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Lin Zhi Wen (林至文) is the youngest grandson of LinFamily. He was initially married to YunRu 3 years ago, until she betrayed him and engaged romantically with HongJie. In his youth, he forms a formidable bond with ZhiMing and ShanShan. While retaining his close friendship with JiaWen (CoCo), he was responsible for redeeming's YunRu antagonistic intentions. During ZhiMing's apparent absence, he becomes both the Grand-manager and chairman of WorldGroup.


Position in Family

Ever since his youth, ZhiWen remained extremely filial towards MingZhu and deeming himself as the only son capable of protecting his mother's interests and position in LinFamily, whose contributions were often neglected due to QingLong's marriage with HuiXin. Although he occasionally becomes overly-defensive of MingZhu, the irreplaceable bond he forged with ShanShan and ZhiWen does not affect his personal judgment. Thus, he gradually disapproved MingZhu's desire of making decisions for him and ShanShan regarding their own future and marriage. By the last arc, his relationship with MingZhu had tremendously strengthened after she discarded the attitude of narcissism parenting. Also, he has greatly looked upon ZhiMing and deemed him as the only and rightful successor of WorldGroup. However, during his tenure of the company's chairman, his capabilities to succeed in the business world are on equal terms with ZhiMing.

Like his paternal elder brothers, ZhiWen has a warm-hearted and benevolent demeanor as well as encouraging his close ones with his kindness. ZhiWen had believed that YunRu was still the kind-hearted person during the days of their past marriage, and had easily forgiven the betrayal and heartless treatments from YunRu. While rejecting the latter's intentions of reconciling, their relationship is seemingly equivalent to the friendship he shares with JiaWen. While not fated to become lovers, both of them had motivated each other to move forward from their burdened past.

Due to his family's compassionate upbringing, ZhiWen becomes resolved and optimistic towards regaining back WorldGroup from the hands of HongJie even after his trust has been tampered by YunRu in the past and ignored the mockery remarks of the former and TianYu, who attempted to turn him against ZhiMing for the election of General Director. As HongJie had targetted his family out of personal sadism, he was willing to sacrifice his own life to protect them.






  • As revealed in episode 175, ZhiWen had a phobia towards "arranged dates".

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