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Wu Jia Long (吳家龍) is the only son of WuFamily and best friend of PeiQi. While chasing his dreams of becoming a confectionery master, he encountered his wife HuanHuan and fathered their son Ye Ye (耶耶) while residing overseas, though he was disappointed over the former's antagonistic acts.


Since his youthful days, JiaLong appears to harbor an adorable demeanor and finding himself appreciating the relationship with his sisters. Despite demonstrating a firm stand with chasing his dreams of becoming a confectionary master, JiaLong was extremely fearful towards his father, causing him to have the tendency of blurting out the truth after GuoHui threatened him with the future of career, in place of becoming a prosecutor and also, his sense of justice comes with a sense of recklessness in his decisions.

Due to the absence of GuoHui, JiaLong also regards himself to take full responsibilities as a patriarch for WuFamily's well-being and not only seeing himself as the family's only son. This shows that he had tremendously matured from his past and as a father himself, he sees the importance in teaching YeYe and managing his marriage with HuanHuan. After the latter had tampered with PeiQi's return to ZhouFamily, JiaLong followed his father's footsteps to practice meditation to seek out calmness and peace in life. Despite seeing how HuanHuan had redeemed, JiaLong only sees their ties as a form of kinship (YeYe's parents) and is seemingly reluctantly with continuing their marriage.



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