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The personality and history sections presented on this page only covered the events between episodes 1-83. For events aftermath and towards the finale, a brief description is added to the character list page.

Gao Ren Xin (高仁芯)[1] is a core protagonist from Proud of You and the adoptive second affluent daughter (二小姐) of YiDengGao(Group) (一等高集團). As an acknowledgment for her ties with JiaLiang[2], she renamed herself as Zhang Ren Xin (張仁芯).



Gao Family (adoptive)

  • Father: Gao Zhi Hong
  • Mother: Jiang Xiu Lian
  • Eldest-uncle: Gao Zhi Long
  • Eldest aunt-in-law: Ke Shu Jun
  • Youngest-aunt: Gao Zhi Hui
  • Maternal Grandfather: Jiang Zheng Hui
  • Paternal Grandfather: Gao Jun Xiong
  • Paternal Grandmother: Gao Chen Yu Lan
  • Younger Cousin: Gao Tian You, Luo Xiao An, Gao Tian Hao
  • Younger Cousin-in-law: Li Yu Fei, Zhi Tian Ai


For her relationship with PengFamily, the family members of QiXian are omitted from this section.

  • Paternal Grandfather: Peng Qi Xian
  • Paternal Grandmother: Zhang Yan Hong
  • Father: Zhang Jia Liang
  • Mother: Jiang Xiu Yu
  • Eldest Twin Sister: Gao Ren Mei
  • Eldest Brother-in-law: Zhao Shang Hao
  • Youngest Sister: Zhang Zi Ting
  • Youngest Brother-In-law: Yan Sheng Yuan
  • Younger Brother: Zhang Zi Xiang
  • Step-mother: Fang Wen Ling

Wang/Xiao Family (In-law)

  • Father: Wang Shan He (adoptive), Xiao Tian Lei (biological)
  • Mother: Xu Ming Feng
  • Step-mother: Ye Cai Xi
  • Adoptive Elder Brother: Huang Guan Zhong
  • Adoptive Elder Sister-in-law: Liu Qian Na
  • Adoptive Uncle: Wang Shan Tai
  • Adoptive Cousin: Peng Li Xing


"In the past, I never thought of talking about love and seeing RenMei falling in love with Yan ShengYuan, I was unable to accept and so, I destroyed their relationship. This caused RenMei's initial love to be filled with sufferings and turned Yan ShengYuan into a different person from the resultant setbacks. This kind of "me", do I have rights to love and be loved by another person, up till now in truth, I had remained doubtful."

―RenXin to ZhengYan, episode 67 as she reflected over her possessive demeanor of her elder sister.

RenXin has a sharp perception and sense of femininity, being an expertise in confirming and seeing through the inner emotions of others, which was attributed from her life experiences. When empowered with the feelings of hatred and looking at events from an extreme viewpoint, she was manipulative in exploiting the desires of her targets and having them suffer, where she took pleasure from the sidelines. In the absence of RenMei, this fitted her nickname Small Hedgedog (小刺蝟) as said traits were essential form of defense against the dark side of society and RenXin seemingly inherited them from JiaLiang and XiuYu. Following her encounter and subsequent interactions with ZhengYan, whose original personality of warmth and strong sense of justice gradually healed her deeply scarred heart, which stemmed from her accumulated insecurity back in her youth. With zero tolerance towards lies, she almost severed the relationship between herself and ZhengYan for deceiving his identity, but was soft-hearted in forgiving him and this marked the first time RenXin was capable of developing affection and accepting the feelings from an opposite gender, where ZhengYan helped her to overcome her lack of self-esteem while socializing with others and the latter risking his life to protect her on multiple occasions and opposing the narcissism of his mother leads to ZhengYan becoming a dependent part of her life. In exchange, she took on a mediator role to amend MingFeng's (who deemed RenXin the best daughter-in-law despite turning resentful of each other during their initial meetings) strained kinship with the former and ShanHe. After understanding the wrongdoings behind her amoral acts and viewpoints, she became a source of enlightenment and warmth for her close ones.

"Because I hate, "hatred" that I lacked a liver since young, why was that so unfair? It was already a difficulty to be conjoined together and I still have to depend on another person for survival. When we finally lived with happiness, peacefulness and safety, but someone deliberately came and ruined them. That person only sees the relationship he was chasing after, and never realized the "me" beside that was unable to be separated and would die."

―RenXin, episode 35

Before separating with her elder sister RenMei, the sisters see themselves as an irreplaceable pair of conjoined twins (連體嬰). To overcome everyday challenges in spite of their natural disability, RenXin greatly looked up to RenMei as protection against the despising viewpoints of others. While RenMei claimed to have lived in her own world of delusions from the optimistic teachings of GaoFamily, what differentiated the sisters was RenXin accepted the ”reality" over her conjoined fate with RenMei. Despite appearing to have willingly cooperated with RenMei to realize her personal goals, RenXin has perfectly concealed her true feelings and has a fortitude spirit towards survival. During her initial days of attaining independence from RenMei, she deemed the latter and GaoFamily had disregarded her precious life and existence, where only her biological father (親生爸爸) JiaLiang understood her the most at the earlier parts of the drama. Although RenXin has refused to acknowledge him like RenMei, but came to deeply cherish their kinship once knowing JiaLiang was responsible for prolonging her life and forgoing her past feuds with ZiTing and forged closer bonds with her. She remained struck in a dilemma between her restored kinship with RenMei and her adoptive family, and the unbreakable concern towards JiaLiang, where both parties had completed with each other as archenemies, due to their feuds from The Love Story of Banana Orchard. While unable to accept his antagonism, she nonetheless embraced his inner sombre and convinced him to redeem from his past when given the opportunity.


Conflicting relationship with ZiTing and RenMei


RenXin debuted in the first episode, where she accompanied RenMei to represent YiDengGao(Group) as XiuLian and ZhiHong announced their company's newest slogan. Following a live competition, the sisters meets JiaLiang, who protected them by assaulting a hostile driver and having observed them for many years. After accepting ZiTing's apology invitation to a party, RenMei encountered her childhood friend ShengYuan while RenXin almost drowned in the waters and accidentally triggered RenMei's allergy towards peanuts. Through their further interactions with JiaLiang, this allowed ZhiHong and his wife to confirm his original identity was Zhang Rui Kun (張瑞坤

). As JiaLiang punished ShengYuan for toying his daughters' feelings, this leads to WenLing and ZiTing knowing JiaLiang was the sisters' biological father. They also comforted TianYou, having previously visited him at FuXin MuChang (樸心牧場) as TianAi almost died from the accident that killed WenXian and RuiHua and demanded JiaLiang to give his concerns for WenLing and ZiTing instead.
To prevent RenMei and ShengYuan from progressing further with their relationship, RenXin purposely lured them into the crowds and even manipulated ZiTing and YanFamily as an attempt to break ShengYuan's determination in ignoring their conjoined state but expressed remorse for her prior actions after harming herself. Even though the sisters' separation surgery (分割手術)[3]were successful, RenXin exploded her anger towards GaoFamily's decision to gave up her life and hence, she acknowledged her ties with JiaLiang and punished ZiTing for almost killing herself and RenMei, out of jealously as the latter earned greater concern from JiaLiang and ShengYuan.
While returning to GaoFamily, she cooperated with JiaLiang, who established YiDai(Group) (億代集團) to amend his strained kinship with ZiTing and WenLing. She later took revenge on ShengYuan though an assault event, said action fearfully reminded ShuJun how RenXin's personality paralleled that of her biological mother XiuYu. When JiaLiang almost died from sepsis, RenXin was devastated after realizing he had unconditionally transplanted his liver for her, she truly accepted him as a father and deeply repented to ZiTing, having manipulated her to become romantically involved with ShengYuan.
Although YanFamily were affected by them, RenXin had allowed WenLing to expose ShuJun's past. Once her antagonism in shattering apart RenMei and ShengYuan's relationship was revealed, RenXin estranged her kinship with GaoFamily and JiaLiang. (episode 1-35)

Relationship with ZhengYan

As she started to live independently, she received care from ZhengYan, having mistaken him as a Man Publicist (男公關) of a nightclub during their initial encounter. While earning income for herself, she was harassed by a vengeful ShengYuan, who also took advantage of ZiTing's affection for protection against JiaLiang's brutal assaults and was reprimanded by RenMei for making her adoptive parents worried.
Her subsequent interactions with ZhengYan alerted the attention from MingFeng, causing RenXin to almost lost her innocence, where she was saved by GuanZhong and ZhengYan, allowing both of them to establish a friendship. The latter also ignored the imperfectness of RenXin's personality, and confessed his affection feelings towards her. (Episode 36-44)

"I was manipulated by Fang WenLing, I still could tolerate, but why did you insist to purchase YiDengGao and hurt my most cherished GaoFamily? Both sides are my family, isn't? You said before, me, RenMei and ZiTing are your daughters, I set them up, is equivalent to having your both hands stabbing each other, now I have a similar feeling, you made me very devastated and disappointed."

―RenXin to JiaLiang, episode 47
After herself and ZiTing were innocently manipulated by WenLing, which ended the sense of normalcy in her marriage with JiaLiang[4], RenXin nonetheless expressed her rage towards him for masterminding the take over of YiDengGao(Group) after the issue of Black-hearted Oil (黑心油) had also affected WanDai(Group).
RenXin later accepted the apology from RenMei, who revealed her intentions to seek justice for ZhiHong and took advantage of JiaLiang's kinship for her, as GaoFamily decided to patiently await for her return. Once QianNa was saved by GuanZhong and ZhengYan, who successfully have RenXin accept his feelings after the former cooperated with JingRou, but separated from him the next day with temptations from MingFeng and denied an apology from WenLing. Due to gaining an admiration from ShanHe, she became ZhengYan's trusted personal assistant of YongShi(Group) (永世集團) and became closer to GaoFamily. As a final resort to lure out JiaLiang and avenge MingHui's death,
RenXin and RenMei were abducted by ShengYuan, who descended into insanity but allowed ZhengYan and GaoFamily to save them as ZiTing and ShuJun seemingly reached his inner conscience. Upon hearing her elder sister's intentions to sacrifice herself, RenXin officially restored the falling kinship with her and GaoFamily.[5]
After reconciling with ZhengYan, she demanded ShengYuan to take responsibility over his marriage with ZiTing but disapproved the former and JiaLiang for interrupting the successful collaboration between WanDai(Group) and ShanHe over the trademarking of Milk Dance (牛奶跳舞) steamboat, which was owned by LiFamily. To protect MingFeng from getting expelled by WangFamily, she cooperated with ZhengYan, who was later involved in an accident, but RenXin managed to revive him from the verge of death. While RenXin and ZhengYan persuaded ShanHe to forgive MingFeng for masterminding an attempted murder on GuanZhong and mocked BaoZhen over their past conflict and former marriage with ShanHe, this earned her a place in the MingFeng's heart.
Before finishing her marriage with ZhengYan[6] and fulfilling JiaLiang's earnest wishes of witnessing her happiness, RenXin almost lost ZhengYan at the hands of a returning TianLei, who attempted to take revenge on ShanHe but choose to protect ZhengYan instead with pleadings from MingFeng. (episode 45-83)



  • Like RenMei, she celebrated her birthday on episodes 12-13.
  • In her leisure times, she enjoyed watching horror movies, but has a phobia of dark environments.
  • According to an earlier plan, RenXin was meant to develop affection towards ShengYuan, similar to RenMei, and also losing "a limb" as an after effect of the separation surgery and becoming the drama's major antagonist. However, the aforementioned plans were considered to be extremely dark and scrapped as a result. [7]


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