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Zhang Zi Ting (張子婷) is the youngest daughter[2] of JiaLiang and WenLing and an affluent maternal granddaughter of WanDai(Group) (萬代集團).


For her relationship with PengFamily, the family members of QiXian are omitted from this section.

  • Paternal Grandfather: Peng Qi Xian
  • Father: Zhang Jia Liang
  • Mother: Fang Wen Ling
  • Elder Brother: Zhang Zi Xiang
  • Maternal Grandfather: Fang Chong Fa
  • Paternal Grandmother: Zhang Yan Hong
  • Grandaunt: Fang Bao Zhen
  • Uncle: Fang Wen Xian
  • Aunt-in-law: Qiu Rui Hua
  • Adoptive Cousin, once removed (表舅): Huang Guan Zhong
  • Adoptive Cousin-in-law, once removed (表舅媽): Liu Qian Na
  • Eldest sister: Gao Ren Mei
  • Eldest brother-in-law: Zhao Shang Hao
  • Elder Sister: Zhang Ren Xin
  • Elder brother-in-law: Xiao Zheng Yan
  • Adoptive Aunt and archenemy: Fang Wen Xue
  • Elder Cousins: Li Yu Fei (biological), Zhi Tian Ai (adoptive)
  • Elder Cousins: Gao Tian You (biological), Gao Tian Hao (adoptive)

Yan Family (In-law)

  • Grandmother: Yan Li Akkio
  • Father: Yan Ming Hui
  • Step-mother: Ke Shu Jun
  • Younger sister and highschool friend: Yan Xiao Qing
  • Step-uncle: Ke Zhong Yi


Back in her days as the publicity manager (公關經理), ZiTing have a famous popularity and influence as well as being well-respected among her large group of friends, even though her capabilities were greatly outclassed by her family. This was due to the spoiled love she received through her parents since her youth, where ZiTing developed a convenience mindset of looking down on others lacking a similar background as hers and also becoming capricious when her parents refused in answering to her demands. Due to her parents lack of concern in her youth, ZiTing embraced loneliness in her heart and hence, she was particularly closer to her elder brother ZiXiang instead.

With her unwillingness attitude to lose, once realized XiuYu and their conjoined twin daughters (連體櫻) were more important in her father's heart, this leads to an increased resentment towards her elder sisters. She specifically targeted RenMei for earning the affection of ShengYuan, whom ZiTing admired and loved deeply for many years, resulting in her being successfully manipulated by RenXin to engage romantically with and this fitted the former's desires to end the relationship between ShengYuan and RenMei. On a positive note, ZiTing forged closer bonds with RenXin after she truly treated her and JiaLiang as a family and maintained a similar level of friendship with RenMei. As the drama progresses, the warmth she received from LiFamily enabled her to humbly considerate the feelings of her closed ones while retaining a minimal sense of clumsiness from the beginning episodes. Despite suffering the humiliations from ShengYuan, who used her as "protection" and taking revenge on her closed ones; especially JiaLiang after the death of MingHui, she shared the ideal with YanFamily (viewed them as her own family) that awakening the inner conscience of ShengYuan was an achievable task. While tremendously improving her ties with WenLing, her relationship with JiaLiang was estranged after opposing against his antagonism, as evidenced when she reluctantly supported her parents for covering up the deaths of WenXian and RuiHua. During JiaLiang's affairs with ShuJun, she sided with WenLing as a source of mental and emotional support and understanding the importance of maintaining a "healthy marriage" with ShengYuan and never follow the pathway of separation like her parents. However, ZiTing was able to forgive ShuJun for approaching closer to JiaLiang after knowing everything was for the sake of ShengYuan. She became a supporting pillar for the latter after he inherited his father's business.




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