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Proud of You (天之驕女)[1] was a Taiwanese Drama produced by SanLi-Tv for year 2020-2022, after the finale of The Sound of Happiness on 5/8/2020. The drama served as a followed-up sequel of The Love Story in Banana Orchard (天之蕉子), which was aired in 2019. For the list of additional characters, see here.

Viewing Details

The show is broadcasted on SanLi Tv (三立台灣台) on weekdays and is available for rewatching on Vidol as well as SanLi-Tv's Youtube channel, but are regional exclusive. With the exception of the first and finale episodes having shorter running times, every episode of the drama is 2h30minutes (15minutes shorter on Fridays) due to the inclusion of advertisements. The drama's opening and ending themes are changed monthly, while several insert themes were used. The opening and ending theme reuses scenes from the drama.


The drama's initial poster with the original cast

As a continuation of the unresolved parts from The Love Story in Banana Orchard, will history be completely written or repeats itself? Will past griefs be amended for the better future or for the worse? As the drama focuses on a pair of conjoined twin (連體嬰) sisters, it outlines the fetters of love and hatred between romance and family. In the process of pursuing reputation and ambition to show the good and evil of human nature, and proving the value of life.[2] As the series progresses, RenMei and RenXin are separated from their conjoined state and the sisters embarked on their own pathways while WenLing and JiaLiang's relationship turned into an irrecoverable rift,[3]until the former's acceptance of the latter's past eventually leads to their reconciliation [4].

Characters and Cast

Finale Characters

The following characters have appeared in the finale episodes, specifically referring to episodes 408-409.

Main Characters

  • Zhang Rui Kun (張瑞坤): The main antagonist from The Love Story in Banana Orchard, where he renamed himself as Zhang Jia Liang (張嘉良)/Peng Jia Liang (彭嘉良). He returned as the drama's initial main antagonist and one of the main protagonists. While wishing to reunite with RenMei and RenXin after facing the law 23 years ago, he fathered ZiXiang and ZiTing after orchestrating WenLing to fall in love with him. Once separated with the latter and ShuJun's manipulation of their romantic involvement, he was expelled from WanDai(Group)[5]. Once received forgiveness from ChongFa when he became amnesiac, he remained trapped over the death of QiXian, until mistaking XiaWa as his initial lover XiuYu, he reunited with his children and WenLing and seeking justice against QiMin, WenXue and YueLi for almost costing his own life. In the finale, he passed away after foiling the latter's attempt of killing XiaoAn and resolved his feuds with GaoFamily and ZhongYi.[6]His role is reprised by Eric Huang (黃少祺), after his portrayal of Zhao Tian Yu from The Sound of Happiness earned him positive receptions.

  • Gao Ren Mei (高仁美): The eldest adoptive daughter of GaoFamily and one of the drama's main protagonists, her other names include Zhang Ren Mei (張仁美) and Peng Ren Mei (彭仁美). Due to her initial relationship with ShengYuan and the desire of separating from her conjoined fate with RenXin, her bonds with the latter had almost fallen apart. She developed affection for ShangHao, later motivating him to reunite with his biological parents and acknowledged her ties with JiaLiang before cooperating with XiaoYu to take revenge against JinChuan for almost costing her life and separation from her family. [7] She is reprised by Kiki Lin (林萱瑜), who portrayed Zhou Yong Qi in The Sound of Happiness.

  • Gao Ren Xin (高仁芯)/Zhang Ren Xin (張仁芯)/Peng Ren Xin (彭仁芯): The younger twin of RenMei, their bonds was almost shattered when the latter was romantically involved with ShengYuan and one of the drama's main protagonists. After separating from RenMei, she acknowledged her ties with JiaLiang for saving her life before restoring the estranged relationship with GaoFamily. She accepted the feelings from ZhengYan, but her inability to convince the latter out of his antagonism later created a rift in their relationship. Through her established friendship with YouSheng, she reconciled with ZhengYan nearing the finale. She is portrayed by Simba Ceng (曾智希).

  • Fang Wen Ling (方文鈴): The eldest affluent daughter of ChongFa and the drama's initial supporting antagonist, as well as one of the main protagonists. In her youth, she was involved in an accident that scarred WenXue's heart deeply and mothered ZiTing and ZiXiang with JiaLiang. However, her initial unwillingness to accept RenMei and RenXin and JiaLiang's affairs with ShuJun cemented their separation[8], before returning to her family and WanDai(Group) after finding herself cooperating with RuXin and ZhiLong. After establishing a friendship with GaoFamily and LiFamily, she took care of her recuperating father and reconciled with JiaLiang when he became amnesiac. After seeking justice for QiXian and reunite with ZiXiang, she was devastated over JiaLiang's death in the finale. She is reprised by Angel Han (韓瑜), who previously portrayed Chen Zhi Lin in 100% Wife.

Supporting Characters

  • Ke Mei Juan (柯美娟): The secondary antagonist from The Love Story from Banana Orchard, she renamed herself as Ke Shu Jun (柯淑君). As reformation from her unpleasant background, she left the nightclub and dedicated herself to YanFamily and became the second lover of MingHui. She approached her old lover JiaLiang to avenge the former's death and almost lost her life and memories as compensation for ZhiLong. As an incorporeal form, she borrowed the identity of Ah Hao Yi (阿好姨) to forgo her insistence hatred of JiaLiang and amending TianHao's strained relationship with ZhiLong, before reconciling with both of them once awakened from her coma and freeing herself from WenXue's clutches. She is portrayed by Chiang Tsu-ping (江祖平), she previously played Hao Hui Xuan in Taste of Life.

  • Yan Sheng Yuan (顏聖元): The eldest grandson of YanFamily and after losing his romantic relationship with RenMei, he relentlessly targeted the latter's close ones but withdraw his intentions to take revenge through persuasions from ShuJun and ZiTing. Once falling in love with the latter truly, he helped her to protect WenLing against JiaLiang's antagonism and inherited HuiMin-Hospital (惠民醫院) and ending his cooperation with QianNa. He fathered Xiao Dian Dian (小点点) with ZiTing in the finale's epilogue. He is portrayed by Xu Ming Jie (許明杰).

  • Huang Guan Zhong (黄冠中): The adoptive son of BaoZhen and the initial lover of XiaoQing. Upon knowing his ties with HuiZhu, he separated from JingRou after accepting the feelings from QianNa and was expelled from WanLi(Group) for his attempted takeover and nicknamed his son with the former as Xiao Long Zhu (小龍珠). While reluctant towards improving his relationship with ShangHao and the latter's biological parents, he became the only source of support for ZhengYan in spite of his antagonism. He is reprised by Ehlo Huang (黃玉榮), he portrayed Jin Yong Jian in The Sound of Happiness.  

  • Li Jing Rou (李靜柔): The eldest daughter of LiFamily and after the betrayal from QianNa, this leads to her separation with her initial lover GuanZhong and mothered their son Li Wei Han (李偉翰) and discarded her vanity personality. As she retained her kinship with BaoZhen, she became an important figure of WanLi(Group) and accepted the feelings from TuoHai and treated MeiXiu as her own daughter and mothered the former's child in the finale's epilogue. Her role is reprised by Christine Zhang (張靜之), who previously portrayed Huang Qiu Yi in 100% Wife.

  • Zhang Zi Ting (張子婷)/Peng Zi Ting (彭子婷): The youngest daughter of JiaLiang and WenLing, she discarded her spoiled personality thanks to her close friendship with LiFamily. While her bonds with RenMei and RenXin improved, she retained her affection for ShengYuan and during her parents separation, she supported WenLing against JiaLiang's affairs with ShuJun. In the finale's epilogue, she mothered XiaoDianDian with ShengYuan. Her role is reprised by Lara Chen (陳子玄), she portrayed Xu Pei Qi in The Sound of Happiness.

  • Gao Tian You (高天佑): The only son of ZhiHong and XiuLian. After forgoing his carefree attitude while working with LiFamily, he established Taiwan MengKe (台灣萌客) with YuFei and accepted her as his lifetime partner but failed to fulfill his promise for his initial admirer TianAi. During his unwilling impersonation of ZiXiang, he received care from FangFamily and JiaLiang until he recovered back his memories and reunited back with GaoFamily and YuFei. Nearing the finale, he ventured overseas to achieve his dreams of expanding his business. He is portrayed by Leo Yang (楊皓崴).

  • Li Yu Fei (李雨菲)/Fang Yu Fei (方雨菲): The granddaughter of ChongFa, she was raised by LiFamily after surviving the accident involving WenXue and KenJi. With blessings from her initial lover JunQiang, she co-founded Taiwan(MengKe) with TianYou, affirming him as her lifetime partner as a renowned veterinarian. During the latter's absence, she rejected the feelings from TianHao and later reunited with TianYou and accepted her true heritage as well as giving TianAi her forgiveness. Nearing the finale, she followed the former to take residence overseas. She is portrayed by Kerri Hua (華千涵).

  • Zhi Tian Ai (織田愛): The adoptive granddaughter of ChongFa. Due to losing her adoptive parents in their conflict with JiaLiang, her friendship with YuFei and TianYou were almost shattered apart. After failing to takeover WanDai(Group), she was persuaded by QianNa and ZhiLong to oppose YueLi and her biological parents KenJi and WenXue's antagonism and took responsibility for almost costing the life of ZiXiang. She later developed an affection towards TianHao and forged close bonds with QiChang. Her initial name also includes Xiao Ai (小爱). [9] She is portrayed by Jocelin Lai (賴郁庭).

  • Zhang Zi Xiang (張子翔)/Peng Zi Xiang (彭子翔): The eldest son of JiaLiang and WenLing. He returned from overseas after proving his innocence over the production of Black-hearted Oil (黑心油) and was an intended successor of WanDai(Group). Due to his involvement in the conflict between TianYou and TianAi, he was rescued from YueLi by YanHong, to secure her position in GuangRong(Group) while XiaoAn was comatose before his memories resurfaced and reunited with his family and became close friends with XiaWa and XiaoYu. Originally portrayed by Charles Lee (李家慶), who previously reprised Jia Si Fang in Ordinary Love, and after said actor went on to portray TianYou, Wingle Chen (陳謙文) subsequently takes over his role and later also portrays XiaoAn.

  • Fang Chong Fa (方崇發): The establisher of WanDai-Group (萬代集團) and due to his wife's declining health in the past, he ended his affairs with YueLi. While overseas, he entrusted his company to his old friend ZhiHong before returning to fulfill his promise to WenXue, his bonds with TianAi almost fall apart but manage to reunite with YuFei. Initially reluctant to accept WenLing's relationship with JiaLiang, but later allowed them to restart anew after giving the latter his forgiveness when he became amnesiac. After following GaoFamily overseas to recuperate from his reduced mobility, he returned to entrust TianAi at the hands of TianHao. He is portrayed by Yang Lie (楊烈), he previously played Lin Chao Yang in In The Family.

Gao Family

  • Gao Zhi Long (高志龍): The eldest son of GaoFamily, he survived the events of The Love Story in Banana Orchard and was cured from his autism. After discarding his other identities, he became utterly disappointed with WenXue's manipulation of his life and reunited with GaoFamily, including his son TianHao and ShuJun, who remained an irreplaceable position since their childhood. [10]. During his last opposition against JinChuan and his collaborators, he worked with ShanHe but briefly clashed with JiaLiang due to XiaoAn's disappearance. His role is reprised by Angus Hiseh (謝承均), who also portrayed a younger KenJi in flashbacks and he previously played Gao Guan Da in 100% Wife.
    • Mr X (X先生): The alias he used when assisting WenLing, while cooperating with ShuJun and WenXue and contributed towards the downfall of JiaLiang.
    • KenJi (JianSi): The main contributor over the expansion of Oda(Group), before entrusting it to TuoHai under the latter's father wishes of opposing YueLi and redeemed QianNa and TianAi's twisted viewpoints.
    • Friend (朋友):An alias he used to protect YongShi(Group) and YiDengGao(Group) secretly, preventing them from losing their respective ownerships.

  • Gao Zhi Hong (高志鴻): The main protagonist from The Love Story in Banana Orchard, he helmed the success of YiDengGao-Group (一等高集團) and middle son of GaoFamily. He was an old friend of ChongFa. After his failed attempt to rescue TianYou from the hands of YueLi, he entrusted his family to ZhiLong before reuniting with them in the finale's epilogue. He is portrayed by Scott Wang (王耿豪), he previously played Wu Zheng Chang in Reunion.

  • Jiang Xiu Lian (江秀蓮): The female protagonist from The Love Story in Banana Orchard, she becomes an important supporting pillar for her husband in the family's business. She later sought justice against YueLi for hurting her family and costing the life of ZhiHong, having lead YiDengGao(Group) in his absence. Initially accompanied TianYou and YuFei to take residence overseas, she returned during XiaWa's appearance and reunited with XiaoAn and ZhiHong. She is reprised by Josie Liang (梁家榕), she portrayed Shen Fang Zi from The Sound of Happiness.

  • Luo Xiao An (羅孝安)/Gao Xiao An (高孝安): The twin of TianYou, he was raised by YanHong as the rightful successor of GuangRong(Group). Once awakened from his coma, he was later persuaded by XiuLian to forgive JiaLiang for causing his initial separation with GaoFamily and protected ZiXiang and XiaWa against the antagonism of WenXue and YueLi, and was responsible over the latter's final fate to avenge the deaths of YanHong and JiaLiang.

Li Family

  • Li Jin Niu (李金牛) and Chen Chun Mian (陳春滿): The couple that owned FuXin MuChang (樸心牧場) and the manufacturer of Milk Dance (牛奶跳舞) steamboat and becoming friends with the drama's non-antagonistic characters. JinNiu is portrayed by Star Lin (林佑星) while his wife is reprised by Liu-Hsiao Yi (劉曉憶), she portrayed Ye Li Mei from The Sound of Happiness.
  • Li Mu Bai (李慕白): The youngest son of LiFamily. He is portrayed by Boris Wang (王品澔).

Other Characters

  • Liu Da Li (劉大力): The only son of MeiJiao. After defecting from JiaLiang, he resented GuanZhong for his affairs with QianNa and joined as TianLei's underling, where he often partnered with TianHao to foil antagonistic acts. He later developed an affection towards PinXuan. He is portrayed by Troy Chu (楚翔).

  • Andy (安迪): The most trusted personal assistant of WangFamily. He is portrayed by Chen Di Yuan (陳帝言).

  • Ke Zhong Yi (柯忠義): The younger brother of ShuJun from The Love Story in Banana Orchard, known as Professor Jin (金博士) and worked as a bioengineering scientist for GuangRong(Group). He saved RenMei and ZhiHong from deathdoors and ensured their reunion with GaoFamily and resolved his feuds with JiaLiang for protecting XiaoAn. His role is reprised by James Chen (陳宇風), he played Lin Zhi Wen in The Sound of Happiness.

Supporting Characters

The following characters appeared between episodes 3-407.

Guest Characters

  • Jiang Xiu Yu (江秀玉): The youngest sister of XiuLian, and the true antagonist from The Love Story in Banana Orchard. She was the deceased true lover of JiaLiang, and was survived by their daughters RenXin and RenMei. In her cameo appearances in flashbacks, she is portrayed by Pally Chien (簡沛恩)[11].

  • You Peng (有朋): The subordinate of ShengYuan, while working in the media firm. He is portrayed by Zhan Jia Lin (詹佳儒).

  • Zhang Yan Hong (張艷紅): The mother of JiaLiang from The Love Story in Banana Orchard, she co-founded GuangRong(Group) (光榮集團) after leaving behind her affairs with QiXian and her employment at a nightclub. Due to her declining health, she hopes to entrust said company towards XiaoAn and JiaLiang. However, she was backstabbed by XiaWa and JinChuan, with her identity innocently impersonated by YueLi after her death. Due to sharing the same appearance as BaoZhen, Katrina Zheng (鄭仲茵) reprises her role.

Fang Family

  • Fang Bao Zhen (方寶珍): The younger sister of ChongFa, known as Aunt (姑姑) of the family. In her youth, she raised GuanZhong on her own due to ShanHe's unresolved responsibilities to MingFeng and ZhengYan and subsequently established WanLiGroup (萬麗集團). While retaining her kinship with JingRou, she faced the verge of losing her bonds with GuanZhong over his attempts to take over her assets. Once she reunited with ShangHao and accepted RenMei as her daughter-in-law, she also forgave HuiZhu and MingFeng for hiding the truth and aided her family against YueLi's antagonism. She later took residence overseas. She is reprised by Katrina Zheng (鄭仲茵), who portrayed Fang Wan Fei in 100% Wife.

  • Fang Wen Xian (方文賢) and Qiu Rui Hua (邱瑞華): The middle and only son and daughter-in-law of ChongFa. They supported him to protect WanDai(Group) against JiaLiang for the sake of WenLing, both of them passed away in an accident after confronting the former for his crimes. The couple was survived by their daughter YuFei as TianAi was revealed as their adoptive niece. WenXian is portrayed by Bobby Dou (竇智孔), while his wife is portrayed by Jessie Chang (張本渝)[12].

  • Lin Hui Zhu (林惠珠): The eldest sister of QuanFu and mother of GuanZhong, she voluntarily ended her friendship with BaoZhen out of guilt for hiding the former's parentage, but received her forgiveness once the latter reunited with ShangHao. She is reprised by Sun Yi Qing (蘇意菁), she portrayed Chen Yue Xia in The Sound of Happiness.

Yan Family

  • Yan Li Akkio (顏李秋子): The mother of MingHui, she accepted ShuJun into the family for saving ShengYuan’s life but became amentia presently due to JiaLiang and resided overseas. Her role is reprised by Zhang Qing (張琴), she portrayed Yang Ah Mei from The Sound of Happiness.
  • Yan Ming Hui (顏明輝): The establisher of HuiMin-Hospital. As comfort with the passing of ShengYuan's mother, he motivated ShuJun to move forward from her past and accepted their marriage. He successfully separated RenXin and RenMei from their conjoined state but died in a conflict while practicing medicine overseas. He is portrayed by Zhao Qing (趙擎).
  • Yan Xiao Qing (顏筱晴): The youngest granddaughter of YanFamily, she was a celebrity figure and the best friend of ZiTing. After JiaLiang exposed her past romantic affairs with GuanZhong , she was forced to take residence overseas. She is portrayed by Christy Chen (陳瑋薇).


  • Kenny Huang (黃甄妮) was meant to portray Liu Ru Meng (劉如夢), an affluent daughter of a village daughter who will turn affectionate for MuBai.[13]
  • Huang Ah Guo (黃阿國): The deceased husband and father of HuiZhu and GuanZhong.
  • Despite being a sequel of The Love Story of Banana Orchard, flashback scenes of returning characters were not directly reused from it, they are slightly altered and re-filmed instead while retaining the original plot of the said drama.
  • The name Wang Yi Long (王一龍) was the original name of ShangHao and was used by GuanZhong for episodes 1-124.
  • The name Fang Yun Yun (方芸芸) was the original name of YuFei and was used by TianAi between episodes 1-228.


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