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Ke Mei Juan (柯美娟) is an important figure from HuiMin(Hospital) (惠民醫院) in Proud of You, where she renamed herself as Ke Shu Jun (柯淑君) and was the secondary antagonist of The Love Story in Banana Orchard.



Bioogically related

  • Father: Ke Chang Yuan
  • Mother: Ke Zhang Shu Fen
  • Younger Brother: Ke Zhong Yi
  • Eldest Son: Gao Tian Hao
  • Eldest daughter-in-law: Zhi Tian Ai
  • Youngest Daughter: Yan Xiao Qing

Yan Family (In-Law)

  • Mother: Yan Li Akkio
  • Step-son: Yan Sheng Yuan
  • Step daughter-in-law: Zhang Zi Ting

Gao Family (In-Law)

  • Father: Gao Jun Xiong
  • Mother: Gao Chen Yu Lan
  • Younger Brother: Gao Zhi Hong
  • Younger Sister-in-law: Jiang Xiu Lian
  • Youngest sister: Gao Zhi Hui
  • Niece: Gao Ren Mei, Zhang Ren Xin
  • Nephew-in-law: Zhao Shang Hao, Xiao Zheng Yan
  • Nephew: Gao Tian You, Luo Xiao An
  • Niece-in-law: Li Yu Fei

Former Enemies


Back in her youth and during the events of The Love Story in Banana Orchard, ShuJun was an important source of honor within her family and close friends, and earned their admiration as the only person who finished her further education overseas. In Proud of You, ShuJun has dedicated most of her time towards contributing back to society through charity and helping the needy and orphan, having focused on redeeming from her past sins.

"Back with these viewpoints, you always said that you had done amoral acts and ignoring right and wrong for the sake of loving someone. In the past, take Jiang XiuYu as an excuse and Zhang RenXin after that, but now? My turn to be your meatshield instead?! You kept mentioning you had done amoral acts for the sake of love, how misfortune would be those be loved by you, having to become everyone's meatshield?"

―ShuJun to JiaLiang, episode 114.

"Shu Jun: In his heart, Zhang JiaLiang most loved himself, followed by his own children. However, the women around him; wife included are unimportant to him. Once crossed his bottom line, he can give up and abandon at any time.
Wen Ling: Impossible.
Shu Jun: How long you knew him, 23 or 24 years? No matter how long, I understood him more than you and including his heartless and cruel side!"

―ShuJun to WenLing, episode 46


In the prequel drama, after facing the humiliations from JiaLiang, she accepted the unconditional love from ZhiLong, but succumbed to the former's temptations and truly fallen in love with him, where she "understood" what JiaLiang had truly wished for; a complete family of kinship and love, who clashed with HeiMian several times to protect her innocence while ShuJun gave him comfort when XiuYu passed away. While attempting to secure a place in JiaLiang's heart, ShuJun willingly betrayed her conscience to turn against GaoFamily and heartlessly manipulated and assaulted ZhiLong for the sake of allowing JiaLiang to successfully initiate his revenge on ZhiHong and XiuLian. However, she ultimately realised his true colours when JiaLiang abandoned her and turned deeply remorseful over her prior actions. This also ended her affectionate feelings towards him, where she even abandoned her eldest son at an orphanage and developed an intensive hatred towards JiaLiang and completely severe from her past. ShuJun successfully overcomes her fate of working in the nightclub after encountering MingHui, who gave her true happiness and motivated her in moving forward from her past while ShuJun allowed him to forgone the pain of losing ShengYuan's mother. In her earlier years of dedicating her life for MingHui and YanFamily, this was notably shown from her kinship with ShengYuan. ShuJun initially had an unpleasant relationship with her step-son, until she unconditionally ensured his full recuperation from a childhood illness and their relationship improved to the point of treating themselves as biological mother and son. In Proud of You, she and ZiTing, whom as she treated like her own daughter, played a vital role in persuading ShengYuan to awaken his original personality and prevented him from fully descending into insanity.

"You truly hope to change me back to that Ke MeiJuan, who would ignore all circumstances and lose her judgment for the sake of loving you? But a pity, I'm unable to turn back to that naive woman of the past and there's no turning back for us now."

―ShuJun to JiaLiang, episode 114.

At the beginning episodes of said drama and through her interactions with JiaLiang, she seeks pleasure taunting his past via dialogues and actions, and took every opportunity in sparking tensions between JiaLiang and WenLing. Originally intended to have zero connections with him, but after deeming JiaLiang responsible for the falling kinship of YanFamily and in addition to the desires of amending her past ruthlessness towards GaoFamily and ZhiLong, all this eventually empowered ShuJun to take revenge on JiaLiang. By taking advantage of her warmth demeanor and creating a delusional image of their "reconciliation" to gain his trust as well as her willingness to sacrifice her innocence[1], she was successful in causing him to lose his gained assets from FangFamily and his family with WenLing. As reminiscing her past romantic involvement with JiaLiang only brought her suffering, ShuJun was unwilling to restart anew with him. Once her true motives were revealed to her closed ones, she earned the forgiveness from them.




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