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Hu Li Hai (胡立海) is the childhood friend of HuanHuan, he becomes close friends with LuoShi. As a criminal in the past, he was recruited as an underling of HongJie and developed affection towards JiaWen, having sacrificed his life to save her husband from the former.


He seemingly accepted his final destiny of dedicating himself to perform antagonistic acts under the behalf of HongJie, while believing the latter will give him the freedom and life he wanted. After knowing HongJie had never intended to keep his promises, he had revolted back against him after being touched by the friendship he formed with LuoShi and JiaWen. He had motivated both of them with his cheerfulness when they're feeling down, having chosen to protect them instead of following HongJie's malicious intentions. This showed that he retained his sense of conscience, even to the point of exchanging his own life to protect ZhengHao (HaoTian) and reuniting him with TieGe as well as JiaWen while his past personality was not truly known.





  • His nickname is Hu Liu (鰗鰡).
  • LiHai's original facial expression had remained a mystery, though his appearance was based on ZhengHao after receiving a facial reconstruction.


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