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Li Jian Hua (李建華)/Hua Zai Lao Da (華仔老大) was a gangster who led a life of luxuries until the fall of FangZi[1]. After suffering the humiliations from HongJie, he heartlessly abandoned JiaWen and in the failed attempt of claiming the assets of ChenFamily/ZiJiang-Group, he was arrested for his crimes.


In the past, JianHua had followed the footsteps of his step-father and becoming a gangster with the resolution of protecting his mother. He appeared as boisterous, showing his compassion heart within the eyes of his underlings and upheld the moral belief of remaining faithful towards "God". To prove his dominance in society, JianHua had resorted to barbaric means in settling issues and leads a carefree lifestyle in life which was the main source of frustration from his elder sister FangZi. This stemmed from his desire of proving his reputation in society and gaining respect among his peers coming from a similar background as him. The fulfillment in life and cherishing the importance of family bonds came after his meeting with JiaWen, but the aforementioned qualities were only achievable when life has gone smoothly for him. Setting aside his background, what truly differentiated him from YongCheng and ZhiMing was his inferiority demeanor and making JianHua comparable to his predecessors; TianYu and HongJie. His true personality was further exploited as the same with ZhengHao before the latter finally understood the meaning of redemption, who had disapproved JianHua as suitable for JiaWen and the fathering of Tie Ge (鐵哥). As ZhengHao was clearly remorseful and seeks amendment towards almost costed the former's life, JianHua was heartless with the willingness of sacrificing the life of his unborn child with JiaWen. During the infiltration of ChenFamily, JianHua had manipulated the naiveness and extremist personality of WeiXin as a powerful weapon in venting his emotions of hatred on JiaWen, having deemed her as the main source of all his sufferings and blamed her days as "CoCo" for the humiliations he had received from HongJie.


Family background

Sharing the same parents of his elder sister FangZi, his parents had divorced themselves when JianHua was still at a very young age. Once his biological mother had remarried, JianHua followed the surname belonging to his step-father. Based on his relationship with GuoHao, JianHua appeared to be "slightly" younger than his nephew.





  • He had a strong dislike towards eating carrots.
  • Due to certain circumstances, JianHua's character development as an antagonist was cut short, making his appearance in episode 326 as his last.


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