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The General Commerce Association (商業總會) is an umbrella board of directors, founded by close affiliates and influential figures known for their perception and deepened wisdom in the world of business; where all of them held the chairman position from their respective syndicates, first mentioned in episode 222 of the drama. For every 4 years, an election will be held to choose a suitable candidate for the position of General Director (商業總會理事長), who concurrently also served the chairman position of the particular syndicate they have been entrusted with. The histories and descriptions of the named syndicates in the drama are found on this page.


  • The role of the General Director is upholding the strong principle sense of justice to ensure that the future of the entire business world to prosper in a positive manner, maintaining the moral principle of compassion where everyone in the association will gain greater wealth and reputation through a healthy mindset.
  • To prevent cruel-hearted and ambitious desires with controlling the entire business world, turning it into a war-zone where everyone ruthlessly targets one another when coming to achieve their personal goals.


World Group (世界集團) is a large architecture-based entrepreneurship which was founded by AhMei and her deceased husband, and is owned by the affluent LinFamily throughout the decades. Between episode 83-193, WorldGroup's chairman position was taken over by YunRu[1], who later gave said position to HongJie and fuelling his agenda of seeking revenge for LiMei.World Hotel (世界飯店) is a hotel that belonged to WorldGroup and LinFamily holds 48% of the entire company's shares.

  • Lin Qing Long: During his tenure of World-Group, he was responsible for expanding the company into its current successful state and sometimes having amoral means to achieve his goals. After his retirement, he had entrusted the company to the younger generation.
  • Lin Zhi Ming: ZhiMing had reclaimed back WorldGroup after collaborating with JiaWen (CoCo) and causing HongJie to be charged for his crimes[2]. ZhiMing held the chairman position between episode 193-265, having restored back the reputation and trust the company had previously lost with his capabilities surpassing that of QingLong. His personality had effectively benefitted the company and hence, he became the perfect candidate and was entrusted to lead the association. After returning from his apparent death, he remained as WorldGroup's largest shareholder and dedicated himself to lead WorldHotel instead.
    • Wu Jia Yun: Given the title of Mrs Lin (林夫人), the main source of backup support for her husband ZhiMing and during the apparent absence of the latter, JiaYun immediately lead the family's business on the behalf of him and boosting similar strengths of capability. She was regarded as the main contributor of World-Hotel, and entrusted the chairman position to ZhiWen after the events of episode 266-273.
  • Lin Zhi Wen: ZhiWen was initially the Grand-Manager of WorldGroup, he concurrently served the chairman position after ZhiMing's fate was ambiguous and became amnesiac during the events of episode 265-310. His capabilities were comparable with ZhiMing's, he became elected to prevent HongJie's second takeover of the company and living up to MingZhu's expectations.
  • Chen Li Min (陳麗敏)/Chen Dong (陳董): A major shareholder of the company (15% shares), her company is intrigued towards the research of inheritance diseases. She initially supported the major antagonists with the future of WorldGroup, before entrusting said company to its rightful owners.

YongXin Hospital (永信醫院), or YongXin Group (永信集團): During the initial days of establishment, the hospital was infamous for accepting unauthorized bribes from close affiliates led by the founding board of directors to expand its reputation and having disregarded the lives of innocent. Most of the original members had retired in the present days, YongXin had embarked on the pathway of providing the best services to all patients. YongXin becomes a medical institution popular for positive influences and earning the trust from everyone, with BaoNa, ChongRen and XiaoKe driving the initiative, with the former becoming one of the best doctors.

  • Wang Shi Chang (also known as Director Wang (王董事): The father of YanXi and the most influential founding member of the hospital, he remained as an affluent figure in the business world.
  • Zhang Zheng Hao: As an antagonist, ZhengHao had intended to claim the chairman as well as the director position of the hospital but eventually failed in his attempt of claiming the assets from WangFamily. He returned as the best cardiologist of the hospital following his redemption, surpassing ChongRen in terms of medical skills. ZhengHao became KGroup's shareholder after Angela entrusted him with her inherited assets, causing ZhangFamily to be targetted by HongJie.[3]and adopted the alias Bao Feng Jin Tong (暴風金童) (HaoTian).

YongBao Group (永寶集團) is a "smaller" entrepreneurship in comparison with that of World Group that is heavily geared towards the production of cosmetic-based products for consumers to use. During the earlier days, YongBao was expanded under the idea of "infinity management". A smaller company within the syndicate is called the YongBao Entreprise (永寶企業).

  • Yao Ming Zhu: MingZhu was officially recognized as Mrs Lin (林夫人) after her husband had divorced with HuiXin. MingZhu was forced to resign her position in World-Group after meddling the hostility of ZhouFamily, she took over the chairman role from RuiYuan.
  • Zhou Yong Cheng: YongCheng had founded the YongBao Enterprise during his youthful days and after earning the recognition from RuiYuan as his successor. With the latter's worsened dementia, YongCheng has inherited the heavy responsibility of ensuring the success of YongBao as the Grand Manager.

QinTian-Group (擎天集團) is architecture-based syndicate similar to World-Group.

GuanTing had resorted to unscrupulous means of surpassing his enemies during the expansion and establishment of the said syndicate and assumed the position of Elder Chairman (老總裁) after handling QinTian to TianYu. When the latter was charged for his crimes, QinTian-Group was returned to its rightful owners.

KGroup (K集團), also called Underground Commerce (地下商会) and K Party (K派) was a syndicate that has operated from behind the scenes and had sought to overthrow the existing members in the entire association. Apart from that, K-Group is primarily an architecture-based company. (episode 222)

  • Lao K Dong (老K董) was the establisher of KGroup, having resorted to amoral means and attaining success 22 years ago. KDong's real name is later revealed as Jiang Can Tang (江燦堂), whose personality in his youthful days was capable of invoking fear to the entire association for a period of time as described by RuiYuan until the mentioning of his alias "K (Kenny)-Dong" disappears.(episode 222,370) Said alias was used by CanTang's son HongJie during the election for General Director after TianYu was forfeited from his rights of participating as he was charged for hurting LuoFamily and closed ones of JiaXiu. ZhiMing had emerged victorious, as HongJie had intended to gain FangZi's vote after he attempts to accuse MingZhu for almost costing JianHua's life. (episode 218-265)[5][6]CanTang later returned as a major shareholder of WorldGroup, he seeks to form a partnership with ZhiMing (WorldGroup) and his company. (episode 370-413)
  • Angela: During CanTang's apparent death, his daughter Angela was appointed as the successor of KGroup and foiled HongJie's ambitious desires of taking over the entire KGroup after her marriage with ZhengHao. (episode 335-369)[7]

  • Liu Dong: Only appeared in episode 265.
  • Sun Dong (孫董) is a close affiliation within the business world, he owned an unauthorized money lender business since his youthful days. While MingZhu was forced to vote for HongJie (K-Dong), both of them had made the wrong decision of giving their vote to the antagonist, who loses the election against ZhiMing.
  • Mother Qian (錢媽媽) is a representative of First Group (第一集團) and ChenDong's customer that liaises with WorldGroup. Her real name was later revealed as Fang Bi Lian (方碧蓮), and the mother of QianJin and XinYu while managing her own cosmetics company.

ZiJiang Group (紫江集團) is a food-based architecture founded by TianEn. Despite remaining as the chairman position, TianEn allowed his daughter to held the Grand-Mananger position while his eldest son become the company's largest shareholder in an effort to prevent JianHua for taking over the company.