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Luo Guan Ting (羅冠霆) is the establisher of QinTian-Group and an old friend of RuiYuan. He was responsible for turning TianYu into a major antagonist after seemingly destroyed JiaXiu's future.


To prove himself as extremely protective of HuiLin and Dora, GuanTing had resorted to merciless means that involves physically assaulting TianYu and JiaXiu after deeming their relationship as a mistake from the start. His relationship with them was further exploited differently:

  • TianYu: The respect from TianYu eventually backfired on GuanTing, which turned into regret of treating the former as part of his family. The heartless side and guidance from GuanTing, becomes the main source that drives the hatred of TianYu and caused himself and HuiLin to be relentlessly targetted by the father of Dora. His words are proven as the truth, as TianYu succumbed to his inferiority and ambition of taking Qin-TianGroup for his own.
    • JiaXiu: GuanTing had initially approved of JiaXiu's qualities, which are vital in changing TianYu and benefitting the future of his company as a whole. Despite being aware that JiaXiu was "innocently" dragged into the relationship with TianYu, GuanTing believed that destroying her future was an acceptable cost for infiltrating his daughter's marriage. He later felt remorseful for his actions towards JiaXiu, who repented from her antagonistic intentions and the intense hatred between them was forgone.