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Zhan Kun Mao (詹坤茂) is the patriarch of ZhanFamily. He had a complicated romantic past, before dedicating his remaining life to give YunRu the happiness she yearned for.


Boosting a boisterous demeanor, he is infamously known for using gangsterism means in resolving issues and managing his nightclub while retaining his compassionate heart and gaining experience due to his age and maturity. To secure WeiKai's future in his career, KunMao sees the importance of twisting facts and proving his own innocence after causing trouble in his job.

To find entertaining in his life and escaping from boredom and despite his "merry" attitude, KuoMao felt indebted to his romantic partners from his past. The individual he led down the most was BaLa and BaoZhu, having supported the former financially to expand her business and political career while keeping his promise to the latter through the parenting of WeiKai. He dropped his irresponsibility towards love after encountering YunRu, who is decades younger than him and becomes determined in giving her happiness and bringing her out from the past unpleasant days in LinFamily and the humiliations she suffered from HongJie. As a result, YunRu started showing positive traits from her initial personality.



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