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Jia Man Yi (賈曼玉), also known as Maggie is a close friend of JiaWen.


ManYi first appeared in episode 184, as she rescued ZhengHao, who was fleeing from the underlings of a particular gang leader he had offended while being jailed for his crimes. After allowing him to live alongside her and her younger brother, ZhengHao later influenced the siblings to infiltrate into ZhouFamily and using their earned salaries to restore his lost reputation. At the same time, ManYi had intended to support her younger brother's dreams of studying media overseas which she had resorted to underhanded means to earn in the past. However, during her encounter with JiaWen and ZhiWen, ManYi and her younger brother were revealed to have ceased participating in ZhengHao's plans of obtaining greater wealth. As ZhiWen had provided cover for her to hide from FangZi and GuoHao, she was brought to LinFamily and agreed to become the caregiver of ZhiMing and JiaYun's newborn son while ZhiWen had also funded her younger brother's overseas studies. ManYi almost costed her own life after confronting YunRu for faking about her own illness, she last appeared to expose the said truth and this prompted ZhiWen to cancel his second marriage with YunRu.


  • Younger brother: Jia Bao Yi (Steven)






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