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Xu Ming Qiang (徐明強) was a conciliator, who became a legislative with support from ShiChang. He was responsible for ZhengHao's antagonistic acts.


MingQiang first appeared in episode 4-5, he attempts to claim the newly-brought apartment of ZhangFamily (with funding from WuFamily) through barbaric means after the previous owner owed MingQiang. Upon foiling ZhengHao's attempts of blackmailing him, MingQiang has ChongRen to transfer the former into another branch of YongXin-hospital before ShiChang appeared to interfere with his decisions. As ZhengHao succumbs to his personal pride, MingQiang prevented him from further ruining the reputation belonging to XuFamily and framed ZhengHao for cheating on both the feelings of JiaWen and YanXi. During the marriage between the latter and ZhengHao, MingQiang confronted him for almost costly the life of ShiChang while YanXi was condemned for her abusive treatments of YuYan. With FuGui suffering from declining health, MingQiang earned support from QingLong and ShiChang and allowed him to win the election for legislative. (episode 1-53)

Despite mistaking TianDing for refusing to support him, MingQiang ended up the canceling the alliance with HongJie after his crimes of receiving bribing from MingZhu was exposed. With preparation for the next legislative election, MingQiang decides to vote for LinFamily (ZhiMing) in taking back the chairman position of WorldGroup. (episode 147-148)


  • Mother: Wang Li Hong

Friends, mostly were past archenemies




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