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The Love Story in Banana Orchard (天之蕉子)[1] was the 13th Best show of Taiwan (台灣好戲) that aired in the second quarter of 2019. The show later received a sequel, titled Proud of You (天之驕女) in year 2020-2022.


The drama's protagonist is the third generation of his family's banana farm, he falls in love with the female protagonist after a misunderstanding, who is an affluent daughter of a large fruit entrepreneurship. However, after an accident, the latter's younger sister secretly developed an affection towards the former for saving her. At the same time, the protagonist's best friend also has similar feelings for the female protagonist. With the main antagonist tampering with everyone's feelings and the ruthless change of destiny, what pathway will each of them embarked on? [2][3]

Viewpoint Characters[4]

  • Gao Zhi Hong (高志鴻): The middle son of GaoFamily and the main protagonist of the drama. Despite the rejectful attitude from ZhengHui and the interference from XiuYu, he remained determined towards his affection for XiuLian. He reunited with his family after taking refugee overseas when RuiKun and MeiJuan falsely accused him of receiving bribes. He helmed the successes of YiDengGao-Group (一等高集團) in Proud of You. He is portrayed by Yankee Yang (楊子儀).

  • Jiang Xiu Lian (江秀蓮): The female protagonist of the drama and the eldest daughter of ZhengHui. She strained her kinship with him and accepted the feelings from ZhiHong, but became close with ZhongYi while entrusting XiuYu in the former's hands. In the finale, she reclaimed back her father's assets and exposed the true identity of RuiKun before reuniting with ZhiHong. She becomes an important supporting pillar for the latter in Proud of You. She is portrayed by Patty Wu (吳怡霈).

  • Gao Zhi Long (高志龍): The eldest autistic son of GaoFamily. He dedicated himself to give MeiJuan happiness, but the latter subsequently backstabbed him for her affairs with RuiKun and protected ZhiHong while allowing him to flee overseas. In Proud of You, he was responsible towards the expansion of Oda Group (織田集團). He is portrayed by Jing Wong (黃靖倫).

  • Jiang Rui Kun (江瑞坤)/Zhang Rui Kun (張瑞坤): The main antagonist of the drama. He was raised by JiangFamily since his childhood and retained his affection towards XiuYu, though he engaged romantically with MeiJuan and affected her relationship with ZhiLong. His attempts of impersonating as ZhengHui’s son and inheriting his assets were foiled by XiuLian and ZhiHong and in the finale, he was fatally wounded and arrested for his crimes. In Proud of You, he becomes the drama's main antagonist and renamed himself as Zhang Jia Liang (張嘉良). He is portrayed by Wingle Chen (陳謙文).

  • Ke Mei Juan (柯美娟): The second antagonist of the drama and the eldest daughter of KeFamily. After finishing her overseas studies, she backstabbed the affection feelings from ZhiLong as an attempt to secure her affairs with RuiKun. During the finale, she was punished by GaoFamily and was responsible for the former's seeming death. In Proud of You, she became an influential figure of HuiMin-Hospital (惠民醫院) and renamed herself as Ke Shu Jun (柯淑君). She is portrayed by Tina Chou (周宜霈).

  • Jiang Xiu Yu (江秀玉): The true antagonist of the drama and the youngest daughter of ZhengHui. After manipulating RuiKun's affection feelings to her, she masterminded the separation of XiuLian and ZhiHong as an attempt to receive the latter's love due to her declining health. She received their forgiveness after revealing the truth in her dying breath. In Proud of You, she only appeared in flashbacks. She is portrayed by Candy Yang (楊小黎).

  • Ke Zhong Yi (柯忠義): The youngest son of KeFamily. He developed affection towards XiuLian, but blessed her in the relationship with his close friend ZhiHong and took residence elsewhere. In Proud of You, he returned as a renowned scientist of GuangRong(Group). He is portrayed by Tang Jun (唐豐).

Other Characters

  • Jiang Zheng Hui (江政輝): The establisher of a renowned entrepreneurship, he looked down on GaoFamily and RuiKun due to their humbled background. He died in a conflict with the latter. He is portrayed by Lin Yi Fang (林義芳).
  • Gao Jun Xiong (高俊雄): The husband of YuLan, he died in an occurrence of fire. He is portrayed by Tai Bao (太保).
  • Gao Chen Yu Lan (高陳玉蘭): The founder of GaoFamily's business, taking over JunXiong's role after his death. In Proud of You, she has passed away. She is portrayed by Chang Chiung-tzu (張瓊姿).
  • Gao Zhi Hui (高志蕙): The youngest daughter of GaoFamily, she headed overseas to further her studies. She is portrayed by Serena Wang (王晴).
  • Ke Chang Yuan (柯常源): The husband of ShuFen and an old friend of JunXiong. As revealed in Proud of You, he sacrificed his life to save MeiJuan. He is portrayed by Hong Duo La Shi (洪都拉斯).
  • Ke Zhang Shu Fen (柯張淑芬): The wife of ChangYuan, she was devastated with MeiJuan's affairs with RuiKun. She is portrayed by Chen Feng Ling (陳夙雰).
  • Zhang Yan Hong (張艷紅): The biological mother of RuiKun, she cooperated with him as an attempt to steal the assets of her old lover ZhengHui. In Proud of You, she becomes the co-leading figure of GuangRong(Group) (光榮集團). She is portrayed by Yue Hong (岳虹).
  • Cai Jin Wang (蔡金旺) and Cai Liu Cui Feng (蔡劉翠鳳): The married parents of JiaBao. They are portrayed by Zheng Zhi Wei (鄭志偉) and Xie Li Jin (謝麗金).
  • Cai Jin Bao (蔡家保): The close friend of ZhiHong and ZhongYi and while refusing to succeed his family's business, he was romantically involved with ShengZi. He is portrayed by Lu Shi Wei (呂世偉).
  • Wu Sheng Zi (吳聖子): The close relative of JiangFamily, she later engaged romantically with JiaBao. She is portrayed by Tang Yu Han (唐于菡).
  • Hei Ge (黑哥): The debtor of ChangYuan, he was also a gang leader who later clashed with RuiKun due to his affairs with MeiJuan. He is portrayed by Hei Mian (黑面).