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Shen Fang Zi (沈芳姿) is the eldest daughter of ShenFamily and the mother of GuoHao. As a result of HongJie taking over her deceased father's company and her shares in WorldGroup, she became comatose and caused her younger brother's marriage with JiaWen to end.


During the past, FangZi claimed to be deeply scarred on the aspects of "love", allowing her to see herself as a "fortitude woman". At the same time, FangZi outright exhibited the qualities of a reasonable person through her words. Boosting similar ideals within her partnership for RuiYuan, both of them had an eccentric perception and having affirmed ZhiMing as "trustworthy" for World-Group's chairman position. During their first appearances, they purposely handled out trials for the purpose of proving their deepened distaste towards HongJie for his sadistic demeanor.

Relationship with JianHua and JiaWen

Believed in taking full responsibility regarding the upbringing of her younger brother JianHua, she remained anxious towards his gangsterism demeanor that had greatly affected his own future. She was intolerant towards anyone who proceeded with mocking the background of JianHua. Having cultivated a deepened respect from JiaWen, FangZi played an important role in changing her past personality and thanks to her great entrustment towards JiaWen, who becomes successful in liaising with GuoHao.


Family Background

Sharing the same parents as her younger brother JianHua, her parents had divorced themselves decades prior to the series. While having an unknown connection to the father of her son GuoHao, she mothered an unnamed daughter with her ex-husband, RongGuang.






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