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Jiang Can Tang (江燦堂) is an important background figure in General Commerce Association and also the patriarch of JiangFamily. He was previously known as his alias KDong (K董) before his introduction. He had engaged romantically with LiMei in the past, before seemingly approved his lover JiaXuan's reconciliation with YongCheng.[2]


In the business world, CanTang retained his status as an influential and respectable figure and having discarded his antagonistic qualities in the past. Despite his powerful perception, CanTang was not someone without any flaws.

Despite his elder age, his affection towards JiaXuan gave her the encouragement to accept his feelings. However, his strong sense of dominance love towards her caused CanTang to become intolerant regarding JiaXuan's unsevered kinship with ZhouFamily. Meanwhile, his intentions of controlling her closed ones have put a strain on their relationship. As a result of HongJie nearing the finale, CanTang apparently drops his intense hostility towards YongCheng and seemingly entrusted JiaXuan's happiness to him, while respecting her decision.

He was particularly close and very protective of his daughter Angela, mainly due to her poorer health which sometimes affected his trust and judgment regarding the intentions of others around him. This was taken advantage of beneficially by HongJie, who attempted to cause CanTang to become archenemies with ZhouFamily and LinFamily after misleading him that they've neglected Angela's safety during her coma. Meanwhile, this has also negatively affected his relationship with JiaXuan. However after HongJie was revealed to be involved in the aforementioned events, CanTang became utterly disappointed with his son. As a result, he regretted his decision of cultivating HongJie as his successor and deeming LiMei to be responsible.







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