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Please refrain from doing the actions stated below, which will most likely result in a permanent or temporary ban for the offender. Hence, do be supportive of everyone here.

  • Excessive use of vulgarities and swearing words: Efforts must be taken to discipline yourselves.
    • Intentionally causing tensions among others: Dramas between users brought from other Wikias and occurrence of false accusations.
  • Giving Death Threats and Violating of others' user page.
  • Vandalism of Pages: Addition of wrong information, poor grammar.
  • Involvement of Politics
  • Posting of pornography and sexual materials
  • Causing Copyright Infringement: Uploading videos of any form.
    • Pictures from said videos are allowed, but cropping of unnecessary parts is compulsory. Only "drama-name" and "Vidol logo" watermarks are allowed.

Related to [The Sound of Happiness]

Existing Characters (EP1-265)

  • Optional Sections
    • History Sections: Basically an elaborated version of character personalities, however it's more geared towards the actions of the characters in their appearances instead of describing their emotions and viewpoints: that's the purpose of personality sections. Not going to be too particular with the histories, said section is optional and can be omitted as long as the personality sections have suffice information to introduce a certain character.
      • Existing Characters with their History is written up to Episode 266 or their latest appearance prior to said episode are considered to be "completed" and will remain that way. For their further development between episode 266-finale, a brief description will only be added to the introduction and updating of their personality section.
      • Incomplete History sections for "Supporting Characters", their Personality sections would already bring completion to their pages.
    • Galleries: Basically pictograph version of the History section, they can be added as supporting illustrations to the relevant sections. As there are often multiple images to be added, filter out the essential ones, and add them to galleries.
    • Trivia: Minimal details include birthday and age as well as a characters' personality habit. Miscellaneous information involves scrapped intentions before the said character's introduction.
    • Quotes: Notable statements said by the characters, can be extracted out and added to their pages. Please don't translate them directly, rephrase them first.
  • Mandatory Sections
    • Personality Sections: The most important part when writing a character page, which accurately reflects their role at that point of time (either a good guy or as a villain) and the actions they will commit in the drama. Exclude characters with completed history sections, and have not appeared anymore.
    • Infobox and Introduction: Determine the foundation structure of the pages.
      • Relation: Originally belonged to the "Infobox" and to prevent excessive information in them, the relationship between characters is given its section and further separated into family, friends and enemies (include formerly) categories. With un-appeared family members as an exception, please don't overflood them and only add characters with pages created.

Near-Finale Characters (EP266-Finale)

  • Unique Characters: Pages are given to characters who don't fall into the idea of replication, all the mandatory sections are added on the page while optional sections are very likely to be left out.
  • Replicated and Minor Characters: The following characters are added to the list on the drama page.
  • Existing Characters (With "Red Links": Not given pages yet): Depending on which category above the characters belong to, the same treatment will be given to them.

Expanded Wikia

Don't expect the characters from other Taiwanese Dramas to be receiving pages here, the main focus of this wikia is [The Sound of Happiness]. Other Dramas (either Newer or Older), are given pages here as part of expanding this wikia to give readers more feel of how Taiwanese Dramas are handled, the information presented on them includes a brief introduction, viewing details, additional trivia or notes and finally the plot. For the characters that appeared in the drama, the wikia adopts a "Wikipedia" style of listing them down in the form of character lists, followed by brief descriptions and crediting the actors/actresses who portrayed them.

Character Types

Characters in the list page are further classified into the following categories:

  • Protagonists: The centered viewpoint and main focused characters of the drama.
  • Viewpoint Characters: Characters that are most relevant to the drama/plot, after the Protagonists and Antagonists.
  • Antagonists: The counterparts of Protagonists, opposing them in terms of viewpoints and personalities and known for their villainous qualities, and are important for driving the drama's plot. Antagonists who have "redeemed" are removed from here, and which section they're placed afterward are depending on their relevance and role in their "non-antagonism" arc.
  • (Insert name) Family: Usually the family members of the Protagonists, Antagonists and Viewpoint Characters.
  • Other Characters: Supporting Characters of the drama, but aren't classified into any of the categories above.
  • Cameo and Guest Characters: Characters that have very less plot relevance, a link to the Zh-Wikipedia is inserted for readers and aren't usually included in this wikia.
  • Mentioned and Background Characters: Characters that are mentioned in "dialogues between characters" or "implied details from the drama", but have not made a real appearance (this excludes flashbacks).
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