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Zhou Rui Yuan (周瑞淵) is the retired patriarch of ZhouFamily. He deemed JiaXuan as his only daughter-in-law and had mentored GuoHao and TianDing as well as ZhengHao in the series. After suffering from dementia, RuiYuan had eventually entrusted YongCheng the future of YongBao-Group.

The Importance of Family


Boosting similar ideals within his partnership with FangZi, both of them had an eccentric perception and having affirmed ZhiMing as "trustworthy" for World-Group's chairman position. During their first appearances, they purposely handled out trials for the purpose of proving their deepened distaste towards HongJie for his sadistic demeanor.


  • Feelings for XiuChun: During the initial days of marriage with her, the couple had maintained a distanced relationship and remained apologetic regarding that. But after the passing of his wife, the presence of XiuChun was deemed by RuiYuan as an important backbone pillar to ZhouFamily. Hence, he begins experiencing the feelings of loneliness and seeing a deterioration in his perception.
  • Guidance towards YongCheng: Having capitalized himself as a reasonable patriarch, RuiYuan immediately deemed him as "irresponsible" towards his own marriage with JiaXuan as deepened in his heart, RuiYuan wouldn't want his son to repeat the same footsteps as him, reminding herself of his betrayal of XiuChun. He greatly trusted GuoHao instead of YongCheng as the faithful successor but coming to regret the strict parenting towards his son comparing to YongQi after the former truly redeem from his amoral viewpoints. Once the bonds and distrust were restored between himself and YongCheng, RuiYuan finally recognized him as the rightful successor in the business world.





  • TianDing gave him the nickname Chang Ying (苍蝇).

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