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This page's history section only focused on the events between episodes 107-194, while the other sections have taken into account the happenings within episodes 1-106, 195-413.

Wu Jia Wen (吳家雯) is the middle daughter of WuFamily and daughter-in-law of ZhangFamily and an important protagonist of The Sound of Happiness. She was targetted by YanXi and YunRu due to their past insecurities towards love, causing her son Tie Ge (鐵哥)'s premature birth. To seek justice for her family, she takes on the alias Yan Ke Ke (CoCo) (颜可可) and supported ZhiMing to take back WorldGroup from HongJie[3]. She also reclaimed the assets stolen by ZhengHao. Despite forging a friendship with ZhiWen, GuoHao and most recently JianHong[4] after her second marriage betrayal of JianHua after FangZi's fall, she had rejected the affections from them. She later reconciled with her childhood lover ZhengHao (HaoTian) after approving his redemption.[5]


"Individuality is considerate and amiable, obedient and always standing on the perspective of others."

―official description of her past personality[6]

The original personality of JiaWen (episode 144)

The most generous one among her sisters, bringing warmth towards everyone and enlightening them with her kindness while being fortitude in shouldering burdens to herself. She demonstrated the qualities of a "courageous mother" and her dedication towards giving TieGe the fullest love enabled her to appreciate the importance of kinship, which is representative of the bonds she had forged with YuYan since her childhood. Before coming to compromise the feelings of others, JiaWen had prioritized herself and her son first unlike her past. She believed that the happenings in life are heavily tied with fate.

Coco as JiaWen, who clearly hated her own past

Much of her personality as CoCo are concealed, the weakness from her original personality was not completely overcome. The only negative quality that truly disappeared was her compassion against everyone and the inability of protecting herself from her enemies stemming from her naiveness as well as bringing trouble to her loved ones. She becomes domineering when countering against the sarcastic words and mockery from her foes, which was her strongest trait as CoCo.

JiaWen laments over her past, while GuoHao comforts her

Ever since her adolescent days, JiaWen had deemed ZhengHao as her lifetime romantic partner even to the point of giving up her chance for further studies in the fashion firm to support ZhengHao's dreams of becoming a doctor, while believing that devoting herself to take care of ZhangFamily was her main responsibility. After approving ZhengHao's redemption in the final arc, whose seeming sacrifice to protect JiaWen and TieGe from HongJie's sadism and his return as HaoTian, she finally recovers her affection for ZhengHao. This became vital in renewing their past marriage and advancing their kinship ties as TieGe's parents and hence, giving their son a complete family. During the latter's romantic affairs with YanXi, she blamed herself as responsible for failing to secure her relationship despite the intention of wanting to vent out her hatred on them for betraying her.

JiaWen in episode 84, she comforts ZhiWen over YunRu's betrayal

She was touched with the warm-hearted demeanor of ZhiWen after encountering him, which allowed JiaWen to move forward from her past relationship. Once her feelings of confession as CoCo was rejected by ZhiWen, who remained affection to her original personality and hence, she accepted the fate of retaining her irreplaceable friendship to ZhiWen permanently instead of becoming romantically involved with him. Despite her femininity confidence as CoCo when interacting with GuoHao, that only served as her primary form of defense to protect her vulnerable heart from becoming wounded once more on the aspect of love. After overcoming her unhappiness life of loneliness and exhaustion with GuoHao's encouragement, she believed that he deserved someone better as JiaWen only sees him as avoidance from the reality of her burdened past. Despite restoring her faith in love and marriage after meeting JianHua, who ended up hurting JiaWen further than what ZhengHao did to JiaWen in the past. While JianHong motivated JiaWen to pull through from the darkest moment of her life, she was unable to accept JianHong's feelings after deeming herself partially responsible for affecting ChenFamily's harmony due to her past feuds with JianHua.

JiaWen, under the appearance of Coco (episode 188)

Contradicting her original personality between episode 122 to 193, where she faced adversity in changing her past self during the beginning. With her sheer resolve of defending herself and her loved ones secretly, JiaWen outright demonstrated her dominance that greatly surpassed the fierce demeanor of her other siblings. During the times of danger, she had exhibited her daringness and safeguarding herself from harm through belligerent ways. At the slightest, JiaWen kept her benevolent attitude and had viewed "herself" and "CoCo" as different persons, while displaying hatred towards the former personality within her.

JiaWen, as Coco, showing off her beauty in episode 166

The valuable teachings and entrustment from FangZi had allowed JiaWen to become influential when coming to approach her clients in the business world. She was remarkable in her perception thanks to the confidence in her words. She was capable of seeing through the ambitious and sadistic schemes from the individuals of JiangFamily and a villainous ZhengHao, while manipulating their malicious plans for her own benefits. Through her charming appearance and showing her femininity at times, she instantly deceives them into falling in love with her after the first interaction. "Disgusted" towards coming into close contact with them, JiaWen was sickened towards their unacceptable excuses for hurting the innocent for achieving their greedy goals. When given the opportunity, JiaWen seeks amusement tormenting them and hence, this earns the disliking from others. JiaWen viewed said quality as an amoral form of justice as ultimately, she wished to grant her victims the painful taste of "betrayal".





Returning as CoCo

An unconscious JiaWen, before being saved by ZhiMing’s underling

After ZhiMing had protected JiaWen from an attempted murder at the hands of YunRu, ZhiMing then used an overseas business trip to hide JiaWen's whereabouts.

JiaWen as Coco, during her debut appearance.

JiaWen underwent a complete overhaul from her original personality, now taken up the alias of CoCo after facing the devastation of almost losing her son, Tie Ge (鐵哥

). Meanwhile, she received mentoring from FangZi and through a short period of time, she becomes an influential figure in the world of business and beauty.

JiaWen inducing fear on YunRu while confronting her actions

She first returned in episode 122, posing as an Official (官將首) to bring fortune as a favor for SunDong and prevented the antagonists from interrupting the sacred event (躜神轎). Hiding her real identity from those she was familiar with in the past, she highlighted herself and CoCo were only different persons sharing an identical appearance.

JiaWen pinning down ZhengHao for his disrespect.

She personally interacted with ZhiWen, where they gave prayers to the deceased "Fifi" and after ZhiWen outright praised the JiaWen he knew, JiaWen deemed her original personality too weak-willed. Having pledged to support ZhiMing from behind as a personal assistant, JiaWen appeared to tamper with HongJie's attempts of gaining the shares of WorldGroup belonging to YunRu, which was her primary purpose. During the marriage between HongJie and YunRu, JiaWen succeeded in preventing the former from achieving his earnest desires and causing the latter to become arrested for her attempts of murdering herself and started an alliance with BaoNa.

JiaWen, while interfering with HongJie and YunRu's marriage.

Now hiding the truth from her family members to ensure their safety, she entrusts JiaYun with taking care of their elder sister JiaXuan, who becomes involved in the cheating affairs between YongCheng and XiaoXin. Within a similar fashion, JiaWen as Coco becomes the primary target of YunRu and was almost "killed", but manages to confront YunRu in her actions as a form of payback. Meanwhile, JiaWen meddled with ZhengHao to severe his marriage with YanXi, who achieved this through abusive ways before freeing the latter and her father from the former's captive and seeking agreement from YuYan,

JiaWen and YanXi, who was secretly rescued from ZhengHao's hands

who was temporarily entrusted with the assets of WangFamily to expel the position of ZhengHao as a director of YongXin and putting an end to his arrogance. When YunRu and ZhengHao attempted to ruin her innocence, JiaWen managed to escape after exchanging a deal with an underling,

JiaWen and ZhiWen, the discussion involving her original self

which infuriated HongJie and causing ZhengHao to become a wanted criminal for his crimes, and coincidentally foiling their plans of smuggling in "Untrialed Medicine" illegally. Later on, she assisted TianDing and JiaYun in the rescue operation after ZhengHao had endangered the life of ZhiMing. While introducing herself to ShanShan, JiaWen was almost kidnapped by ZhengHao before ZhiWen saved her. But afterward, she hesitated towards her developed feelings for him, who in term shared a similar feeling as JiaWen. (episode 107, 122-139)

Declining Health of TieGe

ZhiWen preventing a saddened JiaWen from further hurting herself.

Despite feeling disheartened over the peril health of TieGe, who required an urgent liver transplant, she succumbed to demands from ZhengHao, who wanted assistance from JiaWen to flee from the authorities and even forcing JiaWen to endanger her own life but fortunately,

ZhengHao, while briefly capturing JiaWen as hostage.

ZhengHao's plans ended up failing after another suitable donor died and JiaWen was briefly captured by him before the interference from ZhiWen, who gave JiaWen the courage to live on for her son's sake after pledging protection to her and after ZhiMing was kidnaped by ZhengHao, she portrayed an act with ZhiWen to threaten HongJie and YunRu and finding out the whereabouts of her brother-in-law. During the rescue operation, ZhiWen managed to save JiaWen after claiming the antidote from the antagonist.

JiaWen and ZhiWen gazing at ZhengHao's fate.

She was saddened after ZhengHao almost died in an explosion, and motivate him to live for YuYan's sake and rejoiced when ZhiMing was nursed back to health, who was forced into a verge of death earlier and encouraged XiaoKe as YongXin hospital’s next publicity manager while lamenting over her past relationship with ZhengHao and remained unbelievable towards how much he has changed overtime.

JiaWen and ZhiWen further affirming their friendship.

She resigned from WorldGroup and after almost dying inside a trapped lift, JiaWen was touched with the confession words from ZhiWen, and in the end, both blessed each other with striving towards living for a better future. (episode 139-142, 144)

Conclusion with ZhiWen

JiaWen confronting LiMei for her mockery during her return

While mainly leaving the care of TieGe under the hands of BaoNa and XiaoKe, she reappeared as Coco in episode 146 where LiMei confronted her for approaching closer with HongJie and assured BaoNa and ZhiWen she was only curious with JiaWen's personality and expressed infuriation towards ZhiWen for rejecting her confessed feelings to him while accepting his request with seeking back WorldGroup and finding out YueXia's whereabouts after warning ZhengTing to cease spying on her. She was the guest during TianDing and YanXi's marriage, JiaWen prevented LiMei from murdering JiaYun and was wounded after

JiaWen becoming furious with ZhiWen, over who the latter truly loved

saving TieGe, whose life was endangered by YunRu as the latter attempted to expose JiaWen's identity as Coco. She personally manipulated LiMei, who tried accusing JiaWen of having affairs with ZhiWen which further strained LiMei's relationship with HongJie and seeking justice for JiaXuan, revealing the alliance between XiaoXin and LiMei for infiltrating with ZhouFamily.

JiaWen and ZhiWen, before reaching to an agreement

She impersonated her original identity, purposely allowing herself to be captured by XiaoXin and YanXi for the purpose of tormenting HongJie for his sadistic actions over TianDing's apparent death which succeeded thanks to interference from ShiChang, as she explained the situation to BaoNa after confronting XiaoXin for her prior actions.

JiaWen expressing her hatred for HongJie

JiaWen interfered with HongJie and LiMei's attempts of murdering YunRu, after seeing the numerous accidents that happened to her with both of them as the masterminds and during Father’s Day Celebration, she reminisced about the past of their family with JiaYun and JiaXuan. (episode 146-167)

Relationship with Ryan

Under entrustment from FangZi, JiaWen liaises with GuoHao, who represented YongBao-Group while RuiYuan still in recuperation

JiaWen during her stressful times, seeking relieve from GuoHao

and supported GuoHao with keeping a vigilant eye on YongCheng, who assaulted GuoHao after viewing him as an archenemy after outright proclaiming himself as the rightful successor of his father. But afterward, she agrees to engage in a fake "romantic relationship" with GuoHao while competing fairly against YongQi and earning his love. Seeing a saddened JiaWen lamenting over her past self, GuoHao motivates her with moving forward and seeking out her own happiness.

JiaWen affirming her friendship with YongQi

After freeing herself from the hands of YunRu, GuoHao confirmed his feelings towards JiaWen and their relationship was given blessings from YongQi, who later proceeded to give her the courage to chase her own love. However, she missed the opportunity of ventured overseas with GuoHao with interference from HongJie, who expressed his intense jealousy towards GuoHao. (episode 169-179)

Apprehending of HongJie

"Coco" in episode 182, indirectly hinting herself to be JiaWen

She expressed concern towards JiaMai, who entered depression after realizing his parentage and decides to directly protect JiaYun after YanXi and MingZhu constantly targetted her with their unchanged personal beliefs. During "Mid-Autumn Festival" with the LinFamily and was encouraged by ZhiWen to be herself.

JiaWen almost strangled to death by an infuriated HongJie

JiaWen attempts to save YunRu, who had suffered fatal burns from the hands of HongJie and convinced the former from perishing together with the latter while JiaWen almost earned the suspicion from HongJie and narrowly escaping death from him. JiaWen was the mastermind behind the blackmailing of HongJie and seeking justice for YunRu and YueXia.

JiaWen apprehending YanXi, a "pretentious act" to HongJie and LiMei

JiaWen supported the plans of TianDing and ZhiMing where the brothers had returned from USA to apprehend HongJie for his crimes, further deceiving him with the expression that she "defenestrated" YanXi and later attempts to save her and JiaYun from LiMei and despite facing interference from YunRu, she managed to reveal her whereabouts to ZhiMing and securing the assets of LinFamily from the HongJie.

JiaWen and Coco, were revealed as the same person

During the marriage between herself and HongJie, JiaWen was almost killed by him after revealing her ulterior motives of becoming closer with HongJie before ZhiMing saved her.

JiaWen carrying her son, TieGe.

JiaWen subsequently revealed the truth to JiaYun and JiaXuan and after paying a visit to YuYan, JiaWen gave ZhengHao an opportunity to interact closely with TieGe while convincing him over his wrongdoings, who was later involved in an accident. She seems to know ManYi from the past reintroduced herself as "Coco" to ZhiWen, who grieved over the failure of protecting her in the past.(episode 181-194)



  • Her identification listed her birthdate as 9/10/1973, putting JiaWen at 46 years old (further evidenced in episode 147, 155). However, in episode 181 revealed that she is 35 years old, meaning JiaWen was born in 1984 instead.
  • On a further note, her status as an affluent daughter from YanFamily and successor of the family business was made up by ZhiMing, simply for the purpose of safeguarding the confidentiality of her identity as Coco before the revelation.
  • She was given the nickname Little Sun (小太陽) and as Coco, she was awarded the title War Goddess (女战神).
  • Due to her stunning beauty as Coco, JianHua had nicknamed her as Goddess (女神).


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