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This page list the cast and characters who appeared in Wives.


  • Jiang Hao (江皓): The youngest son of JiangFamily and the initial main protagonist of the drama. Despite facing interference from PeiZhen, he confirmed himself as WanTing's lifetime partner and took residence overseas with the latter. He is portrayed by Sam Wang (王少偉).
  • Xie Wan Ting (謝婉婷): The only affluent daughter of ZhengDao and the drama's initial female protagonist. After gaining approval from her father and JiangFamily in her marriage with JiangHao, she almost lost her life as a result of PeiZhen and took residence overseas. She is portrayed by Pally Chien (簡沛恩).

  • Lin Han Wen (林翰文): The adoptive son of LinFamily and the main protagonist of the drama. He was romantically involved with TianQing and became a lawyer in the past. He developed an irreplacable affection for ShiShi and his life was frequently endangered by QingHong due to his status as LiFamily's biological son. He was entrusted with WorldGroup after resolving his feuds with the latter and accepting the feelings from XiaoFan but choose to reunite with ShiShi. He is portrayed by Angus Hiseh (謝承均).
  • Jiang Shi Shi (江诗诗): The adoptive youngest daughter of JiangFamily and the female main protagonist of the drama. After ending her initial relationship with QingHong for hurting her closed ones, she accepted HanWen as her lifetime partner and becomes a renowned fashion designer under KaiLing's employment. Once awakened from her coma, she initially entrusted HanWen's future to XiaoFan but decided to reconcile with him. Nearing the finale, she foiled AiLi's antagonism and forgave her biological parents. She mothered HanWen's unborn child and recovered from her declining health. She is portrayed by Athena Lee Yen (李燕).

  • Lu Xiao Fan (陸小凡): The childhood bestie of AiLi, she was raised in an orphanage after her parent's death. Due to sharing an identical appearance with ShiShi, she was forced to impersonate her identity by ZhiZun and developed affection for HanWen, but gave the latter and ShiShi her blessings instead and retained her kinship with JiangFamily. She mothered Xiao Ping Ping (小平平) and as an affluent daughter of WeiEn(Group), she also reunited with BaTian. She is reprised by Athena Lee Yen (李燕).

Viewpoint Characters

  • Cai Pei Zhen (蔡佩珍): The biological daughter of BaoDing and ZaiTian. After regretting her attempts to affect JiangHao's relationship with WanTing and reconcile with the former, she accepted the feelings from KaiYuan but died in an accident while residing overseas. She is portrayed by Joanne Lian (连静雯).

  • Li Qing Hong (李庆鸿): The adoptive son of LiFamily and the drama's initial main antagonist. In the earlier arc, he engaged romantically with ShiShi and YuXiu, and almost costed HanWen's life in his attempts to takeover WorldGroup. As redemption for his antagonism, he accepted himself as LinFamily's youngest son and forged a brotherhood with HanWen. He reconciled with his initial lover KaiLing and their son Nike, but choose to end his life as a result of ZhiYuan. He is portrayed by Johnny Liu (刘至翰).

  • Jiang Mei Mei (江美美): The eldest daughter of JiangFamily, she severed her ties with ZhiYuan due to his affairs with AiWei. After accepting the affection from JiaMing, she faced interference from XiangQi but subsequently gained approval from KeXin and protected ChangChun(Group) against ZhiYuan. She mothered JiaMing's child in the finale. She is portrayed by Carolyn Chen (陈珮骐).

  • Du Ai Wei (杜爱薇)/Avi: The affluent grandniece of BaTian and the initial lover of PeiShan. After severing her relationship with ZhiYuan, she accepted the feelings from MeiNan and mothered a pair of twins with him. While foiling the antagonistic alliance of the former and AiLi, she seeks cooperation from XiaoShan and becoming close friends with MeiMei and KeXin. She is portrayed by Sunny Li (李亮瑾).

  • Fang Kai Yuan (方凯元): The only son of XueQing, he holds an important position in DaTong(Group). Despite his mother's rejectful attitude, he harbored an affection for PeiZhen and cooperated with his best friend SiWei to protect a comatose ShiShi from the hands of ZhiZun. After PeiZhen's death, he accepted his marriage with KeXin and fathered their child. He is portrayed by Danny Chen (亮哲).
  • Fang Kai Ling (Kevin) (方凯玲): The adoptive daughter of XueQing and in the past, she established her own fashion company. In the middle arc, she reconciled with her initial lover QingHong and after the latter's death, she accompanied their son NiKe and QiuYue to take residence overseas. She is portrayed by Elsie Yeh (葉全真), she later reprised Lin Luo Shi in The Sound of Happiness.

  • Bai Jia Ming (白嘉明): The establisher of ChangChun-Group (长春集团) and in his youth, he was romantically involved with XiangQi and ShuYun. Despite being greatly affected with MeiMei's past, he received motivation from KeXin and secured the marriage with the former. After recuperating from his declining health, he prevented ZhiYuan from taking over his company and entrusted KeXin's happiness to KaiYuan and had a second child with MeiMei. He is portrayed by Vins Zheng (伊正).
  • Bai Ke Xin (白可欣)/Rebecca: The affluent daughter of ChangChun(Group), she supported JiaMing's relationship with MeiMei after resenting XiangQi for hurting them on multiple occasions. She separated from ZhiYuan due to his affairs with XiaoShan and accepted the feelings from KaiYuan and healed him from PeiZhen's death and mothered their child. She is portrayed by Joyce Yu (游詩璟).

  • Lin Han Zhong (林翰中): The eldest son of LinFamily, he became their supporting pillar since his youth. As part of his dreams, he founded Tomorrow Cafe (明日咖啡) and refused to acknowledge his kinship with QingHong due to his antagonism. After reconciling with YuXiu, he died in an accident involving ZhengYu and was survived by their son Lin Zheng An (林辰安). He is is portrayed by Star Lin (林佑星).

  • Chen Yu Xiu (陈育秀): The adoptive eldest daughter of JiangFamily, she was romantically involved with QingHong as an attempt to seek revenge against ZaiTian to avenge the deceased QingFeng. She reconciled with her initial lover HanZhong and mothered ZhengAn and separated from ZhengYu for his involvement in HanZhong's death. She later assisted HanWen's agenda to restore WorldGroup's lost reputation and took residence overseas. She is portrayed by Vicky Tseng (曾莞婷).

  • Ma Li Sheng (馬立昇): The elder brother of LiYa and best friend of HanWen while taking on an incorporeal form. He allowed him to obtain the True Kiss (真心之吻) from ShiShi and promising the dying wishes of HanZhong. While transplanting his eyes for the former to regain her vision, he sacrificed his life to protect her from the hands of ZhiZun. He is portrayed by Norman Chen (陳冠霖).

  • Zhang Fang Yi (張芳儀): The mother of AnQi, she unwillingly married MuMing after entrusting the former in an orphanage. To avenge her deceased father, she orchestrated the deaths of ZhongXian and MuMing as payback for her humiliating past and directly drove MuZhe's antagonism. In the finale, she decided to face the law for her crimes. She is portrayed by Josie Leung (梁家榕).

  • Sun An Qi (孫安琪)/Angel: The close bestie of YingZi, she resigned from the acting firm as a result of FangZi. After understanding the latter's youthful sufferings, she recognized their kinship but hatred ZhongXian for his complicating past. She accepted the feelings from SiWei, and gained blessings from her initial lover MuZhe. She is portrayed by Angel Han (韓瑜).

  • Zhang Si Wei (張四維)/Jason (傑森): The eldest son of MuGang and best friend of KaiYuan, he was responsible for treating ShiShi's declining condition as a neurologist specialist. While retaining his affectionate feelings for AnQi, he later gained approval from MuZhe and acknowledged his kinship with HeiFamily. He is portrayed by Edison Lin (林昕陽).

  • Hei Mu Zhe (黑木澤): The adoptive grandson of YiLiang, he attempted to takeover HeiMu(Group) after knowing his ties with XinMei and FangYi's involvement in the death of MuMing. Despite retaining his feelings for AnQi, he eventually blessed the latter and SiWei. After facing the law for his crimes, he became an artist in the finale. He is portrayed by Kai Wang (王凱).


  • Yang Zhi Yuan (杨志远)/Steven: The main antagonist of the drama and the only son of YangFamily. After severing his ties with MeiMei, he attempted to expand his reputation in society through his affairs with AiWei and KeXin, and his involvement in HaiLong's apparent death was exposed by XiaoShan. In the finale, his refusal to take responsibility for his crimes and intentions to kill JiaMing leads to his own death. He is portrayed by Lee Yi (李易).

  • Han Xiang Qi (韓湘琪): The second lover of JiaMing, she cooperated with ZhiYuan's attempts to takeover ChangChun(Group) and achieving her own goals of winning back JiaMing's love after refusing to bless his relationship with MeiMei. As her final resort, she attempted to claim the latter and her closed ones' lives but ended up in a coma. She is portrayed by Ding Guo Lin (丁國琳).

  • Cai Hao Gui (蔡豪貴): The accomplice of ZhiYuan, he almost humiliated the innocence of ShiShi and XiaoFan after becoming confused with their identity. He supported AiLi's infiltration of WeiEn(Group) and was charged for his crimes. He is portrayed by Wan Hong Gui (萬鴻貴).

  • Wang Su Qin (王素琴): The wife of ShanHu, she strained the relationship with him and her former daughter-in-laws (including XiaoShan) and supported ZhiYuan's antagonism, she was devastated with his death in the finale. She is portrayed by Lin Pei Jun (林佩君).

  • Zheng Ai Li (鄭艾莉): The estranged daughter of XiuXia and the drama's final female antagonist. As an attempt to takeover WeiEn(Group), she impersonated XiaoFan's true identity and almost costed the latter and BaTian's life and even affected GuoXian's relationship with PeiShan. After facing the law for her crimes in the finale, she deemed herself unfit to retain her childhood friendship with XiaoFan. She is portrayed by Peilin Tsai (蔡裴琳).

Lin Family

  • Lin Yi Tang (林义堂): The patriarch of LinFamily, he only appeared in flashbacks. Decades ago, he died in a conflict with ZaiTian. He is portrayed by Cai Ah Pao (蔡阿炮).
  • Lai Qiu Yue (赖秋月): The matriarch of LinFamily and after forgiving the wrongdoings of ZaiTian, she took residence overseas following the passing of QingHong and HanZhong. She is portrayed by Lin Xiu Ling (林秀玲).
  • Fang NiKe (方尼克): The youthful son of QingHong and KaiLing, he mainly took residence overseas and was responsible for his parents' reconciliation. He is portrayed by Chen Yu Cheng (陈昱丞).

Li Family

  • Li Zai Tian (李再添): The establisher of WorldGroup (世界集团), he was an old lover of BaoDing and was responsible for YiTang and QingFeng's death. With HanWen acknowledging their kinship, he also redeemed from his past deeds and took residence overseas. He is portrayed by On Xue Bing (谈学斌).
  • Huang Bi Feng (黄碧凤): The co-founder of WorldGroup, she forged a kinship with YuXiu and HanWen after knowing the latter as her son and regretted her arrogant attitude. While disappointed over QingHong's antagonism, she accompanied ZaiTian to live overseas. She is portrayed by Kelly Ho (柯素云).

Jiang Family

  • Li Jing Shu (李锦淑): The head founder of the family's business (江家肉粽店). She is portrayed by Wang Man Jiao (王满娇).
  • Jiang Xin Hui (江信辉): The patriarch of JiangFamily and in his youth, he was romantically involved with XueQing and survived the conflict with ZhiZun, he was renamed as Jiang Hai Long (江海龙). After awakening from his coma nearing the finale, he exposed ZhiYuan's attempted murder on himself and JiaMing. He is portrayed by Josh Huo (霍正奇).
  • Liao Li Jun (廖丽君): The matriarch of JiangFamily, she was aware of HaiLong's complicated past and was exceptionally close with ShiShi. She is portrayed by Yue Hong (岳虹).

Peng Family

  • Peng Guo Gan (彭國甘)/Boss PongGan (椪柑老大): The owner of a mandarin farm, he often joined his family to foil the malicious intentions of various antagonists. He is portrayed by Zheng Zhi Wei (鄭志偉).
  • Pan Jin Hua (潘金花)/Mrs PongGan (椪柑嫂): The wife of GuoGan and due to her capabilities in predictions, she gave LiSheng her support and ensured the survivability of HanWen. She is portrayed by Xie Li Jin (謝麗金).
  • Peng Guo Xian (彭國賢): The younger brother of GuoGan, he later established his own confectionery store. He almost separated from PeiShan and their son Xiao Xian Xian (小賢賢), while he approached AiLi as an attempt to expose her crimes. He is portrayed by Pan Yu An (潘逸安).
  • Zhou Pei Shan (周貝珊)/Ba-Bi (巴比): The initial lover of AiWei, she expressed disappointment over her affairs with ZhiYuan. She later accepted the feelings from GuoXian and mothered their son. She became BaTian's representative in the finale and knew GuoXian approached AiLi merely to gain her trust. She is portrayed by Ye Hua (葉華).
  • Li Zhen Ni (李真妮) and Li Wan Zhong (李萬中): The mother and uncle of PeiShan. They are portrayed by Ma Wei Xin (馬維欣) and Xiao Liang Ge (小亮哥) respectively.
  • Hua Mao Mian Mei (花毛满妹): The elder cousin of JinHua, she initially rejected MeiNan and AiWei's relationship and accepted the affection from ZhengDao. She is portrayed by Lu Xue Feng (吕雪凤).
  • Hua Mei Nan (花美男)/Allen: The owner of a nightclub and the only son of MianMei. He restored AiWei's confidence towards love and subsequently gained the former's approval and fathered a pair of twins with the latter. He is portrayed by Ehlo Huang (黃玉榮).

Huang Family

  • Huang Zhi Zun (黃至尊): The father of ZhengYu and TianQing, he returned from overseas to hunt back his Gold Bars (黃金). He approached XiaoFan and QianHui in his attempts to reclaim back DaTong(Group) from his old lover XueQing and infiltrated into HeiMu(Group) but loses all his assets as a result of ManLi. As redemption for causing his youngest daughter ShiShi's declining health, he sacrificed himself to save her and QianHui from MuZhe's hands. He is portrayed by Franco Chiang (江國賓).

  • Huang Zheng Yu (黃政宇): The eldest son of ZhiZun, he was the initial lover of XiaoYu. He separated from YuXiu and received backlash from her closed ones for his direct involvement in HanZhong's death. He later took residence overseas. He is portrayed by Leo Ding (黃政宇).

  • Huang Tian Qing (黃天晴): The initial lover of HanWen and the eldest daughter of ZhiZun. As the alias Bing Can Hen (冰苍痕), she became a renowned artist and author. As compensation for hurting HanWen and ShiShi, she withdraw from ZhiZun's plans of taking over DaTong(Group) and regreted her impersonation of XueQing's lost daughter and took residence overseas. She is portrayed by Vivi Chen (陳小菁).

Hei Family

  • HeiMu YiLiang (黑木一郎): The establisher of HeiMu-Group (黑木集團). He is portrayed by Lin Zhao Xiong (林照雄).
  • Hei Mu Gang (黑木剛): The eldest son of YiLiang and father of MuMeng, he separated from QianHui due to her affairs with ZhiZun and amended his lost kinship with SiWei. He later secured back HeiMu(Group) from the hands of XiaoZhe and accepted AnNa as his lifetime partner. He is portrayed by Li Luo (李㼈).
  • Lu Anna (呂安娜): The most trusted employee of KaiSheng, she firstly developed affection for LiSheng. After taking care of MuMeng, she became married to MuGang with blessings from QianHui. She is portrayed by Venus Huang (黃瑄).
  • Hei Mu Meng (黑木萌): The youthful daughter of MuGang and QianHui. She is portrayed by Li Yu Ci (林育慈).

  • Hei Mu Ming (黑木明): The youngest son of YiLiang, he was romantically involved with YingZi and formed a noticeable kinship with MuZhe. After his accidental murder of ZhongXian, he strained the relationship with his family over HeiMu(Group)'s assets and failed to flee overseas and realized FangYi had masterminded the aforementioned events in his dying breath. He is portrayed by Ma You Xin (馬幼興).

Other Characters

  • Xie Zheng Dao (谢正道): The founder of a martial club, he was initially reluctant to accept WanTing's relationship with JiangHao but became close friends with JiangFamily and developed feelings for MianMei. He is portrayed by Xia Qing Ting (夏靖庭).
  • Man Pi (慢皮) and Ku Cha (苦茶): The underlings and disciplines of ZhengDao. They are portrayed by Tie Ci (鐵齒) and Tie Ban (鐵板).

  • MiKe (麥可): An underling of WorldGroup, he is portrayed by Huang You Jie (黃宥傑).
  • Huang Jian Ming (黃建明): The underling of WorldGroup and as a debtor of HanZhong, he forced YuXiu to engage romantically with him. He is portrayed by Jamie Weng (翁家明).
  • Ah San (阿三): An underling of JianMing. He is portrayed by Zhou Zhi Yuan (周志远).
  • Ah Hui (阿輝): The discipline of QingFeng. He is portrayed by Huang Deng Hui (黃鐙輝).

  • Cai Ming Deng (蔡明灯): The gambler husband of BaoDing, he has always depended on her and step-daughter PeiZhen and receiving financial aid. He is portrayed by Zhang You Ming (张佑鸣).
  • Luo Bao Ding (罗宝钗): The wife of MingDeng and as revenge against her old lover ZaiTian, she was responsible for changing the destines of HanWen and QingHong. While residing overseas, she informed KaiYuan about PeiZhen's death. She is portrayed by Chen Yi (陈谊).

  • Yang Shan Hu (楊山虎): The husband of SuQin, he remained close friends with JiangFamily and resented the antagonistic acts with ZhiYuan. In the middle arc, he seeks treatments overseas after accidental defenestration. He is portrayed by Wang Hao (王豪).

  • Chen Qing Feng (陳清風)/Hong Sheng (洪聲): The close friend of JiangFamily, he left his daughter YuXiu in their care after his business partner ZaiTian backstabbed him decades ago. He was killed by the latter in an attempt to expose his past crimes. He is portrayed by Peng Cha Cha (澎恰恰).

  • Chen Shi Heng (陳世恆): The founder of a cosmetology clinic, he later expelled ZhiYuan from the same sector due to his affairs with AiWei. He is portrayed by Li Zhao Guo (李國超).
  • He De Qi (何德琪): The wife of ShiHeng, she later reappeared as LiSheng's landlord. She is portrayed by Liu Hsiao-yi (劉曉憶).
  • Man Di (Mandy) (曼蒂): A nurse of the cosmetology firm. She is portrayed by Lara Chen (陳子玄).

  • Fang Xue Qing (方雪卿)/King: The establisher of DaTong-Group (大通集团), she was romantically involved with HaiLong and ZhiZun in her youth. As redemption from her past narcissism, she repaired her lost kinship with ShiShi and eagerly supported KaiYuan's relationship with KeXin after PeiZhen's death. She is portrayed by Li Fang Wen (李芳雯).

  • Hao Jian (Jim) (郝踐): The business partner of KaiLing, he has taken residence overseas. He is portrayed by Chen Ting (陈霆).
  • Ma Li Ya (馬立亞): The autistic younger brother of LiShen, he was especially talented in music and drum performance. After the latter's death, he headed for medical treatments overseas. He is portrayed by Ma Li Ya (瑪利亞).
  • Xiao Wei (小偉): The underling of ChangChun(Group). He is portrayed by Fang Qi Wen (方聖文).
  • Xiao Yu (小羽): The initial lover of ZhengYu, she separated from him after the latter falls in love with YuXiu. She is portrayed by Han Wei En (韓雨恩).
  • Zheng Shu Yun (郑淑芸): The mother of KeXin and the initial lover of JiaMing, she passed away due to illness. She is portrayed by Sun Yi Qing (蘇意菁).
  • Zhang Xiang Hao (秦尚豪): The underling of HuaFamily, he is portrayed by James Zhang (張維錫).
  • Hong Ying Zi (洪英子): The best friend of AnQi and rejected the affection from MuMing, treating FangZi as an enemy. She is portrayed by Vivian Lin (林子瑄).
  • Lin Qian Hui (林千慧): The mother of MuMeng, she separated from MuGang due to her affairs with ZhiZun. After giving the former and AnNa her blessings, she took residence overseas. She is portrayed by Lin Qian Yu (林千鈺).
  • Zhao Xin Mei (趙心梅): The initial lover of MuMing and in the past, she entrusted her son XiaoZhe at the hands of FangYi. She is portrayed by San Ni (桑妮).
  • Chen Ah Ruan (陳阿暖): The maternal grandmother of SiWei, and after forgiving MuGang, she supported the former's relationship with AnQi. She is portrayed by Liu Mei Ling (劉美玲).
  • Chen Jin Hu (陳金虎): The underling of MuMing and after his humiliation of FangYi resulted in AnQi's birth, he renamed himself as Chen Zhong Xian (陳宗憲) and became a successful magistrate decades later. He was romantically involved with XiaoShan and fathered their child, he was accidentally killed by MuMing. He is portrayed by Sean Su (蘇炳憲).
  • Yu Xiao Shan (于小珊): The grand-manager of Fei Da Group (飛達集團), she engaged romantically with ZhongXian and mothered their child. To repay AiWei for saving her life, she approached ZhiYuan to apprehend him for his crimes. She is portrayed by Huang Yu Xin (黃雨欣).
  • Fang Fang (芳芳) and Man Li (曼麗): FangFang was an undercover of XueQing and after her benefactor ZhiZun killed her mother, she became the best bestie of ManLi, the owner of a nightclub. Both worked together and orchestrated the fall of ZhiZun and took residence overseas. FangFang is portrayed by Shi Dai Xi (史黛西), while ManLi is portrayed by Conie Duan (段星卉).
  • Ye Xiu Xia (葉秀霞): The mother of AiLi, she becomes disappointed with her antagonism despite discarding her own addiction of drugs. She is portrayed by He Man Ning (何曼寧).
  • Tiffany Wong and Lin Wen An (林文安): The lawyer and director of WeiEn-Group respectively. The latter intended to overthrow BaTian from his company after cooperating with AiLi and ZhiYuan. Tiffany and WenAn are portrayed by Ceng Qing (曾晴) and Shi Bing Xian (聂秉贤).

  • Xiao Ba Tian (蕭霸天): The establisher of WeiEn-Group (韋恩集團), he was an gynecologist during his youth. He returned from overseas to seek cooperation with HanWen and his old friend YiLiang. After AiLi's plans of taking over his company and claiming his life failed, he reunited with XiaoFan. He is portrayed by Lung Shao-Hua (龍劭華).


  • Fang Da Fa (方大发): The elder brother of XueQing, he died as a result of ZaiTian decades ago. (XueQing was originally meant to be KaiYuan's father)
  • Hua Da Cai (花大财): MianMei's deceased husband, he shared an identical appearance with ZhengDao.
  • JinTen ZhenYan (近藤真彥): FangZi's deceased father and a debtor of YiLiang, he was also affiliated with ZhiZun.
  • Zhang Yu Lian (張玉蓮): Deceased mother of SiWei, and daughter of AhRuan and MuGang's initial lover.