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This page's history section only focused on the events between episodes 198-266, while the other sections have taken into account the happenings within episodes 267-411.

Wu Jia Xiu (吳家琇) is the adoptive daughter of WuFamily and the lost daughter of LinFamily[3], she was an additional female protagonist of The Sound of Happiness. She became a renowned architecture designer after graduation and turned affection towards TianYu[4] as WenYan had ended their relationship. She grew hatred on GuanTing [5][6]for ruining her chance of restarting overseas, before supporting HuiLin to seek back QinTian-Group from TianYu. As the latter had insisted on hurting her loved ones, she severed her ties with him and later accepted the affection feelings from her childhood competitor; WeiKai.



The most carefree, bright, and strong-willed youngest daughter from WuFamily, she also has the heart of enlightenment. Ever since her youth, she's always the main source of deep proudness for her elder sisters due to her strong sense of creativeness and sharpened perception. As a result, she had rejected the opportunity of returning back to her biological family and hoped that the lost kinship from them to be given to JiaYun instead, who JiaXiu was extremely close with.

Recovering of Happiness and Future

As an artist, she had deemed GuanTing as "responsible" for shattering her career's future. She becomes very intolerant towards TianYu's unsevered ties with LuoFamily and believed that she has given him plentiful patience in their relationship after the separation with WenYan. She was cold-hearted and cunning in her words when approaching the arrogance attitude of GuanTing. Despite wanting to seek revenge against the latter, she retained her conscience as her motives were only to agitate GuanTing by ruining HuiLin's marriage with TianYu. She was devastated and clearly resented him for taking her hatred further and voluntarily hurt the lives of LuoFamily and understood that TianYu had favored his personal pride and Dora instead of considering her feelings. Taking responsibility for TianYu's villainy intentions, she becomes determined to amend and repaying back the mistakes that she and TianYu committed earlier on. She entered a dilemma of disappointments in her wishes of starting anew overseas with TianYu before making the decision to apprehend him for his crimes. After TianYu had endangered her family's safety, JiaXiu finally deemed her affection to TianYu as the greatest mistake in her life and discarding the memories that were related to the romantic relationship with TianYu. As a result, she restored back her keen passion and optimistic attitude regarding her own future and living on for the sake of those that truly loved ones. She regained back her confidence and happiness towards love through the interactions and encouragement from WeiKai, whose presence paralleled her first relationship with WenYan, who she finally entered marriage with and understanding the meaning of "The Sound of Happiness".


Wu Family (adoptive)

Biological Family

In-Law (Zhan Family)




JiaXiu first appeared in episode 198 returning from overseas, the first individuals that she encountered at the airport were JiaYun and TianYu, and helped him in overcoming his phobia, that coincidentally foiled his attempts of ruining the reputation of WorldGroup. Once reunited with her elder sisters, the four of them reminisced about the painful and joyful parts of their life. Despite missing the interview of QinTian-Group, JiaXiu was accepted into the company with assistance from WenYan and GuanTing, who approved her talents as an architecture. She was straightaway appointed as the right-hand employee of TianYu, JiaXiu reluctantly agreed to the instructions from him, who wanted her to set up ChenDong. However, when JiaXiu achieved an entirely different result, this earned the infuriation from TianYu. She welcomed the return of JiaLong and arranged plans for the birthday of MeiRu while respecting her father's decision to practice meditation for his entire life. Due to her own clumsiness, JiaXiu was accidentally fired by TianYu for almost affecting the partnership between the latter and FangZi. Without any remaining choices, JiaXiu invited TianYu to participate in the marriage of JiaLong and HuanHuan and in exchange, she agreed to return back as the personal secretary. Despite sparking tensions with JiaYun after JiaXiu was tasked to liaise with WorldGroup, JiaXiu gave TianYu an opportunity to experience the warm-heartedness of a family. With assistance from YanXi, JiaXiu finally convinced ZhiMing to form an alliance with TianYu. During a business trip, JiaXiu and TianYu were accused by LiMei for having affairs with each other. While TianYu played the role in protecting her from the hands of LiMei, JiaXiu's relationship with WenYan ended up getting strained. (episode 198-217)

A devastated JiaXiu received comfort from TianYu, after WenYan decided to end the 7 years relationship between themselves. Immediately after separating from the latter, she heard the feelings of confession from TianYu and finding out herself to be sharing similar feelings as him. During the birthday of TianYu, she was saddened after knowing he had already married HuiLin, she resigned herself from QinTian-Group. When TianYu solely completed with ZhiMing regarding the position of General Director, JiaXiu was abducted at the hands of XiaoChou after recovering from her illness, serving as a warning from KDong. Once TianYu almost sacrificed his life to bail her out from the former's underling, JiaXiu accepted the relationship with TianYu after believing that the latter had divorced with HuiLin. However, with persuasion from YanXi, an infuriated JiaXiu expressed her intention of leaving TianYu for hiding the truth of his romantic status. (episode 218-230)

"Once I knew about your marriage and intended to exit, but you kept coming to pesteurize me, deceived me with your lies, leaving my entire self full of wounds and caused my future to be shattered apart. This was your "love", love constructed through your lies? Zhao TianYu, you're really selfish, how could you be so selfish?!"

―JiaXiu to TianYu, episode 231.

"For the sake of protecting me, everyone around me ended up in such devastation. Because of my fragility and hesitant, for something that I deemed as love but ended up harming those that truly loved me. But that Zhao TianYu that claimed about loving me, has kept hurting those around me and even at the last moments, he selfishly insisted on targeting my sister and brother-in-law and only for me to remember him for an entire lifetime. I felt very naive after coming to think about it again. I want to see him, there must be an ending between me and Zhao TianYu."

―episode 266, JiaXiu to WeiKai.

While devastated from her miscarriage, she decided seeking payback from GuanTing for destroying her wishes of migrating overseas to hone her artistic skills. Not intending to lose TianYu after Dora has returned, JiaXiu continued the romantic affairs with her lover and descending into further hostility of HuiLin as Dora has a bad impression of her. During that time, JiaXiu received confrontation from LiLin and YanXi for her unacceptable actions, where the latter invited BaoNa in an attempt to safeguard the marriage between TianYu and HuiLin. Waking up from her discarded compassion, she prevented TianYu from further hurting the LuoFamily after he incapacitated them, she initially wanted to leave Taiwan alone but with pleading from HuiLin, she agreed to seek justice against TianYu for stealing the feuds of QinTian-Group and becoming appointed as the company's director. While receiving motivation from her family members to make the right decisions, JiaXiu finds herself painfully betraying the love and trust towards TianYu. Her sisters' relationship with YanXi was almost strained, as the besties of HuiLin had amorally viewed JiaXiu as the mastermind of the accidents involving LuoFamily until the reassurance from HuiLin herself changed their viewpoints. Now on better terms with Dora, JiaXiu fulfilled her promise to her by indirectly allowing HuiLin to clear her name from false criminal accusations where TianYu had deliberately blamed the former to face the law for his crimes and finally restored the kinship between Dora and HuiLin. Once forgiven the prior actions from GuanTing, JiaXiu almost sacrificed herself to protect the latter and her daughter, who later ended the marriage ties with TianYu. Despite accepting the marriage proposal from TianYu, she achieved her desire of returning QinTian-Group to LuoFamily. She was hesitant towards apprehending TianYu for his crimes due to the declining health of Dora for the purpose of wanting the latter and TianYu to have more final interactions. In a desperate attempt to protect her family from the hands of TianYu, JiaXiu attempts to perish together with him but becomes responsible for causing JiaYun to become devastated over the apparent death of ZhiMing. Seeing herself failed in bringing TianYu out from his personal vendetta, JiaXiu finally severed her relationship with TianYu. (episode 231-266)



  • As described from her elder sisters, JiaXiu is considered a Big Eater (吃货), which was concerned by her father.
  • Her birthdate is listed as 1/23/1991 from her profile in episode 199, putting JiaXiu at 27 years old.
  • She was given the nickname Small Orchid (小蘭花) by WeiKai, who called JiaXiu Morning Glory (喇叭花) for rivaling him in artist competitions during their youthful days.
  • KaiXin was originally meant to portray as the lost daughter of her biological parents, but said role was given to JiaXiu after she returns in episode 309.
  • She is also called Wu Xiao Mei (吳小妹) by JiaYun.


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