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Zhang Zheng Hao (張正浩) is the first antagonist/secondary protagonist of The Sound of Happiness. Despite his ordinary background, he is regarded as the best cardiologist from YongXin-hospital. As an attempt to gain greater reputation, he unwillingly married YanXi for her family assets but was charged for his crimes with CoCo's appearance. Later with encouragement from ZhouFamily, he strived to seek back the kinship with YuYan. During his recuperation, he took on the alias Mo Hao Tian (莫昊天)[2] and helped Angela and LinFamily to apprehend HongJie for his crimes. He eventually reunited with his childhood lover JiaWen and their son; Tie Ge (鐵哥), having previously abandoned them for his personal pride.[3]


His qualities as a "doctor" and his aspect of "perception", ZhengHao has demonstrated the positive and negative sides of them. Regardless of the role ZhengHao portrayed, he has a comedian demeanor that brilliantly allowed him to that either allowed him to entertain himself as an antagonist and cheering up other's feelings when they're feeling low.

"I just felt lament, the "him" I knew from the past was someone hardworking and diligent who just wanted to become a doctor to save lives. But now he reached into a conclusion where even his most loved mother couldn't change him, how can a person underwent such a drastic change."

―JiaWen, describing ZhengHao past in episode 142.

During his youth, ZhengHao strived hard in his studies to succeed as a brilliant doctor who showed compassion for his patients and affectionate towards JiaWen and also having the righteous sense of justice[4]. He regained the aforementioned qualities after episode 312, he had appreciated the sense of belonging given by ZhouFamily. Despite the hostility remarks from YongCheng, he becomes humbled from his past pridefulness and finally what YuYan truly wanted from him. The idea of "kinship" greatly surpasses the wealthy lifestyle and reputation which he acquired from unlawful means, turning his amorality into conscience and determination to unite with his family while finding happiness doing so. As confirmed by Angela, ZhengHao only sees YongQi and her family as "friends" to safeguard them from dangers as payback for their deed in redeeming his wrongdoings. The most important and loved person in his life is still JiaWen and strived to become TieGe's proud father, even willing to sacrifice himself and concealing his true identity as HaoTian to protect them from HongJie's antagonistic acts. This was vital in earning back the trust and affection from JiaWen, as ZhengHao had promised to compensate her with a future of happiness that JianHua had utterly failed to achieve.

As an antagonist, ZhengHao is overconsumed with the fear of living in poverty and this caused him to develop amoral beliefs towards achieving his ambitious desires of attaining greater wealth and reputation while becoming well-known in society. On extreme aspects, ZhengHao had taken advantage of his medical knowledge as a sadistic individual, who deliberately endangered the lives and seeking pleasure tormenting the vulnerability of his enemies. He appeared as a becomes a cunning individual and manipulates trust and bonds between others, viewing them as necessities in the goals of claiming their actions and trampling on his dignity. Despite the feebleness in his villainous acts, which becomes a valuable experience in the present times and confirmed ZhengHao as higher intelligence than that of TianYu and HongJie.


  • Mother: Chen Yu Yan
  • Father: Zhang Tian Yang (deceased during his childhood)

(In-Law) WuFamily




  • According to his identification card, his birthdate is listed as 6/27/1973 in episode 27, putting his age at 46 years old. But through official sources, ZhengHao is the same age as JiaWen.


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