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Ye Li Mei (葉麗美) is a major antagonist of The Sound of Happiness and the mother of HuanHuan. As revenge against QingLong and CanTang for betraying her feelings in the past, she was responsible for influencing her son HongJie's antagonistic acts. She is mainly imprisoned for her convicted crimes and after attempting to kill MingZhu in the last arc, this leads to her own death.


Pathway of Revenge

In the past, LiMei was presumably to have the heart of conscience but completely discards it after believing that CanTang and QingLong had toyed with her feelings for their own benefits to gain greater reputation, while harboring stronger hatred to the latter after MingZhu was chosen as his second wife. As a result, the feelings of resentment turned LiMei into an extremist to protect herself and becoming an individual of sadism who is willing to endanger the lives of her enemies that obstructs her in achieving her ambitions of gaining greater reputation while manipulating people's weakness to attain her goals. However, her schemes are easily outsmarted by ZhiMing and JiaWen and also, LiMei seems to have personal entertainment with her villainy and seeks amusement from such acts and is also intolerant towards any forms of betrayal.

As a mother

LiMei's villainous qualities had impacted her own children negatively, as her amoral viewpoints and guidance in life has completely twisted HongJie's kind-hearted personality in his childhood. LiMei has influenced HongJie to follow her footsteps and dedicated himself to seek revenge against LinFamily as well as dragging CanTang and Angela into the matter. While responsible for descending her son into the pathway of villainy, LiMei had even turned HuanHuan's childhood into an unpleasant one, forcing her daughter to mainly live overseas and keeping an estranged relationship with LiMei to prevent herself falling into a similar fate as HongJie. LiMei seems to have a sense of recognition and narcissism towards HongJie, as the main source of frustration in their relationship was when LiMei had attempted to interfere with his decision and at the same time, she appeared to be "satisfied" with HuanHuan's actions as an antagonist. However deep in her heart, LiMei is regretful towards her failed parenting; though she had denied about it which was evidenced when LiMei appeared to be tolerant towards the mockery remarks from HuanHuan.






  • Her identification card stated her birthday as 2/7/1953 in episode 171, putting LiMei at least 65 years old.
  • Due to her past relationship with CanTang, she is sometimes referred to as Mrs Jiang (江夫人).

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