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Luo Hui Lin (羅慧琳)/Elsa is an affluent daughter of QinTian-Group and the best bestie of YanXi. She mothered Dora 11 years ago and estranged her marriage with TianYu due to his affection JiaXiu, who later collaborated with HuiLin and reclaiming back her father's assets and apprehending TianYu for his crimes.


During her marriage with TianYu, HuiLin had fully trusted and considerate towards the feelings of TianYu. HuiLin has also given him much freedom after TianYu intended to completely focus on expanding his reputation in the business world, hence, she had raised their daughter on her own and becoming an important backup support for TianYu. This came at the expense of further distancing the relationship between both of them, as TianYu deemed her as a failure in embracing his loneliness like JiaXiu.

HuiLin was initially faithful towards securing the estranged ties with TianYu, but after becoming a victim of his heartlessness and betrayal, HuiLin decided to end her marriage after seeing the impossibility of winning the heart of TianYu. This changed into determination to protect her closed ones from him, HuiLin was even tolerant to forgive and affirmed that JiaXiu's true personality as the one she knew from their first encounter. Disregarding the fact that JiaXiu had infiltrated in her marriage, both of them understood how TianYu had hurt their feeling s and used their restored friendship to apprehend TianYu for his unacceptable crimes. Much of her personality is the same as JiaWen (before taking on the identity of CoCo), but the aforementioned qualities differentiate both of them.


She was raised by her father GuanTing after her mother passed away and is the mother of Dora and had another unborn son with TianYu.





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