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Angela (安琪拉)/Jiang Yong Qi (江詠綺) is the youngest daughter of JiangFamily. With assistance from ZhengHao, she was freed from the clutches of her antagonistic elder brother and recuperated from her childhood illness. She showed affection to YongCheng while working at YongBao-Group.


Her last name has a similar pronunciation but different character as YongQi (Zhou), differentiating (詠綺)and (永琪).


Due to her declining health and the seeming death of CanTang, Angela had lost the meaning of living on until the motivation from ZhengHao drives her to live her life to the fullest. Angela has mainly exhibited her kind-hearted demeanor in the aspect of love and despite becoming furious when her admirers deceived their own feelings, she is willing to discard her feelings of affection after realizing ZhengHao's earnest desires of reuniting with JiaWen and their son as well as YongCheng's inability to forget his past relationship with JiaXuan. Outside the protection from ZhengHao, Angela sees the importance of living independently and protecting herself and her father's leftover assets from the sadism of HongJie, who she harbored on unresolvable hatred to. Hence as a worker for YongBao-Group, Angela has boosted fortitude-willed confidence in overcoming her own clumsiness and becoming reliable in the eyes of her peers and YongCheng.






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