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Qian Jin (錢進) is the eldest son of FangFamily and an important figure and lawyer in the business world. He later recovered LuoShi's wounded heart towards love.


As a lawyer described by ZhiWen, QianJin earns renowned popularity through his powerful perception to win lawsuits for his clients though he sometimes resorts to amoral means and prioritizing monetary gains. At the same time, QianJin also kept a strong sense of reputation and influence within the business world. He has a strong sense of justice, proving that after protecting LuoShi from the humiliations and betrayals from ZhuSheng and XinYu, his younger sister despite valuing the kinship with the latter since their childhood. As a result, QianJin also falls in love with LuoShi and devoted himself to give her happiness and fully accepts her past which eventually changed LuoShi's decision to marry him for the sake of revenge and restored her deeply scarred heart from her first marriage.


In-Law (LinFamily)





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