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Lin Qing Long (林清隆) is the eldest son of LinFamily. In his younger days, QingLong had engaged romantically with LiMei and BaoXiu and becomes the legal husband of MingZhu decades after HuiXin decided to exit their past marriage.


During his younger days, QingLong was an extremely filial son of AhMei and dedicated himself with expanding the reputation of LinFamily. The main source of disappointment from his mother was his irresponsible demeanor towards the handling of his external romantic affairs as his unfaithful attitude towards his marriage with HuiXin had deeply scarred her heart, furthermore after the latter was tolerant to accept MingZhu into the family after taking into account her contributions towards WorldGroup's current successful state. As a result, QingLong finds himself in a dilemma state when catering to his relationships with HuiXin and MingZhu. Even after reaching his senior age, QingLong has continued to merry attitude (风流) on the aspect of love. QingLong appears to be a reasonable patriarch in managing the equality of LinFamily. He is faithful towards the decision his children made regarding their own futures and also supportive of them, shown as the father-in-law of JiaYun and he was particularly close with ShanShan, though he prioritizes the reputation of LinFamily than his kinship with his estranged children; TianDing and JiaXiu[1].







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