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Zhao Tian Yu (趙天宇)/Vincent was an antagonist between episodes 198-266 of The Sound of Happiness. He became the father of Dora 11 years ago, and was estranged from his marriage with HuiLin before developing affection towards JiaXiu. [1] He later decided to steal the assets of QinTian-Group (擎天集團) as revenge against GuanTing for apparently ruining the former’s future as an artist. He was arrested for his crimes, which also ended his romantic relationship with JiaXiu after hurting her family for the position of General Director.


  • Unknown parents (deceased)
  • Zhao Dora (daughter)





After his parents’ death, he became an emotionless individual while growing up in an orphanage. As he lacked an affluent background like ZhiMing, he had counted on himself to earn himself a reputation in the business world and gained popularity through his amoral methods to achieve his goals. Back in his days as QinTian-Group’s chairman, he was known for his domineering demeanor and was unable to accept any failures from his employees in order to hide his own inferiority. Despite fathering Dora from his marriage with HuiLin, he maintained a distanced relationship with the latter and yearned to experience the happiness of belonging to a family. He developed compassion after turning affectionate towards JiaXiu, and understanding the meaning of interacting with others around him. He initially had the courage of leaving LuoFamily unconditionally for the sake of JiaXiu and was remorseful over his unfaithfulness towards HuiLin, but after GuanTing had apparently costed JiaXiu’s future in their relationship, he discarded the fact that HuiLin was responsible for his successes in the present day. He even sees himself as a puppet to LuoFamily and his contributions towards QinTian-Group leads him to believe that the family’s entire assets are rightfully his. He deemed the sufferings he personally brought to them an acceptable cost for hurting JiaXiu, and at the same time, he became obsessed with winning the election for General Director. As a result, he demonstrated his despicable qualities to his maximum extent and even resorted to harming the precious lives of his victims. Despite claiming that his ending result was to start an ordinary family with JiaXiu and Dora as well as giving them a better future, he had instead and selfishly neglected their true feelings. He turned possessive towards Dora, and had the intention of separating her from her bonds with HuiLin. In the end, he even believed that JiaXiu had betrayed him by siding with WeiKai and LinFamily, hence, he had insisted on targeting both ZhiMing and JiaYun and believing such an act would cause JiaXiu to remember for an entire life, with her proving him otherwise in his final appearance.


TianYu first debuted in episode 198, returning to Taiwan and having an awkward first encounter with JiaXiu and after easily outcasting ZhiMing in a tennis rematch, TianYu's first attempt of ruining the reputation of WorldGroup was coincidentally foiled by JiaXiu after ZhiMing and his wife had rejected his offer of liaising with him. With advice from GuanTing, TianYu reluctantly accepted JiaXiu as his secretary and vented his infuriation towards the latter after she failed to achieve what he expected when setting up LiMin (ChenDong). TianYu accidentally fired JiaXiu after her presence almost affected the business of FangZi. During the marriage between JiaLong and HuanHuan, he partnered JiaXiu but in exchange, she had to return as his employee. He properly introduced himself to LinFamily through his childhood ties with YanXi and manipulated JiaXiu's ties with them, TianYu eventually formed an alliance with WorldGroup after both of them managed to persuade ZhiMing over his positive qualities. With affirmation from YanXi, TianYu finds himself fallen in love with JiaXiu and after protecting the former's innocence from LiMei in exchange for bailing out HongJie from jail. He confirmed his feelings for JiaXiu after she separated from WenYan, TianYu ended up confessing his love towards a devastated her, who in turn shared a similar feeling. (episode 198-218)

Even after the returning HuiLin organized for TianYu's birthday with advice from her besties, he nonetheless lied to JiaXiu that he had divorced with HuiLin, who had refused to earlier despite revealing his intentions. After saving JiaXiu from XiaoChou, TianYu began to engage romantically with the former and was caught by YanXi for cheating the feelings of HuiLin. He vowed to seek revenge against GuanTing for apparently ending JiaXiu's future and killing their unborn child, TianYu and JiaXiu resumed their romantic affairs despite Dora's return from her oversea studies. He took advantage of his marriage with HuiLin, he made plans to steal the feuds of QinTian-Group and sadistically watched GuanTing entered a coma after causing him to suffer from cardiac arrest while JiaXiu grew increasingly impatient towards his unsevered ties with HuiLin. As a result of RuiYuan's unwillingness to support him for General Director's position, he started hurting the lives of LinFamily and after failing to sway ZhiWen into his side, he became the main foe for ZhiMing to deal with. Meanwhile, he had failed in his desire of taking the lives of LuoFamily after facing interference from HuiLin's besties and JiaXiu, who had redeemed herself from ruining the marriage between TianYu and HuiLin. While he succeeded to take the assets from GuanTing, he has HuiLin face false criminal charges to escape the law and proclaiming himself as a saviour and using that to further spite the sadness of GuanTing. Despite his desire of severing the kinship between Dora and HuiLin, he had indirectly contributed towards losing the parenting custody of his daughter after revealing his intentions to JiaXiu, who advised HuiLin to clear her name from TianYu's false accusations. During ShanShan's marriage with YongJian, he bribed an assaulter to target JiaYun; which ended up with AhMei getting injured and finally ended his marriage with HuiLin. He became WeiKai's wanted criminal after TianYu was condemned for his atrocities and during his fleeing days, he mistakenly caused Dora to be wounded, while losing QinTian-Group's chairman position and the stolen assets. When the latter and JiaXiu's safety was threatened by HongJie, he decided to cooperate with his ultimatum against LinFamily. Despite the persuasions from JiaXiu, TianYu continued to hurt her closed ones and even taking the entirely of WorldHotel as his hostages in an attempt to force ZhiMing to denounce his victory against HongJie for the position of General Director. In the end, TianYu intended to perish together with JiaXiu and before getting arrested for his crimes, he caused JiaYun to become devastated over the apparent death of ZhiMing and such an act caused JiaXiu to severe her ties with him. (episode 219-266)


  • TianYu is the same age as ZhiMing and TianDing. He celebrated his 32nd birthday in episode 219.
  • During his debut episode, TianYu had a phobia of dark environments.
  • TianYu has mastered driving the airplanes and obtaining medicine, putting him as a genius in masking his crimes. However like HongJie's experience with JiaWen (CoCo), TianYu had failed to anticipate that his feelings for JiaXiu had lead to his downfall.


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