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Wu Jia Xuan (吳家璇) is the eldest daughter of WuFamily and was the past lover of GuoHao. While retaining an important position in ZhouFamily and YongBao-Group and having raised JiaMai, she severed her marriage with YongCheng after he betrayed her. In the last arc, she apparently ended her relationship with CanTang and subsequently walked on closer terms with YongCheng.[1]


As the eldest sister

Aside from being a supporting pillar for her younger siblings and to them, she also inherits the role of a mother. JiaXuan takes responsibility for their upbringing since her childhood days and guiding them to cultivate the positive values of showing compassion morale for others. She appears to be the most composed one when coming to resolve arguments and having an independent will in shouldering burdens for herself. Due to her senior age, JiaXuan has a strong sense of wisdom and decisiveness in her words and making decisions while seeing through the malicious intentions of her enemies and providing motivation for her closed ones.


As a mother herself, JiaXuan exhibited her strictness and fierce demeanor to JiaMai, while dedicating to provide him with her fullest love. After understanding the stresses faced by JiaMai during his childhood, she takes on an optimistic approach while showing concern for his well-being. At the same time, she also trusted and believed that JiaMai is capable of taking personal responsibility regarding his own future.

Relationship with ZhouFamily

As her contributions to ZhouFamily were widely recognized by RuiYuan, JiaXuan is seen as the pinnacle support for YongCheng's success in the business world and also an affection wife to him while playing a vital role in ensuring the future of YongBao-Group. She becomes deeply hurt after YongCheng had cheated on her feelings and causing JiaXuan to lose her confidence towards love, which was restored after she accepted CanTang's affection and allowing her to discard her fortitude attitude she maintained during her life's darkest moments. But as JiaXuan had continued to treat ZhouFamily like her own and HongJie's sadism, her relationship with CanTang was later downgraded to the level of "friends". Although she was touched with YongCheng's redemption from his past mistakes, JiaXuan still remained hesitant in fully forgiving YongCheng with regard to opening her heart and renewing her past marriage with the latter.






  • In the original setting, Carolyn Chen (陳珮騏) portrays the role of JiaXuan[2] in the drama, and she was meant to appear in the first episode. Her original actress was later given the role of ManYi.


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