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Welcome to the successor of Taiwanese Drama Wikia, "The Sound of Happiness Wikia" aims to be a small and informative hub instead of a vastly categorized one as well as evolving the wikia into a thriving and enriching information for ALL Taiwanese Dramas, which is deemed an impossible task for the founder. The dialect language used is Hokkien (台語, 福建話) with the availability of chinese subtitles, while the wikia's content are written in English with some translation of terms. Please be aware that such terms may be inaccurate, and unofficial.

This wikia is dedicated to only writing articles related to the respective show of the same name. As the history and personality sections from characters belonging to older shows are heavily repetitive with each other, mostly the same, the founder feels that through the drama The Sound of Happiness (炮仔聲), will perfectly document to readers the style in the Taiwanese Drama genre, also specifically called 8pm Prime Show (八點檔), instead of covering all the Taiwanese Drama. As part of expanding this wikia, Other Drama (Older or Newer) are given pages here and for the individual characters that appeared in them, a page listing the characters are made specifically for them. A few characters from the latest drama, Proud of You (天之驕女) have been given their own individual pages; further branching off from the drama's existing character list.

At the first glance before proceeding on with editing, please look at the Rules and Guidelines for the Wikia, which was updated recently based on the newest additions to the site.

Focused Articles and Character Pages

100% Wife

Drama ended in 2018, with 250 episodes

Proud of You

See the latest drama

Zhang Jia Liang

Introducing the main antagonist from Proud of You

Zhang Ren Xin

The younger twin of RenMei, also a core protagonist from Proud of You

The Sound of Happiness

Check out the Wikia's main focus

Wu Jia Wen

The Sound of Happiness' important protagonist

Lin Zhi Ming

The Sound of Happiness' main protagonist

Wu Jia Yun

The Sound of Happiness' female protagonist


Older News

  • Discontinuation of Edits
  • The Returning Blogpost
  • "Guest/Cameo" Characters that appeared for a single episode, or having minor relevance in their appearance will not be included in the Wikia. Instead, links have been inserted to take readers to the "Zh Wikipedia" page. The Tertiary characters page has already been merged with the drama page.
  • "The Sound of Happiness" has ended on 5 August 2020, with 413 episodes.


  • Firstly, this wikia is heavily needed for a citation for all the articles and hence, finding the right references is currently an urgent task to fulfill and will be completed as soon as possible. To add references, visit the respective website, preferably the SanLiTv-news website. How to include references in pages, see this page as an example, remember to click "edit" or view the source mode for further clarity.
  • With regards to uploading profile photos, make sure the characters’ facial expression/mouth expression appeared to be natural, and please remove the watermarks.

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