the aspect of "love", YongQi believed in giving her fullest effort to earn the affection from her desired romantic partner and learning to grant them her blessings after being rejected, treating it as a form of happiness too. Her qualities become extremely valuable in completely driving away the villainous intentions harbored within ZhengHao.






  • YongQi earns a black-belt in karate, easily trouncing down XiaoXin during her debut episode.
  • As her actor was given an important role in the succeeding drama, Proud of You, YongQi had her appearances ended earlier to the finale episode.
  • Her nicknames include Zhou Lu Dan (周滷蛋) and Flower YuanZai (圓仔花), given by WenYan and WeiKai respectively.

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