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Wu Guo Hui (吳國輝) is the patriarch of WuFamily, he had worked as a prosecutor during his younger days. As recuperation from his declining health, he took residence overseas and later decided to practice meditation for his entire life.


On the aspect of "justice", GuoHui boosts an observant eye as a prosecutor when coming into apprehending criminals through his deep wisdom even after retirement. GuoHui outright believed in forgiveness through his compassionate morale and giving guidance to the wrongdoers, strongly influencing them with turning over a new leave; which allowed him to remain as a respectable figure among his subordinates and successors-alike and hence, he enjoys reminiscing over his past through sharing his experience to his closed ones; especially JiaLong and being strict towards his son. As a father, GuoHui exhibited the qualities of an "optimistic father" and concerned deeply regarding the well-being towards his daughters, at the same time, GuoHui valued the importance of respecting the decisions his children made, who will take personal responsibilities over their own lives and having a condescending demeanor towards his son-in-law, treating them as his own.



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