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Taste of Life (甘味人生) was a Taiwanese Drama produced by SanLi Tv for year 2015-2017 and is the longest drama aired in SanLi-Tv.

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The drama was broadcasted on SanLi-Tv (三立台灣台) on weekdays and the first to be shown in High-Definition (HD). With the first and final episodes having shorter running times, each episode of the drama is 2h30 minutes (15 minutes shorter on Fridays) due to the inclusion of advertisements. After the original broadcast ended, the drama is rewatchable on SanLi's Youtube channel and several episodes is available in Vidol, though they’re regional exclusive. The opening and ending themes was changed monthly and several insert themes were included. Instead of reusing scenes from the show, the opening and ending themes are filmed with the former style being used after episode 320 and 20 respectively.


In the past, the original founders of Feng Huang Hui (鳳凰會) (also known as SiDa Jia Zu (四大家族) was estranged from a fellow member; Zhuge Yu. In the aftermath of a conflict, he suffered a heavy deterioration in his health and becomes irreplaceable friends with Fang Rou Rou (方柔柔). To secure her matriarch position in HuaKe-Group, YuYao was responsible for the murder of RouRou. This caused the separation of the twins; KaiXin and KaiJie. The former was raised in an orphanage with contrasting personalities within her while the latter was renamed as "XiaoJing" after taken in by ZhouFamily and received a facial reconstruction from an accident, resulting in differing appearances of the sisters. RouRou's legacy remained as her alias Boss K (老K), where Zhuge Yu used to seek revenge against his former comrades. This caused the death of YiLong and HuiLan's only son and instead of succumbing to the feelings of hatred, ChenJu then raised the only son of Zhuge Yu (JiaLiang), having him replacing the eldest position of LiFamily.


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