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Li Bao Na (李寶娜) is the maternal affluent daughter of CaiFamily. She discards her arrogant attitude after becoming besties with JiaWen and XiaoKe while already knowing YongQi and ShanShan in her childhood. After ending the relationship with DaWei, she turned affection towards JunNan.


BaoNa was first introduced as a cocky individual, selfishly concerned about her own well-being and looking down on others with her affluent background. Her personality undergoes a complete overhaul after valuing the idea of friendship, being influenced by JiaWen's optimistic attitude. With her socialization tremendously improved and treating her past experiences as a learning point, she becomes affectionate for her friends and enlightening their mood when they're feeling down. For instance, she responded with deep guilt after realizing she had indirectly caused the death of XiaoQian, she deemed herself selfish for prolonging her own life while sacrificing another before moving forward and eventually restoring her relationship with JunNan. As a result, BaoNa's strong sense of justice is developed from her prideful demeanor and maintaining her composure when devising outsmarting plans with protecting her close ones from danger. Compared to and unlike JiaWen, BaoNa naturally shows off her femininity and retaining a strong sense of fashion style. BaoNa greatly looked down on those with ill-temptations and seeking pleasure taunting their actions.


Zhan Family (In-law)




  • BaoNa had proclaimed herself as the Goddess of Justice (Queen) (正義女神), which later becomes nicknamed as Omniscient Goddness (全能女神). She also called herself the leader of Justice Coalition (正義聯盟).
  • BaoNa is an expertise in handling cheating cases involving marriages, alternatively given her the title Xiao San Ke Xing (小三剋星).

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