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Jin Yong Jian (金詠健) is a professional in the field of gymnastics, before becoming an important figure in WorldGroup's foundation group. He showed affection to ShanShan and after improving the living condition for his mother BaoXiu, his marriage with the former had received approval from LinFamily.


Boosting an athletic demeanor, YongJian is naturally compassion hearted with caring for the less-privileged individuals. Ever since the financial crisis of JinFamily, YongJian harbored resolution in enhancing the living standards for his mother BaoXiu. Due to his ordinary background, he appeared to have greater overtaken the expectations from the affluent LinFamily (especially MingZhu) after the happiness of ShanShan was entrusted to him. Although the latter could take on a more humble pathway, YongJian had the opposite viewpoints. Upon seeing them as "achievable", he wanted ShanShan to lead a living that's close on par with the luxuries his lover had been given since her birth, which becomes his uppermost priority once fallen in love with ShanShan.


His mother BaoXiu had remarried after the passing of his biological father at his younger age, hence the surname "Jin". His lost younger half-sister was revealed to be Wu Jia Xiu and meaning his brother-in-law is Zhan Wei Kai.

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