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This page only covered the events between episodes 1-83, while her history and personality sections are merged together (save the infobox and relationship sections). For events aftermath and towards the finale, a brief description is added to the character list page.

Gao Ren Mei (高仁美)[1] is the main protagonist of Proud of You and the eldest adoptive affluent daughter of YiDengGao(Group) (一等高集團).



Gao Family (adoptive)

  • Father: Gao Zhi Hong
  • Mother: Jiang Xiu Lian
  • Eldest-uncle: Gao Zhi Long
  • Eldest aunt-in-law: Ke Shu Jun
  • Youngest-aunt: Gao Zhi Hui
  • Maternal Grandfather: Jiang Zheng Hui
  • Paternal Grandfather: Gao Jun Xiong
  • Paternal Grandmother: Gao Chen Yu Lan
  • Younger Brother/Cousin: Gao Tian You, Luo Xiao An, Gao Tian Hao

Wang/Fang Family (In-law)

  • Granduncle: Fang Chong Fa
  • Father: Wang Shan He
  • Mother: Fang Bao Zhen
  • Elder Cousins: Fang Wen Ling, Fang Wen Xian
  • Elder Cousin-in-law: Qiu Rui Hua
  • Cousin, once removed (表姨): Li Yu Fei (biological), Zhi Tian Ai (adoptive)
  • Adoptive Brother: Huang Guan Zhong
  • Adoptive Sister-in-law: Liu Qian Na
  • Uncle: Wang Shan Tai
  • Cousin: Peng Li Xing


For her relationship with PengFamily, the family members of QiXian are omitted from this section.

  • Paternal Grandfather: Peng Qi Xian
  • Paternal Grandmother: Zhang Yan Hong
  • Father: Zhang Jia Liang
  • Mother: Jiang Xiu Yu
  • Younger Twin Sister: Zhang Ren Xin
  • Younger Brother-In-law: Xiao Zheng Yan
  • Youngest Sister: Zhang Zi Ting
  • Youngest Brother-In-law, initial lover: Yan Sheng Yuan
  • Younger Brother: Zhang Zi Xiang


Before separating with her younger sister RenXin, the sisters see themselves as an irreplaceable pair of conjoined twins (連體嬰). To overcome everyday challenges in spite of their natural disability, RenMei serves as the supporting pinnacle for RenXin to protect herself against the despising viewpoints of others.

Due to her developed affection for ShengYuan, this further boosted her desires to overcome from her conjoined fate with RenXin with the optimistic teachings from GaoFamily. Despite her willingness in risking her life during a separation surgery (分割手術)[2], her inability to understand the fearful feelings of death within RenXin since her youth created a rift in their relationship despite the sisters' sharing the same fortitude will towards survival. Once attaining independence from RenXin, RenMei retained her sense of justice and took responsibility for the amoral acts of RenXin, despite reprimanding her over the past when the latter estranged herself from her adoptive family. RenMei also voluntarily ended her relationship with ShengYuan, even though RenXin played a part towards their separation, deeming her dreams of continuing on their romantic involvement and starting a family to be mere delusions and decided to face the real truth and wanting ShengYuan to be responsible towards her youngest sister ZiTing instead, eventually establishing a level of friendship with her.

She was unwilling to accept her biological father JiaLiang, due to the latter's amoral viewpoints in proving his love towards her and RenXin. During his takeover of YiDengGao(Group) and hurting of GaoFamily, this forced RenMei to tap on her manipulative trait and seek justice against JiaLiang for his abduction of ZhiHong. The aforementioned events led to her understanding the inner insecurity of RenXin, giving RenMei an opportunity to renew their falling apart relationship and interact with each other further during the collaboration between GaoFamily and YongShi(Group). The sisters' final push in fully restoring their ties was when RenMei intended to sacrifice her life and prevent ShengYuan from killing RenXin.[3] With that, RenMei became forward-looking in life and regained her confidence in finding another lover.



  • She has an allergy towards peanuts, which was proven to be life threatening for RenMei.
  • Like RenXin, she celebrated her birthday in episodes 12-13.
  • Kerri Hua (華千涵) originally portrays RenMei, before she was given the role of "Li YuFei". [4]


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