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The list of characters for Taste of Life.


  • Zhao Xin Da (趙信達): The initial main protagonist of the drama and the eldest son of ZhaoFamily. After resigning as a firefighter, he was entrusted to lead General Commerce Association (商業總會) from FeiHong but apparently went missing in a conflict with WenChang. He embarked on a world voyage, to honor his unfulfilled wishes with YiXuan, who died after he rejected XiaoJing's feelings and confirmed the promise to start an ordinary family with ChenXi. He is portrayed by Wang Shi Xian (王識賢)

  • Chen Yi Xuan (陳怡萱): The initial female protagonist of the drama. She has a keen passion for culinary, having earned recognition from various experts of the same aspect. After her marriage to XinDa, she became a victim of XiaoJing and passed away during her coma. She is portrayed by Athena Lee Yen (李燕).

  • Yang Zi Xin (楊子欣): The affluent daughter of ShuiDe, she was romantically involved with YingKai but separated with him due to the latter's affairs with QianQian. Despite rejecting the affection from JiaMing, she received his support to protect her father's company and recuperating from her lost vision. After knowing XiaoJing masterminded the takeover of QingXi's assets, she died during their conflict. She is portrayed by Angel Han (韓瑜).

  • An Chen Xi (安晨希): The initial lover of JiaLiang, she was introduced as a renowned policewoman. After giving him and JiangHao her blessings, she agreed to become XinDa's wife and respected his decision to honor the deceased YiXuan. She accepted her kinship with QingXi after WeiWei was exposed for impersonating her real identity and took residence overseas. She is portrayed by Cocco Wu (吳婉君).

  • Li Jia Liang (李嘉亮): The eldest adoptive grandson of LiFamily, he was romantically involved with HuiXuan and ChenXi in the past. After the latter move forward with life, he secured his marriage with JiangHao and due to his declining health, he seeks medical treatment overseas and returned to protect GuangHui(Group) from outsiders. He was revealed as ZhuGe's estranged son and personally ended the conflict between him and FengHuangHui. He is portrayed by Norman Chen (陳冠霖).

  • Jiang Jiang Hao (江姜好): The adoptive daughter of QianHua, she remained amnesiac over her past relationship with JianZhi and worked as a prosecutor to hunt down ZhuGe's identity. After proving to XinDa that she only shared an identical appearance as YiXuan, she received blessings from ChenXi and secured her marriage with JiaLiang, she waited for him in his absence. She took residence overseas after giving WeiCheng a chance to renew their ties and had an unborn child with JiaLiang. She is reprised by Athena Lee Yen (李燕).

  • Gao Ke Wei (Kay) (高克威): The eldest grandson of GaoFamily, he was once an affiliate of ZhuGe. He accepted QiaoLing as his lifetime partner, while inadvertently turning HaiYin, LeLe and AnQi into major antagonists after rejecting their feelings. He was entrusted with HuaKe(Group) and in the finale, he took responsibility to apprehend ZhuGe's remaining underlings and fathered Gao Cheng En (高承恩) with QiaoLing. He is portrayed by Angus Hiseh (謝承均).
    • Aniki (阿尼基): The second personality of KeWei, as recuperation from the sudden disappearance of his initial lover AiSha. His existence faded away after KeWei harbored affection towards QiaoLing, who motivated him to overcome his past.

  • Yan Qiao Ling (颜巧苓): The initial lover of ShouZhen, whose romantic involvement with MeiQi cemented their separation. While moving forward with her life, she turned affectionate for KeWei and healed him from his past relationship with AiSha. After restoring the lost kinship with XingFu and YuYao, her marriage with KeWei often caused her life to be endangered by HaiYin, LeLe and AnQi. She later resumed normal lives and raised ChengEn alongside KeWei. She is portrayed by Grace Lin (林玟誼)
    • Yoko (阳子): An alias she adopted after surviving from her apparent death, she became an important friend of KuiShan. After an accident, she recovered her memories and reconciled with KeWei under the former's blessings.

Viewpoint Characters

  • Zhou Xiao Ming (周曉明): The eldest son of ZhouFamily and as a firefighter, he often partnered with XinDa. Despite CaiYun and XiaoJing's rejectful attitude, he was determined to give CaiYan happiness but died in an accident involving KeQiang and was survived by his son, Zhou Long Long (周龍龍). He is portrayed by Danny Liang (亮哲).

  • Zhao Ying Kai (趙英凯): The second eldest son of ZhaoFamily and the initial lover of ZiXin and in an attempt to gain DaTong's assets, he engaged romantically with QianQian. Due to her affairs with WenChang, he left the former and as redemption from his past wrongdoings, he accompanied his parents on a world voyage. He is portrayed by Eric Huang (黄少祺).

  • Du Wei Wei (杜薇薇): The eldest granddaughter of LiFamily, she was responsible for ending YongJun's relationship with LiJuan. As an attempt to steal QingXi's assets, she impersonated ChenXi's identity and almost costed the life of FangPing on multiple occasions. While residing overseas, she became romantically involved with an unnamed local and left YongJun and RuLin in exchange for luxuries. She is portrayed by Peilin Tsai (蔡裴琳).

  • Jiang Qian Qian (江茜茜): The only granddaughter of JiangFamily. After knowing her ties with DaTong, she ended ZiXin's relationship with YingKai but her affairs with WenChang lead to their separation. During her return from overseas, she supported the close terms between her father and YiMei and turned against XiuYing and died as a result of ZhuGe and his underlings. She is portrayed by Carolyn Chen (陳珮騏).

  • Li Jia Ming (李嘉明): The second adoptive grandson and renowned doctor of LiFamily. He showed affection for ZiXin, and ended his relationship with XiaoJing due to her affairs with HuoLu. Due to XueJiao's involvement in his parents death, he attempted to take over GuangHui-Group and became affiliated with ZhuGe and LaBa. He redeemed from his wrongdoings with persuasion from ChenJu and reunited with YuanYuan and their daughter Gao Xin Yi (高欣怡). He is portrayed by James Chen (陳宇風).

  • Lin Qiu Ping (林秋萍): The elder twin of MeiQi, she became close friends of XiDuo after her relationship with WenChang was rejected by FeiHong. In an attempt to end their conflict, she passed away and entrusted ZhuangZhuang to MeiQi. She is portrayed by Joyce Yu (游詩璟).
  • Weng Mei Qi (翁美姬): The younger twin of QiuPing, she accepted the assets of FeiHong as revenge to avenge the former's death. During her days of romantic involvement with ShouZhen, she allowed him to infiltrate DaTong(Group) and almost costed the life of QiaoLing. After redeeming from her wrongdoings, she accepted DaTong as her lifetime partner. She is portrayed by Joyce Yu (游詩璟).

  • Luo Cai Yan (羅彩燕): The adoptive daughter of LuoFamily and the mother of YuHe, she separated from HuoLu due to his affairs with XiaoJing. She accepted the affection from XiaoMing and mothered LongLong after his death. She maintained a close kinship with ChangEr and QiaoLing, while expressing disappointment over ShouZhen's antagonism. She is portrayed by Xu Chun Chun (許鈞鈞).

  • Luo Shou Zhen (羅守正): The only son of LuoFamily, he separated from QiaoLing after having affairs with MeiQi. After leaving the latter, he decided to reprise his role as a renowned doctor. He took advantage of YuanYuan's background as an attempt to takeover HuaKe(Group) and supported LeLe's antagonism out of affection and was arrested for his alliance with ZhuGe and LaBa before sacrificing his life to protect LeLe from the hands of AnQi. He is portrayed by Chunya Chao (趙駿亞).

  • Wu Hua (吴花): The second lover of GaoJin, her affairs with HuoLu and intentions to takeover HuaKe(Group) lead to their separation. After accepting her relationship with DaJin, she targeted DaTong and MeiQi and tried taking over DaTong(Group) and was charged for her crimes. While attempting to expose JiaMing's alliance with LaBa, she was "saved" by ZhuGe from her apparent death and finally reunited with DaJin. She is portrayed by Li Xin (李新).

  • Jia Yong Jun (贾勇俊): The eldest son of HuangDi, he separated from LiJuan after having affairs with WeiWei. After failing to steal ZhaoFamily's business, he was romantically involved with MiXiang as an attempt to scam her assets. He returned from overseas after WeiWei left him and RuLin, he started another family with ChaoDai and ZhuMei. He followed his father's guidance while working in YuanXin(Group). He is portrayed by Star Lin (林佑星).

  • Dai Mei Xian (戴梅嫻): The eldest daughter of HuangDi, she was romantically involved with WenChang (in the past) as well as ZhiQun. Despite targeting DianXi, she separated from the former for hurting her family and redeemed from her wrongdoings. She accepted the feelings from MaiKe but resigned as a prosecutor due to QiuFamily's connection to ZhuGe. She is portrayed by Clair Chu (邱琦雯).

  • Dai Qing Sheng (戴勤生): The adoptive son of DaiFamily, he forged a close friendship with JiaBao. He discarded his affection for DianJie and had affairs with ZhenNi. As an attempt to takeover YuanXin(Group), he cooperated with the latter and ZhuGe until HuangDi almost died to awake his retained conscience. He is portrayed by Edy Hisao (蕭景鴻).

  • Lai Dian Jie (賴恬婕): The eldest daughter of LaiFamily, she separated from her initial lover QingSheng due to his affairs with ZhenNi. In the last arc, she took residence overseas after rejecting the feelings from DaLin and mothered QingSheng's unborn child. As she shared an identical appearance as YuShan, she is reprised by Elissa Liao (廖璟宣).

  • Shi Da Lin (史達林): The youngest son of HuangDi, he forged a close bond with CaiYun in his childhood. After accepting his parentage, he held an important position in his father's company and resigned from JinXin(Group). He was romantically involved with KaiXin and kept his friendship with DianJie. He is portrayed by Nic Chiang (江宏恩).

  • Wang Le Le (王樂樂): The second daughter of QiuFamily, she was a childhood bestie of HuiXuan. After her initial lover KeWei reconciled with QiaoLing, she forced them into near-death experiences on multiple occasions out of sadism and accepted the affection from ShouZhen. She became an underling of ZhuGe to avenge the former's death, but KuiShan's sacrifice restored her conscience. In her dying breath after protecting KeWei from the hands of XiaoJing, she entrusted ChengEn to GaoFamily. She is portrayed by Margeret Wang (王宇婕).



  • Huang Wen Chang (黃文昌): The estranged son of FeiHong, he was responsible for YuShan's death and cooperated with YuanBao as payback against his father for rejecting his relationship with QiuPing and was romantically involved with MeiXian in the past. He was also interested in ZhaoFamily's assets and DaTong (Group), but with the failure of regaining his reputation through DaiFamily, he approached MeiQi as a final attempt to reclaim back FeiHong's assets but his fate remained unknown in a conflict with DaTong. He is portrayed by Leo Ding (丁力祺).

  • Yang Shu Ying (楊秀英): The youngest sister of ChunHua and ShuiDe, she neglected her kinship with them while supporting her initial lover DaTong to establish his own company. After an accident, she ventured overseas for medical treatments and in her return, she attempted to reconcile with DaTong after YiMei becomes close with him, but died in a conflict with QianQian. She is portrayed by Ding Guo Lin (丁國琳).


  • Zhu Ge Yu (諸葛譽): The main antagonist of the drama, he orchestrated his revenge against FengHuangHui behind the scenes. Due to his declining health, he tasked his underlings to bring himself closer towards his goals as the core mastermind of K-Group (K集團). He sacrificed his own life to save his son JiaLiang from an explosion after forgoing his hatred. As he shares the same appearance with the latter, ZhuGe is reprised by Norman Chen (陳冠霖).

  • Yin Die Hu (殷蝶舞): The matriarch of YiLiSha-Group (伊利沙集團). To take revenge against her old lover GaoYi, she took over HuaKe-Group through AnQi until the latter returned said company to KeWei. She was killed by an infuriated XiaoJing for accidentally causing the death of CaiYun. She is portrayed by Wang Shu Juan (王淑娟).

  • Tang An Qi (唐安琪): The affluent daughter of DieHu, she proved KeWei's innocence as a lawyer and amorally viewed herself under his neglect, after the latter only managed to rescue QiaoLing from an explosion. She cooperated with her mother and stirred up tensions within GaoFamily while impersonating GaoYi's daughter. She became archenemies with LeLe for killing ShouZhen, leading to her death as punishment from ZhuGe. She is portrayed by Zhang Jing Zi (張靜之).
  • Xiao Lu (小洛): The personal assistant of TangFamily, she captured QiaoLing as an attempt to take over HuaKe-Group. She is portrayed by Mo Tang Yu (莫棠予).

  • Zhang Zhi Qun (張志群): The paternal younger brother of HuoLu and due the latter's humiliations, he left the police department and betrayed his initial lover DianXi and manipulated MeiXian's affection for him as an attempt to steal the assets of DaiFamily. He later worked as an accomplice of HuoLu and ZhuGe, and was captured by FengHuangHui. He is portrayed by Li Rui Shen (李睿紳).

  • Lao Ba (老八): The expertise in manufacturing poisons and per ZhuGe's orders, he was closely affiliated with ShouZhen and JiaMing, but died at the hands of FuRong. His knowledge in curing his victims was vital to save the elders of FengHuangHui. He is portrayed by Lan Wei Hua (藍葦華).

  • Lin Wei Chang (林偉成): An underling of ZhuGe, he masterminded QianQian's death alongside HuoLu and withdraw his revenge on LiFamily after almost costing the life of JiangHao. He later approached an indebted WuHua before leaving with interference of HuangDi. He is portrayed by Long Tian Xiang (龍天翔).

  • Xu Lei (徐蕾): The daughter of BiXia and mother of ZhenNi as well as KuiShan's past lover. As an underling of ZhuGe, she was capable of brainwashing her victims to perform malicious acts. She is portrayed by Ge Lei (葛蕾).
  • Lin Hai Yin (林海茵): The affluent daughter of JinXin(Group) and under ZheGe's orders, she manipulated her childhood friendship with JiangHao as an attempt to revenge against LiFamily for her deceased father. After rejecting the feelings from KeQiang, she attempted to kill QiaoLing once her initial lover KeWei chooses the latter. She is portrayed by Jean Kao (高宇蓁).
  • Sun Zhen Ni (孫珍妮): The celebrity daughter of XuLei, she was responsible for ending the relationship between QingSheng and DianJie and attempted to infiltrate DaiFamily on the orders of ZhuGe. She is portrayed by Ye Hua (葉華).

  • Bai Fu Rong (白芙蓉): The manager of a nightclub, she exposed the wrongdoings of LaBa and JiaMing as an undercover. Once her initial lover DaJin decided to reunite with WuHua, she attempted to kill the latter before choosing to end her own life. She is portrayed by Connie Duan (段星卉).

As per finale episode, all characters listed below were arrested for supporting ZhuGe in his antagonism.

  • Zhou Xiao Jing (周曉菁): The main female antagonist of the drama, she was adopted by ZhouFamily as compensation for losing their eldest daughter. After XinDa rejected her feelings, she was responsible for YiXuan's death. With persuasion from CaiYan, she acknowledged her wrongdoings after her failed relationships with JiaMing and HuoLu, who later had affairs with WuHua. As her real name Gao Kai Jie (高凱潔), she recovered back her childhood memories during her return from overseas and lead ZhuGe's remaining underlings after his death and captured the elders of FengHuangHui as revenge for her deceased mother and KaiXin, but KeWei successfully foiled her plans. She is portrayed by Vicky Tseng (曾莞婷).

  • Xie Yuan Bao (謝元豹)/Ah Bao (阿豹): The accomplice of WenChang, playing the role of a supporter in his antagonism. Once parted from the latter, he worked as an undercover of LiFamily and pretended his redemption on the orders of ZhuGe. He is portrayed by Pan Yu An (潘逸安).

  • King/Shen Mi Ren (神秘人): An important underling of ZhuGe, he targeted HuaKe-Group as distaste against GaoYi for his inability to affirm the affection for his deceased daughter in the past and attempted to reclaim back her lost daughters. He is portrayed by Lung Shao-Hua (龍劭華).

  • Seven (老七)/Ji Li (吉利): An underling of ZhuGe, he "disguised" as a sausage seller to earn DaiFamily's trust. After his identity was exposed, he recruited XiaoJing into ZhuGe's vengeance campaign. He is portrayed by Zheng Zhi Wei (鄭志偉).

  • Zhu Huo Lu (朱火爐): The eldest son of ChangEr and father of YuHe, he ended his marriage with CaiYan due to his affairs with XiaoJing and WuHua as an attempt to gain their assets. He used his important position in politics to support ZhuGe's malicious intentions. He was romantically involved with FuRong and aimed to take down DaTong-Group, having severed his friendship with said company's founder. He is portrayed by Ling Shan Wu (吳鈴山).
  • Ai Li (艾莉): The close affiliate of HaiYin and ZhuGe, she worked as an undercover in the police department before supporting her employer FuRong in her antagonism. She is portrayed by Qian Duo An (錢多安).

Zhao Family[1]

  • Zhao Ju Chye (趙居財): The patriarch of ZhaoFamily, he helmed the successes of his family's soya sauce business. He is portrayed by Lao Lu (廖峻).
  • Li Jin Xu (李錦繡): The wife of JuChye, she was an old lover of JinPang. She is portrayed by Fang Wen Lin (方文琳).

  • Zhao Li Juan (趙麗娟): The middle and only daughter of ZhaoFamily, she separated from YongJun after knowing his affairs with WeiWei. She forged a close kinship with FeiHong and FengQing, she reconciled with her initial lover BoXiang, who was blessed by MiXiang. She is portrayed by Sunny Li (李亮瑾).

  • Zhao Xi Duo (赵喜多): The fourth eldest son of ZhaoFamily, he took care of ZhuangZhuang and QiuPing in place of WenChang. He decided to keep his friendship with JiaBao, and turned affectionate towards YaLing. He is portrayed by Huang Wen Xin (黄文星).

  • Zhao He Yun (赵合運): The youngest son of ZhaoFamily, he was entrusted with the family's business from his father and XinDa. He is portrayed by Zach Lu (盧彥澤).
  • Liao Mi Qi (廖米奇): The youngest daughter of LiaoFamily, she often cooperated with her husband HeYun to foil the various antagonists' malicious intentions. She is portrayed by Lara Chen (陈子炫).

Huang Family

  • Huang Fei Hong (黃飛鴻)/Huang-San (黃桑): The retired legislative, he entrusted XinDa with the future of General Commerce Association (商業總會). After winning back his assets from WenChang, he gave them to MeiQi after being responsible for QiuPing's death. He took residence overseas with his grandchildren. He is portrayed by Wang Hao (王豪).

  • Huang Yu Shan (黃玉珊): The youngest and only daughter of FeiHong, as an incorporeal form, she possessed LiJuan and FengQing and exposed the antagonism alliance between WenChang and YuanBao before passing away peacefully. She is portrayed by Elissa Liao (廖璟宣).

  • Zhuang Zhuang (壯壯): The youthful son of WenChang and QiuPing. He is portrayed by Zhong Cheng Yu (鐘宸翃)
  • You You (佑佑): The surviving son of YuShan and her unnamed husband. He is portrayed by Guang Yu You (闕銘佑).



  • Jiang Lin Bao Xi (江林寶惜): The senior head of FengHuangHui and the mother of DaJin and DaTong. She mainly took residence overseas, and known for her friendship with ChangEr. She is portrayed by Mei Fang (梅芳).

  • Jiang Da Tong (江大通): The eldest son of BaoXi, he took advantage of ShuYing's affluent background to establish DaTong-Group (大通集團) and was FengHuangHui's ace sniper in his youth. Due to his ties with QianQian, he was responsible for ending YingKai and ZiXin's relationship. He became archenemies with his old friend HuoLu and resolved his feuds with GaoJin. Initially becoming close with YiMei, he accepted MeiQi as his lifetime partner.

  • Jiang Da Jin (江大金): The youngest son of BaoXi, he supported the antagonism of his initial lover WuHua. In her apparent absence, he harbored resentment towards DaTong and MeiQi and was romantically involved with FuRong, he reunited with WuHua after the former had affairs with HuoLu. As he and DaTong are twins, both of them are portrayed by Franco Chiang (江國賓).

  • Wang Xing Fu (王兴富): The most trusted right-hand man of DaTong, he was initially an undercover of GaoJin as revenge against the former. In his youth, he was romantically involved with YuYao and fathered QiaoLing, who later accepted their kinship. He is portrayed by He Guan Ying (何冠穎).

  • Hong Xian Di (洪仙蒂): The younger cousin of LongGe and was previously fired from DaTong(Group) as a financial manager from said company. She is portrayed by Han Yu En (韓雨恩).
  • Judy: The best bestie of MeiQi, she often assisted her to foil WuHua and FuRong's intentions to infiltrate DaTong(Group) through their relationship with DaJin. She is portrayed by Chen Jiao Er (陳喬兒).

  • Lin Ai Wei (林艾薇)/Ivy: The youngest sister of MeiQi and QiuPing, she approached WenChang per DaTong's orders when the former occupied his company before taking residence overseas. She is portrayed by Xia Yu Xin (夏語心).


  • Li Chen Ju (李陳菊): The eldest head and establisher of FengHuangHui and GuangHui-Group (光輝集團), she was an old friend of ZhaoFamily and mainly took residence overseas. She gathered back her past comrades and their descendants to put an end against ZhuGe and his underlings. She is portrayed by Lu Xue Feng (呂雪鳳).

  • Li Yi Long (李一龍): The only son of ChenJu, he was romantically involved with HuiLan and XueJiao in his youth. He was responsible for ending JiaLiang's relationship with ChenXi. He becomes the successor of GuangHui-Group and was elected as the head of General Commerce Association. He is portrayed by Vins Zheng (伊正).

  • Fang Hui Lan (方蕙蘭): The initial lover of YiLong, she accepted XueJiao as his second wife in their marriage. She mainly resided overseas and took care of her parents-in-law. She is portrayed by Lee Chih-Ching (李之勤).
  • Cai Xue Jiao (蔡雪嬌): The younger sister of QingXi, she was responsible for helming the successful state of GuangHui(Group). She mothered JiaBao and WeiWei with YiLong, and regretted her narcissism after indirectly drove JiaMing's antagonism. She is portrayed by Liu Hsiao-yi (劉曉憶).

  • Gao Yuan Yuan (高媛媛): The youngest granddaughter of GaoFamily, her affluent background was taken advantage by ShouZhen for the sake of LeLe. She reconciled with JiaMing and XinYi after forgiving the former for hurting her family. She is portrayed by Ruby Lin (林筳諭).

Gao Family

  • Gao Hua Guo (高華國): The senior member of FengHuangHui and the establisher of HuaKe-Group (華克集團). Due to his declining health, he mainly took residence overseas. He is portrayed by Lin Zhao Xiong (林照雄).

  • Hei Mai Ga (歐買尬): The eldest son of HuaGuo, his real name is Gao Jing (高進). As an attempt to avenge his deceased wife and fallen company, he cooperated with XingFu but decided to forgive DaTong. He separated from his second lover WuHua due to her affairs with HuoLu and intentions to steal HuaKe(Group). During his return from overseas, he became comatose after knowing AnQi and LeLe's alliance. He is portrayed by Zhou Ming Ceng (周明增).

  • Gao Yi (高毅): The youngest son of HuaGuo and a university lecturer. In his youth, he was romantically involved with ShuJun and DieHu before his marriage with YuYao. He favored outsiders as an attempt to secure HuaKe(Group) and finally appreciated YuYao's sacrifice was to protect GaoFamily. He is portrayed by Su Bing Zhong (蘇炳憲).

  • Lu Yu Yao (陆玉瑶): The leading contributor of HuaKe(Group)'s success, she was an old lover of XingFu before falling in love with GaoYi. She initially showed narcissism towards KeWei, but seeks to restore the kinship with QiaoLing after knowing their relationship. As redemption from her sins, she sacrificed her life to protect them from XiaoJing and LeLe’s sadism. She is portrayed by Su Yi Qing (蘇意菁).

  • Kimochi and Fang Kai Xin (方凱莘): The younger twin of XiaoJing, she accepted the feelings from DaLin. She was fatally wounded by YuYao, but subsequently woke up from her coma. While assuming her emotionless personality, she became an assaulter of ZhuGe and JiLi. She is portrayed by Shara Lin (林逸欣).

  • Gao Ke Qiang (高克強): The only son of GaoJin, he showed concern for CaiYan after his involvement in XiaoMing's death and showed affection of HaiYin. After accepting the feelings from AnYa, he was the sole causality in the explosion caused by MaiKe. He is portrayed by Ryan Tang (唐治平).
  • Lu An Ya (呂安雅): The daughter of QingBing and as a doctor, she became besties with DianXi. She became the wife of KeQiang and after knowing the latter's death, she took residence overseas. She is portrayed by Lo Chiao Lun (羅巧倫).

  • Guang Tou (光頭): The most trusted underling of GaoFamily and forged a bestie relationship with QiaoLing. He temporary betrayed their trust, when ZhuGe held his younger sister hostage. He is portrayed by An Po Zhi (安珀致).

Dai Family

  • Dai Huang Di (戴煌地): The senior member of FengHuangHui and the establisher of YuanXin-Group (圓鑫集團). He was romantically involved with FengQing and CaiYun in his youth, and managed to reconcile with his sons. He is portrayed by Lin Yi Fang (林義芳).

  • He Chao Dai (何超黛): The mother of ZhuMei, she becomes the wife of YongJun and treated RuLin as her own son. She is portrayed by Ho Yi-Pei (何依霈).

  • Jia Ru Lin (賈儒林): The youthful son of WeiWei and YongJun. He is portrayed by Bu Yu Hui (邵宇匯).
  • Xiao Zhu Mei (小豬妹): The youthful daughter of ChaoDi. She is portrayed by He Jie Rou (何潔柔).

  • Long Ge (龍哥) and Pang Feng (膨風): The most trusted underlings of DaiFamily. Both of them became victims of ZhuGe, who fatally wounded LongGe and killed PangFeng in an assault. LongGe is portrayed by Zhang Huan Lin (张焕麟) while PangFeng is portrayed by Zhang Jian Zhong Yi (張簡忠义).

You Family

  • You Qian Hua (尤錢花): The younger cousin of ChangEr. She is portrayed by Lin Pei Jun (林珮君).
  • Jiang Xiang Ren (江尚任): The youngest son of QianHua. Due to his employment in DaTong(Group), his relationship with JiaBao gained approved from LiFamily. He is portrayed by James Zhang (張維錫).
  • Li Jia Bao (李嘉寶): The youngest daughter of LiFamily. After giving XiDuo and YaLin her blessings, her marriage with XiangRen was accepted and became close friends with QingSheng. She was often seen as an emcee for important events. She is portrayed by Ruby Cang (臧芮軒).

Cai Family

  • Cai Qing Xi (蔡清溪): The elder brother of XueJiao, and a retired political figure. After WeiWei's plans of stealing his assets failed, he reunited with his estranged daughter ChenXi and decided to face the law for his past crimes. He is portrayed by Li Tao (李滔).

  • Wu Xin Yi (吳信義): The husband of FangPing, he served as a squad leader in the police department. He almost loss his job after being accused for smuggling illegal medicines. He is portrayed by Gao Lian Jie (高盟傑).

  • Cai Fang Ping (蔡芳蘋): The eldest daughter of QingXi. Due to her declining health, she resigned from politics and almost lost her life at the hands of WeiWei. After reunited with ChenXi, she took residence overseas and only returned to prove XinYi's innocence to the law. She is portrayed by Vivi Chen (陳小菁).

  • An Cheng Hong (安晨宏): The maternal younger brother of ChenXi, he furthered his interest in confectionary and becoming close friends with YuHe. He is portrayed by Yu Hao Xiang (俞昊翔).

Zhu Family

  • Zhu Wang Chang Er (朱王嫦娥): The matriarch of ZhuFamily, she treated CaiYan as her own daughter and was unable to accept the antagonism of HuoLu. She is the elder cousin of QianHua and an old friend of BaoXi. She is portrayed by Zhang Qing (張琴).
  • Zhu Yu He (朱雨荷): The only granddaughter of ChangEr, she became a reporter after graduation and the close friend of ChengHong. During her parents' separation, she supported CaiYan against HuoLu's affairs with XiaoJing before cooperating with her to deal with WuHua. She is portrayed by Mong Ning (許孟甯).
  • Zhu Huo San (朱火杉): The youngest son of ChangEr, he was an assaulter of his maternal elder brother HuoLu. He was accidentally killed at the hands of QingXi. He is portrayed by Wang Yue Feng (王岳豐).

Qiu Family

  • Qiu Kui San (邱奎山)/Ku-San (Ku桑): The important figure of JinXin(Group), he was an old lover of XuLei. As redemption from his past, he kept his friendship with QiaoLing and befriended KeWei and repaired his strained relationship with ShuQing. He opposed his old friend ZhuGe and sacrificed his life to protect LeLe and ChengEn and was the only person beside ChenJu who knew of JiaLiang's parentage. He is portrayed by William Hsieh (謝祖武).

  • Liu Shu Qing (劉淑青): The elder cousin of HuoLu, she showed a hostile attitude towards HuDi and LeLe. After awakening from her coma and with motivation from QiaoLing and KeWei, she retained her marriage with KuiShan and took residence overseas. While rejecting MaiKe's relationship with MeiXian, she decided to protect her son against ZhuGe's antagonism. She is portrayed by Guo Yi Qing (郭昱晴).

  • Qiu Mai Ke (邱麥克): The eldest son of QiuFamily, he orchestrated the explosion involving GaoFamily as an attempt to gain recognition from KuiShan and succeeding him in JinXin-Group. Following the conflict with HuDi, he recuperated overseas and was romantically involved with MeiXian while straining his relationship with ShuQing. He is portrayed by Richard Shen (沈世朋).

  • Hu Du (胡迪): The youngest son of QiuFamily, he was targeted by MaiKe after deeming him a threat to his position in JinXin(Group). He was also the best friend of DaLin and ShouZhen, he later took residence overseas. He is portrayed by Ehlo Huang (黃玉榮).

Other Characters

This list does not have all the Other Characters of the drama (various notable underlings as well) and is also a leftover section to include characters not categorized into any specified sections above, for the complete list, please see here and for the cameo/guest characters, see here.

  • Zhou Jin Pang (周金榜): The patriarch of ZhouFamily, he was an old lover of JingShu. While staying overseas, his business was faced with multiple lawsuits and financial crisis. He is portrayed by Henry Yang (楊慶煌).
  • Guo Cai Yun (郭彩雲)/Yuki: The wife of JinPang and in her youth, she was responsible for changing QingSheng and DaLin's destiny after HuangDi neglected her affection. She sacrificed her life to protect KeWei from DieHu but failed to return back XiaoJing's conscience. She is portrayed by Josie Liang (梁家榕).
  • Yang Shui De (楊水德): The elder brother of ChunHua and XiuYing. After the death of ZiXin, he took residence overseas. He is portrayed by Yang Lie (楊烈).
  • Liu Ya Ling (劉雅琳): The niece of WeiChang and younger cousin of JiangHao, she was known for her friendship with ZhiQun, QiuPing and XiDuo and took residence overseas. She is portrayed by Serena Wang (王晴).
  • Yang Chun Hua (楊春花): The younger sister of ShuiDe and the elder sister of XiuYing. Her actress is Chen Yu Mei (陳瓊美).
  • Li Feng Qing (李鳳琴): The past lover of HuangDi, she mothered YongJun with him and forged a close kinship with LiJuan and YuShan. She is portrayed by Yue Hong (岳虹).
  • Lu Yu Zhen (陆玉珍): The older sister of YuMei and YuYao, she became married to LaiFamily and was responsible for leaving a youthful QiaoLing in the orphanage. She is portrayed by Zhang Qing (張倩).
  • Lu Yu Mei (陸玉梅): The youngest sister of YuYao and YuZhen, she mainly resided overseas. Under ZhuGe's orders, she had liaised with XiaoJing. She is portrayed by Lotus Wang (王彩樺).
  • Liao Yan Dou (廖煙斗) and Hou Mei Li (侯美丽): The parents of MiXiang, MiGuo and MiQi. YanDou is portrayed by Yang Shao Wen (楊少文) and his wife is portrayed by Ma Wei Xin (馬維欣).
  • Liao Mi Xiang (廖米香): The eldest daughter of LiaoFamily and became a victim of YongJun's scam and had affairs with him. She separated with BoXiang and blessed his reconciliation with LiJuan and took residence overseas. She is portrayed by Michelle Lin (林可唯).
  • Liao Mi Guo (廖米果): The middle daughter of LiaoFamily. She is portrayed by Jiang Chen Xi (江晨希).
  • Fu Chun Ji (傅川吉): The father of BoXiang and QiuMei. He is portrayed by Wu Fan (吳帆).
  • Fu Qiu Mei (傅秋美): The eldest daughter of FuFamily, she had affairs with ZhaoYun and mothered their daughter KeLe. She is portrayed by Peng Xiao Tong (彭曉彤).
  • Fu Bo Xiang (傅柏翔): The youngest son of FuFamily, he was the establisher of his delivery company. After separating with MiXiang due to her affairs with YongJun, he reconciled with his initial lover LiJuan. He is portrayed by Marco Zheng (鄭奕).
  • Jin Zhao Yun (金兆雲): The superior of HuoLu in politics, he fathered Jin Ke Le (金可樂) from his affairs with QiuMei. As a lawyer, he was employed by DaTong to prove QianQian's innocence over the death of ShuYing. He is portrayed by Zhou Cheng Da (周辰達).
  • Ye Ai Sha (葉愛紗): The initial lover of KeWei, she left him due to her own illness. She competed with QianLing as an attempt to earn back KeWei's love but took residence overseas afterwards. She is portrayed by Ceng An Qi (曾安琪).
  • Qiu Jian Zi (邱建治): The initial lover of JiangHao, he worked as a cancer specialist in GuangHui(Group) and ensured the recuperation of JiaLiang and QiaoLing before taking residence overseas. He is portrayed by Pan Bo Xi (潘柏希).
  • Lu Qing Bing (呂慶斌): The father of AnYa, he targeted GaoFamily to avenge his deceased family and was romantically involved with ShuJun. He left the police force and surrendered to the law, having entrusted AnYa to KeQiang. He is portrayed by Yu Yao-Kuang (游耀光).
  • Xiao Shu Jun (蕭淑君): The step-mother of AnYa and in her youth, she entrusted her son KeWei at the hands of her old lover GaoYi and YuYao and was unaware that CaiYan is her daughter. She was romantically involved with QingBing and sacrificed herself to protect QiaoLing against HuoLu's attempted murder. She is portrayed by Lin Qian Yu (林千鈺).
  • Xu Bi Xia (徐碧霞): The mother of XuLei, she took residence in the nursing home. She is portrayed by Wang Man Jiao (王滿嬌).
  • Chen Ye Gang (陳業剛): The father of YiMei and YiFei. He is portrayed by Wang Hui Wu (王惠五).
  • Chen Yi Mei (陳亦湄): The granddaughter of BiXia, she graduated as a musician and forged a close friendship with DaTong and QianQian while opposing XiuYing. As she shared an identical appearance with ChenXi, she is portrayed by Cocco Wu (吳婉君).
  • Chen Yi Fei (陈亦菲): The adoptive granddaughter of BiXia and youngest daughter of YeGang and YuHe's highschool mate. She is portrayed by Yang Pei Hao (杨佩洁).
  • Hao Hui Xuan (郝惠煖): The childhood friend of JiangHao and LeLe, she was an old lover ofJiaLiang and mothered their twins. She took residence overseas, she is portrayed by Chiang Tsu-ping (江祖平).
  • Hao Si Liang (郝思亮) and Hao Si Jia (郝思嘉): The twins of HuiXuan and JiaLiang, debuting as fresh graduates. After their interactions with LiFamily, the twins subsequently followed HuiXuan to live overseas. Fu Xian Hao (傅顯皓) and Li Pu Jie (黎沛婕) portrayed the twins.
  • Lai You Chun (賴有春): The father of DianJie and DianXi, he worked as a fish seller and resolved his feuds with HuangDi. He is portrayed by Cheng Xue Shu (程學書).
  • Lai Dian Xin (賴恬心): The youngest daughter of YouChun and the initial lover of ZhiQun, who had affairs with MeiXian. As a doctor, she was a bestie of AnYa and died in a conflict with ZhiQun. She is portrayed by Jiang Yong Qi (江泳錡).