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The Sound of Happiness (炮仔聲)[2] was a Taiwanese Drama produced by SanLi TV for year 2019-2020, after the finale of 100% Wife on 26/12/2018.

Viewing Details

The drama was broadcasted on SanLi Tv (三立台灣台) during weekdays. With the exception of the first and finale episodes having shorter running times, every episode of the drama is 2h30mins (15 minutes shorter on Fridays) due to inclusion of advertisements. After the original broadcast ended, the drama remains available at Vidol TV and SanLi's Youtube channel but are regional exclusive. The drama's opening theme and ending theme changes every month of broadcast, several insert themes are used. The most notable insert song was Moonlight In The City (城裡的夜光), sung by Mavis Hee (許美靜).



The inspiration behind the story "The Sound of Happiness", comes from the saying, "Stealing an onion, marry a good husband", where the female protagonist remained unmarried lately, which made her parents worried. As such, her mother seeks advice from the temple, where an old man mentioned "Marrying a good husband, requires the plucking of onions." and the female protagonist followed the advice, she stole the onion. Due to her timid personality, her encounter with the protagonist will result in a series of interesting events.[3]

Characters and Cast



  • Fan Zhu Sheng (范竹昇)/Robert: The expertise in engineering and the initial lover of LuoShi, whose affluent background enabled him to become a university lecturer. After separating from the latter, he resumed his affairs with XinYu and LiLin. He cooperated with HongJie's ultimatum against LinFamily and was charged for his crimes. He is portrayed by Richard Shen (沈世朋).

  • Li Rong Guang (李榮光): The affiliate of HongJie and prior to the series, he was romantically involved with FangZi. As an attempt to gain financial aid from her, he confined their daughter until the former rescue her. After escaping death from ZhengHao's hands, he was arrested for his crimes. He is portrayed by Star Lin (林佑星).

  • Ni Xiao Xin (倪曉馨): The mother of JiaMai and in her attempts to claim ZhouFamily's assets, she affected JiaXuan's relationship with YongCheng and even collaborated with LiMei, HuanHuan and YunRu. She later married an affluent family, her miscarriage was used by XinYu as an attempt to blackmail LuoShi. She is portrayed by Bella Zhang (張懷媗).

  • Huang Li Lin (黃麗玲): The childhood friend of YanXi, she initially supported JiaWen before assisting the former as well as HuiLin against the antagonistic acts of ZhengHao and TianYu. Due to her past relationship with Tony, she took advantage of YanXi's absence and attempted to engaged romantically with TianDing. After having affairs with ZhuSheng, she was killed by XinYu. Her actress is Miao Zhen (苗真).[4]

  • Ren Yu Tang (任雨堂): The bestie of XinYu and former colleague of XiaoKe and JiaYun in the earlier arc. As an attempt to reconcile with her initial lover WeiKai, she took advantage of an amnesiac BaLa to chase away JiaXiu. After almost costing KunMao's life, she was arrested for her crimes. Her actress is Michell Lin (林可唯).

Lin Family

Wu Family

Jin Family

Cai (Zhan) Family

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  • Chen Li Min (陳麗敏)/Chen Dong (陳董): The bestie of LuoShi and BaLa, she was also XiuChun's old friend. She is portrayed by Huang Chong Lan (黃崇蘭), her real-life husband had portrayed YongCheng.
  • Andrew: The younger brother of LiMin and as a musician, he was close friends of XinDa. He returned overseas after ShanShan rejected his affection and reconciled with YongJian. He is portrayed by Kai Hsu (徐愷).
  • Chen Tian En (陳添恩): Liu Yi Fang (林義芳)
  • Chen Jian Hong (陳建弘): Junior Han (韓宜邦)

  • Chen Wei Xin (陳唯欣)/Chloe: The youngest daughter of TianEn and after her initial lover's death, she was responsible for ending JianHua's relationship with JiaWen and helped to resolve ShenFamily's debt. Her extreme hostility towards the latter was used by JianHua as an attempt to claim her father's assets until she redeemed from her wrongdoings. Her actress is Ho Yi Pei (何依霈).



  • Fang Xin Yu (方心語): The youngest daughter of BiLian, she was responsible for ending LuoShi and her initial lover ZhuSheng's relationship and having targeted the former's closed ones. After knowing LiLin's affairs with ZhuSheng, she perished together with her and entrusted her family to LuoShi. She is portrayed by Li Xin (李新), her real-life husband portrayed ZhuSheng.

Other Characters

  • Liu Ah Yi (劉阿義): Akkio Chen (陳慕義)
  • Liu Da Wei (劉大為): Patrick Lee (李沛旭)
  • Zhang Hui Xin (張惠心): Ding Ning (丁寧)
  • Ceng Kai Xin (甄凱欣): Joyce Yu (游詩璟)
  • Gu Wen Yan (顧文彥): Ah Loong (阿龎)
  • Ye Qing Gong (葉青松): Cheng Peng Gao (高振鵬)
  • Jia Man Yi (賈曼玉): Carolyn Chen (陳珮騏)
  • Du Ba La (杜芭拉): Li Fang Wen (李芳雯)
  • Hu Li Hai (胡立海): John Chen (陳志強)
  • Ah V (阿V): The personal assistant of his aunt BaLa, when she worked as a conciliator. He is portrayed by Chen Bo Han (陳柏翰).
  • Ye Qiu Kou (葉秋蔻): The mother of JunNan, she remarried after separating from KunMao. As an attempt to take revenge against ZhanFamily, she sided with HongJie but took residence overseas afterwards. She is portrayed by Pan Li Li (潘麗麗).

  • Xia Ying Ying (夏盈盈): The childhood friend of YanXi and an affluent daughter. As a result of TianYu, she saved an amnesiac ZhiMing and infiltrated his relationship with JiaYun. She even cooperated with HongJie but decided to return overseas subsequently. Her actress is Ricie Fun (范宸菲).

  • Yuan Li Shan (袁麗珊): The close subordinate of WeiKai and a policewoman. Her actress is Yuan Li Shan (袁儷珊).
  • Kai Wen (凱文): The personal chauffeur for ZhiMing and the most trusted personal assistant of LinFamily and also a close friend of XinDi. His actor is Troy Chu (楚翔).
  • Zheng Ting (鄭婷): The personal reporter of YunRu, she later opposed JiangFamily after HongJie was expelled from WorldGroup. She was targeted by MingZhu for her affairs with QingLong, and left with persuasion from YanXi and becoming close friend of ZhengHao (HaiTian). Her actress is Blair Chu (朱紫緹).
  • Zhang Di Yuan (張帝元): The former assaulter for JiangFamily and YunRu, he became affiliated with LinFamily after opposing TianYu and became ZhouFamily's personal assistant and furthered his studies to become a lawyer with persuasion from ZhengHao. His actor is Chen Di Yuan (陳帝言).
  • Jiang Cheng En (江晨恩): The ex-doctor of YongXin-hospital. He retained his friendship with JiaWen and YuYan, and was disappointed with ZhengHao's affairs with YanXi. His actor is James Chang (張維錫).
  • Li Guan Jun (李冠軍): The manager for WorldHotel and after receiving bribing from MingZhu, he was arrested after falling into LiMei's hands. His actor is Hsieh Chi-Wen (謝其文).
  • Wang Li Hong (王麗紅): The mother of MingQiang, she is portrayed by Mei Fang (梅芳).
  • Zhao Chye (招財): The underling of MingQiang, he was also a follower of JianHua. He is portrayed by Zhan Jia Lin (詹佳儒).
  • Jia Bao Yu (賈寶玉): The younger brother of ManYi and gave JiaMai encouragement in ZhouFamily, before venturing overseas to further his studies. His actor is Li Bo Xiang (李博翔).
  • Dian Dian (田恬): The underling of LiMei and HongJie, she once worked as an undercover of TianYu. She is portrayed by Lai Ping Xuan (賴品璇).
  • Ding Shi Min (丁世民): The underling of HongJie, in truth, ShiMin had followed CanTang's orders to take care of Angela and keep an eye of HongJie. He is portrayed by Leo Ding (丁力祺).
  • Tony Chen (Tony陳): The personal assistant of LuoFamily, but was later forced to perform antagonistic acts per HongJie's orders and in the past, he was romantically involved with LiLin. After opposing the former, he became a personal assistant to ZhouFamily. He is portrayed by Jimmy Chen (陳熙之).

Production Team

Role Members
Lyrics for opening theme Chen Luo Sheng (陳羅聖)
Executive Producer Hong Ren Zhong (洪任中), Jiang Meng Heng (姜明衡)
Producer Wu Sheng Wen (吳聖文), Huang Yu Cheng (黃尉誠), Wu Si Ying (吳思穎), Li Jia Fen (李佳芬), Wang Yu An (王筱安) (only for episode 1-68)
Screenwriter Guo Jian Hong (郭建宏), Zhao Jing Hu (趙金虎), Lai Wan Rong (賴婉容)
Screenwriter Consultant Liu Mei (劉玫) (episode 9-413)
Screenwriter Coordination Liu Mei (劉玫) (episode 1-8), Chen Qiong Hua (陳瓊樺) (episode 8-49), HanWang Screenwriter Team (好旺財編劇小組) (currently)
Created by Huang Yu Qin (黃郁欽), Lin Cheng Hong (林承鴻), Lu Wan Jun (呂婉君) (overall)

Wu Xi Li (吳喜麗) (episode 1-253)

Zheng Yuan Yuan (鄭媛媛), Lin Qi Chen (林其妏), Yang Yi Hua (楊宜樺) (episode 1-54)

Lin Jia Hua (林家華), Luo Cai Yu (羅彩渝) (episode 254-413)

Yan Teng (宥騰), Qian Yi (千怡) (episode 55-253)

Wang Xiang Qi (王湘琪), Jin Bing (金賓) (episode 55-413)

Planner Lin Yi Jun (林宜君), Chen Xin Kai (陳昕楷), Wu Meng Yu (吳孟寰) (overall), You Hong Bin (游鴻斌) (episode 254-413)
Director Zhuo Shao Jin (卓少君) (episode 1-390), Lian Chun Li (連春利) (episode 391-413)
  • Huang Jian Li (劉建律), Lin Sen (林森) (episode 1-50)
  • Zuo Xiao Hu (左孝虎) (episode 24-162}}
Overall Director Gong Mei Fu (龔美富)
Production Company Film Communication (映畫傳播)


  • The drama's name comes from a Hokkien song with a similar name; Sound of Firecrackers Banging (炮仔聲)[5], sung by Jody Chiang (江蕙) and the drama was initially named Marry a Good Family (嫁給一個好人家).
  • Angus Hiseh (謝承均) was starred as an important character in the poster and opening themes, he later returned as an additional cast in Proud of You.[6]
  • The name of YanXi's mother is Ma Shu Fen (馬淑芬), who died in the past from an illness.
  • The name of ZhengHao's father is Zhang Tian Yang (張天賜), who died when ZhengHao was very young.
  • Ye Xiao Qian (葉小倩): The deceased granddaughter of QingGong and ex-girlfriend of JunNan. 10 years ago, XiaoQian's life was selfishly sacrificed by YueXia and ShiChang after involving in a tragic accident for the purpose of prolonging the life of BaoNa, which completely cured the cardiac illness for the latter.
  • Fang Mei Zhen (方美貞) is the deceased former lover of RuiYan and bestie of LiMei. MeiZhen was survived by her own daughter, PeiQi.
  • Ni Xiao Han (倪曉涵): The younger sister of XiaoXin, who passed away after her bestie YunRu had worked with MingZhu in the past and became ZhiWen's initial wife.
  • The name of WeiXin's deceased husband is Cai Qing Feng (蔡清風).
  • Bao Zhu (寳珠): Name of KunMao's deceased first wife and WeiKai's adoptive mother.


  • [1]: Link to the official website.
  • [2]: Link to the Chinese Wikipedia-website, check there for further information regarding the characters that have only made cameo or guest appearances in the drama.