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Liu Da Wei (劉大為) was a guest character and the initial lover of JiaYun and BaoNa. He only appeared in episodes 1-13.


DaWei first appeared in the first episode and subsequently engaged romantically with JiaYun for 3 months after catching her for stealing an onion from his farm. Shortly after rejecting to meet the WuFamily in person, DaWei was immediately forced into an engagement marriage after BaoNa confronted him for toying with their wedding vows through his interactions with JiaYun. In an attempt to safeguard the relationship with the latter, DaWei was condemned by ZhiMing for portraying an irresponsible attitude towards love, who proceeded further to defend JiaYun for the mockery remarks of BaoNa. Later, DaWei was befriended by JiaYun who wanting to conclude the fake relationship with ZhiMing through the Love Pact (恋爱契约) but accidentally caused the LinFamily to become initial extremely displeased with them and during his last appearance, an infuriated DaWei was seen canceling the intended marriage with BaoNa.



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