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Yao Ming Zhu (姚明珠) was the second mistress of LinFamily until HuiXin granted her blessings to MingZhu's marriage with QingLong.


As her family's assets had played a vital role in ensuring the success of WorldGroup, MingZhu believes that her contributions in LinFamily must be widely recognized and was the family's main source of unhappiness. She amorally believed that ZhiMing had received the most benefits from his affluent background and outright neglecting the presence of ShanShan and ZhiWen in the family. As a result, MingZhu developed an extreme form of narcissism parenting towards her own children and had demanded them to completely follow her arrangement regarding their own future and marriage, which became the main source of their strained relationships as she sometimes even resorted to unscrupulous means to secure ShanShan and ZhiWen's reputation in the business world. Hence, MingZhu had failed to understand what both of them had truly wanted is the respectful attitude given from her regarding the decisions they made in life. MingZhu had also ignored the teachings from AhMei, as she becomes lacking in cultivating the level of tolerance that her mother-in-law and HuiXin as well as JiaYun in her heart, MingZhu had also despised WuFamily's background and often humiliated others with her words.

But nearing the finale of the drama, MingZhu's change of heart in forgoing the aforementioned negative qualities had enabled her to consider the feelings of others and becoming both regretful and humbled in her actions.


Friends, most of them were former archenemies




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