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This page's history section only focused on the events between episodes 129-193, while the other sections have taken into account the happenings within episodes 194-395.

Liu Tian Ding (劉添丁)/Lin Tian Ding (林添丁) is the younger twin of ZhiMing, he was raised as the adoptive son of Ah Yi. He earned the admiration of RuiYuan during his younger days. During his impersonation as ZhiMing, TianDing secured the chairman position of WorldGroup for his twin. After accepting his heritage, he gained their approval and married YanXi after renewing her faith towards love. He subsequently fathered their son Ting Bao (丁寶) as he survived from his seeming death.


Compared with his twin brother ZhiMing, TianDing is a dynamic individual and since his younger days, TianDing enlightens the mood of others with his eccentric demeanor. Despite his playful attitude, TianDing has a remarkable perception through quick analyzation and giving him an advantage to easily outsmart unscrupulous ones like ZhengHao and HongJie while meddling with their schemes for his own benefits. While residing overseas, TianDing gains popularity among females who grew envious of him and forcing him to avoid interactions from any of his fans during his return towards Taiwan.

Inheriting the faithful belief from AhYi, TianDing has lived up to the moral of being the godson of "God" and prioritizes with repaying the gratitude to his adoptive parents from raising him. As a result, TianDing remained extremely filial for his adoptive father AhYi and causing him to become reluctant in accepting his real heritage for the purpose of protecting him from unnecessary harm; especially the mockery comments from MingZhu. This also applied towards his viewpoint on the aspect of love, shown when TianDing was passionate towards his relationship with YanXi, only admiring her positive qualities despite her actions as an antagonist and becoming determined to restore her confidence in life, who was deeply scarred after the marriage with ZhengHao and giving her happiness as her husband, much like ZhiMing and JiaYun.




Main History (episode 129-193)

Having studied onboard in America for over 20 years, TianDing returned back to Taiwan in episode 129. Following the reunion with AhYi, TianDing was introduced to AhMei and ZhiMing, where his biological grandmother and elder twin brother were flabbergasted with his return. Seeing how ZhiMing was clinging on his life for survival, TianDing agreed to disguise as him and succeeded with protecting the main protagonist from the abduction attempts by YunRu. On behalf of ZhiMing, TianDing earned the support from RuiYuan and FangZi to become WorldGroup's chairman and after backing up JiaWen with rescuing ZhiMing from ZhengHao, who was wanted by the authorities and finally revealed his identity to JiaWen. He personally gave YanXi encouragement, who lost her eyesight and misunderstood her for attempting to claim her life. Despite greatly upsetting HuiXin previously, TianDing reunited with his biological family and resented MingZhu's hateful comments towards AhYi. He manipulated with HongJie and becoming his archenemy for the chairman position after causing him to lose support from the legislative MingQiang and saving YanXi after both of them were abducted by HongJie. With his similar appearance as ZhiMing, YanXi, now recovered her vision, outright rejected confessed feelings from TianDing and convinced her to accept his marriage proposal, while proving to ShiChang and LinFamily his stand and finally married YanXi, while saving JiaWen's son from YunRu. During the failed negotiations with HongJie, TianDing was fatally wounded after protecting JiaYun from the aftermath assault and was proclaimed "dead", which devastated his loved ones and only ZhiMing knew that TianDing was still alive, who decides to venture overseas to fully nurse himself back health and brought TianDing with him for medical treatments. (episode 129-154)

Without the knowledge of YanXi, TianDing returned in episode 187 from USA and after giving respect to his deceased adoptive mother, TianDing saved his wife from getting "defenestrated" at the hands of JiaWen, who earned back the trust from HongJie to coverup ZhiMing in his plans. Under the behalf of ZhiMing, TianDing present during the negotiation with HongJie, while his elder twin succeeded with saving the life of JiaYun and YanXi from the captive of LiMei and after the reunion with his family, he condemns HongJie for endangering his wife and their child during the marriage between JiaWen and HongJie. (episode 187-193)


  • As the younger twin of ZhiMing, TianDing's birthdate is confirmed as 2/5/1972, putting his age as 45 years old in episode 141. At the same time, TianDing is 31 years old according to official sources for ZhiMing, meaning he is born in 1988. He celebrated his 32nd birthday in episode 234.

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