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Gu Wen Yan (顧文彥) is a close friend of WuFamily. Diagnosed with a curable illness, WenYan ended up severing his 7 years long relationship with JiaXiu and including their shared dream. Later on, WenYan becomes particular close with his childhood friend YongQi.


WenYan first appeared in episode 199, having fetched JiaXiu for her interview in QinTian-Group and with assistance from GuanTing, WenYan allowed the former to work under TianYu as a personal secretary. While missing the marriage between HuanHuan and JiaLong, WenYan had celebrated the birthday of MeiRu with JiaXiu and her family. Hearing TianYu had snatched away the partnership between ZhiWen and his client, WenYan would quarrel with JiaXiuregarding TianYu's personality in the business world. Confirming himself to be diagnosed with tongue cancer, the tensions with JiaXiu grew greater after misunderstanding the latter for having affairs with TianYu, which in truth was a setup with LiMei. WenYan eventually breaks up with JiaXiu, but ended up confronting TianYu for concealing the status of his marriage. During his final appearances, WenYan had coached YongQi in her inexperience in culinary skills who wanted to ease her father's loneliness over the passing of XiuChun. (episode 199-227)






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