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Zhou Yong Cheng (周永誠) is the eldest son of ZhouFamily. While fathering JiaMai with JiaXuan, their marriage ended after YongCheng had betrayed her feelings. After understanding his father's intentions of making him the rightful successor of YongBao-Group, he redeemed from his past wrongdoings. He apparently received approval from CanTang and subsequently renewed his ties with JiaXuan.[1]


During his younger days, the strict guidance from his father was viewed in an amoral way where YongCheng deems himself to be constantly despised by RuiYuan. While YongCheng strives in proving his capabilities in the business world, the feelings of resentment grew greater after his father had treated GuoHao as the most worthy successor of YongBao-Group instead of him and with further protection from his mother XiuChun, YongCheng becomes masked with the negative aspects of his personal ideals. However after coming to understanding the positive intentions of his father, YongCheng becomes humbled towards the idea of attaining success and dedicated himself with following closely the footsteps of RuiYuan to improvise from his previous failures. Overcoming from the aforementioned setbacks allowed YongCheng to become modest in making decisions and at the same time, YongCheng eventually inherited the responsibilities from his father regarding the entire future of ZhouFamily. He also becomes observant when safeguarding his closed ones from infiltrators.

Due to his dissatisfaction with RuiYuan in the past, YongCheng turned unfaithful towards his responsibilities as a father and husband to JiaMai and JiaXuan respectively. As a result, he seeks personal entertainment in his life by engaging romantically with XiaoXin and outright discarded the feelings and hurt JiaMai and JiaXuan deeply. After coming to realize his own fault, a regretful YongCheng strives to compensate them and having destroyed the original reunion of ZhouFamily. He developed a humbled attitude, as evidenced when he accepted ZhengHao as a friend after he ensured the survivability of his younger sister and although he sees his capabilities losing to CanTang, YongCheng is empowered with resolve to repair his marriage ties with JiaXuan and earning back her heart after recovering her past wounds.





  • In the original setting, he is portrayed by Nic Chang (江宏恩) and is named Qi Ming (啟明)[2]. His original actor is given the role of HongJie, who becomes the drama's main antagonist.


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