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Lin Luo Shi (林洛詩)/Rose is the youngest daughter of LinFamily, she is commonly addressed as Small Aunt (小姑姑). During her residence overseas, LuoShi becomes the close bestie of BaLa and achieving her dreams of becoming a renowned gynecologist. As a result of her ex-husband's betrayal, she later accepted the affection feelings from QianJin.


LuoShi has aspired to become AhMei's proudest daughter, who wanted to show her father that his favoritism of QingLong can be surpassed, she was determined in living up to her mother's expectations in her youth and taking the chance to achieve her unrealized potential overseas. As a result, she becomes a brilliant doctor dedicated to saving her patient's life. This granted her an extremely sharp perception, LuoShi is capable of easily seeing through the villainy intentions of others and taking account of her expertise.

Aside from considering her family's worry, this showed that LuoShi is fortitude-willed in facing ZhuSheng's betrayal of their marriage. Initially, she wanted him to personally taste her sufferings by affecting his pathway to success and only allowed his romantic affairs with XinYu to only exist in the shadows. After the latter endangered her family, she almost falls into the desires of seeking revenge on XinYu but her scarred heart gradually healed once QianJing's affection has touched her. As BiLian's emphasis on family harmony reminded LuoShi of LinFamily's compassion morale, she decided to cultivate a form of mutualism with her. In her final appearance, she deemed her encounter with ZhuSheng her greatest regret and finally forgives XinYu, who redeemed before her death.


(In-Law) FangFamily

  • Fang Bi Lian: Mother
  • Unnamed father
  • Fang Xin Yu (younger sister, former archenemy)




  • Due to her personality, LuoShi is given the title Strongest Aunt (地表最强小姑姑).
    • This marks her actress return to SanLi-Tv, her previous character was Fang Kai Ling from Wives.


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