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The personality and history sections in this page only covered the events between episodes 1-118 (save the infobox and relation sections). For events aftermath and towards the finale, a brief description is added to the character list page.

Fang Wen Ling (方文鈴) was the initial supporting antagonist[1] of Proud of You, and an affluent daughter (大小姐) of WanDai (Group) (萬代集團) and also one of the main protagonists.


  • Father: Fang Chong Fa
  • Unnamed mother (deceased)

  • Younger Brother: Fang Wen Xian
  • Younger Sister-in-law: Qiu Rui Hua
  • Niece: Li Yu Fei (biological), Zhi Tian Ai (adoptive)
  • Nephew-in-law: Gao Tian Hao (adoptive), Gao Tian You (biological)

  • Eldest son: Zhang Zi Xiang
  • Youngest daughter: Zhang Zi Ting
  • Youngest son-in-law: Yan Sheng Yuan

  • Aunt: Fang Bao Zhen
  • Younger Cousin: Huang Guan Zhong (adoptive)
  • Younger cousin-in-law: Liu Qian Na (adoptive)

Family via marriage (In-law)

For her relationship with PengFamily, the family members of QiXian are omitted from this section.

  • Father: Peng Qi Xian
  • Mother: Zhang Yan Hong
  • Step daughters: Gao Ren Mei, Zhang Ren Xin
  • Step son-in-laws: Zhao Shang Hao (also her younger cousin), Xiao Zheng Yan

Former Enemies


A youthful WenLing

A youthful WenLing remained resentful of YueLi's affairs with her father and refused to recognize WenXue as part of FangFamily and deemed both of them responsible for the declining health of her mother. As she received doted love and respect from ChongFa and her younger brother WenXian, she is naturally arrogant and domineering but despite her short-temper, she retained her heart of kindness. She takes on a sadistic pleasure when taunting others with her words and the preferably of watching from the sidelines and causing conflicting relationships between them. As she was naive towards love following her initial encounter with JiaLiang, she believed the latter was more important than her own family and even estranged her kinship with them for the sake of supporting JiaLiang's antagonism, as ChongFa and WenXian were reluctant to accept their relationship due to his unpleasant background. Thus, she became fully dependent on JiaLiang and even entrusted everything to him, wanting the latter to take the spotlight in front of others. The earlier parts of the drama further emphasized WenLing seeing herself as JiaLiang's only person in his heart and even betrayed her conscience to coverup his crimes despite knowing her grave mistake of indirectly causing the deaths of WenXian and RuiHua. She was over-protective of ZiTing, but was willing to set aside her dignity and helping her to resolve feuds with others in the absence of JiaLiang.


As the drama progresses, she became intolerant and the insecurity fear of losing JiaLiang once she knew XiuYu and their conjoined twin daughters were more important than her and their own children. Despite wanting to seek payback for ZiTing through setting up RenXin, she clearly underestimated JiaLiang's love for XiuYu as well as the former and RenMei. This turned their deep affection into merely delusions, due to the irrecoverable rift and contradicting beliefs formed in their relationship. After knowing the truth behind their initial meeting and feeling betrayed from his affairs with ShuJun, she grew hatred of JiaLiang and was determined to take back everything she gave him. With the importance of trust and respect in a relationship as a reflective point of her life, she gradually improved her kinship with ZiTing, who reminded WenLing of her youth and came to realise her failure as a mother for neglecting the true feelings of her daughter, who successfully discarded her spoiled attitude with her bonds with LiFamily and drove her successful relationship with ShengYuan. She also recovered her powerful feminine sense of perception, she was designated as a rightful successor of WanDai(Group).



WenLing and WenXue in flashback

After ChongFa promised her and WenXian to end his affairs with YueLi and took care of their mother in her final days, WenLing was apparently involved in the accident that caused KenJi's disappearance while YuFei was adopted by LiFamily, which left WenXue deeply scarred from the events. (25 years ago, episode 109)

WenLing and JiaLiang exchanging their first vow

WenLing initially encountered JiaLiang in a pineapple farm, who was known as Zhang Rui Kun (張瑞坤), falling in love with him and saved his life from an assault event, which was intentionally masterminded by JiaLiang as an attempt to infiltrate WanDai(Group) and took him on a world voyage. Shortly after their marriage, the couple gave birth to ZiXiang, who received doted love from her mother in her final days and slightly repaired her strained relationship with WenXian and ChongFa. She decided to accompany JiaLiang overseas and managed the company there and subsequently mothered ZiTing with him. (23 years ago, following the events of The Love Story of Banana Orchard)

Falling Relationship with JiaLiang

WenLing, in a heated quarrel with JiaLiang

WenLing debuted in the first episode and migrated back from overseas with JiaLiang, but reluctantly agreed to his decision of wanting ZiTing to openly apologize to RenMei and RenXin, after she humiliated the conjoined twins (連體嬰

) during a live competition. While paying respects to her deceased mother, she spent personal moments with ChongFa and WenXian and later met ZhiHong and XiuLian on behalf of JiaLiang,

who expressed dissatisfaction for her decision to arrange a meal with them and taunted MuBai over his family, who remained composed thanks to TianYou. When ZiTing almost costed RenMei's life, she was pleased that JiaLiang prevented their daughter from getting fired from WanDai(Group) and was surprised that ShengYuan was beaten up by JiaLiang. She later reminisced and discussed with BaoZhen over GuanZhong's relationship with JingRou. (episode 1-4)

WenLing devastated with the discovery of JiaLiang's secrets

"Led down? Why are you hiding such a meaningful story for so long? Why have you refused to tell me, until I misunderstood you and need me to force you, then you mention about "Led down"? Although your story was full of griefs, but I realized the story harbored lots of love meaning behind. Led down? Jiang XiuYu was actually the most loved person in your heart!"

―WenLing and JiaLiang, episode 5

WenLing, having chosen marriage over kinship

As her family realized JiaLiang's personal interactions with GaoFamily, she accompanied ZiTing to visit LiFamily, who considered to affilate with TianAi the next day. She overheard JiaLiang's past feuds with ZhiHong and XiuLian, she confirmed RenMei and RenXin as JiaLiang's biological daughters and knew his most loved person was XiuYu. While devastated over the deaths of WenXian and RuiHua in an accident, which TianAi survived from, she nonetheless protected JiaLiang, who was confronted by WenXian over the manufacturing Black-hearted Oil (黑心油).

WenLing's love and hate relationship with JiaLiang

She expressed rage over JiaLiang's greater concern of RenMei and RenXin instead of ZiTing, and suspected the relation between ShuJun and JiaLiang.
She quarreled with ChongFa over the latter's innocence, and was appointed as the Co(Grand-manager) of WanDai(Group) and reminisced with her father at her favorite park from her childhood. She later realize JiaLiang's intentions to celebrate the birthday of RenMei and RenXin, which JiaLiang purposely planned for her to found out.
While she allowed him to affect the business of YiDengGao(Group) (一等高集團), she conflicted with his favoring of RenMei over ZiTing,
as they developed affection for ShengYuan. As ZiTing almost killed RenMei and RenXin in the same accident which miraculously ensured their separation surgery (分割手術) was successful, she apologized to GaoFamily on her behalf and bailed her from custody as ChongFa was unhappy with her and JiaLiang's parenting of their daughter. While LiFamily chooses ZhiHong as their affiliation partner,
the latter and BaoZhen reprimanded on how JiaLiang contradicted WenXian's ideals over the progress of WanDai(Organic) (萬代有機). She and JiaLiang were expelled from WanDai(Group) by ChongFa, who exposed the truth of their involvement in making amoral agreements (陰陽合約) and Black-hearted Oil as ZhiHong was entrusted to lead said company as her relationship with her father falls apart.
Hearing from ShuJun that JiaLiang donated his liver to RenXin, a devastated WenLing almost divorced with him, who subsequently established YiDai(Group) (億代集團) to receive her forgiveness and accepted the latter into the family, who initially reunited with JiaLiang out of rage towards GaoFamily's initial decision to save RenMei.
While their son ZiXiang was almost affected by the issue of Black-hearted Oil, she saved JiaLiang from his death and joined him to pin the aforementioned responsibilites to ZhiHong. After JiaLiang confirmed ShuJun as his old lover, she revealed her past with GaoFamily although YanZi and ShengYuan were unaffected by her former employment in the bar. With RenXin restoring security in life thanks to ZhengYan, she regretted viewing her as her family
for giving ShengYuan the opportunity to take advantage of ZiTing's affection feelings for him following their romantic involvement. As an attempt to foil the former's revenge motives on JiaLiang, she earned criticism from him and caused ZiTing to leave LiFamily and received care from ShuJun and YanZi.
She supported JiaLiang to abduct ZhiHong and putting her father's company at the risk of closing down. Despite hearing of MingHui's death from JiaLiang, she nonetheless caused ShengYuan to be fired from the media firm, who unwillingly affiliated with JiaLiang to take revenge against GaoFamily, where RenMei broke up with him. She manipulated RenXin's kinship with them to take down YiDengGao(Group),
this ended JiaLiang's affection for her and was devastated as he revealed that their initial encounter and subsequent interactions were entirely orchestrated by him. (episode 5-47)

Rivalry with ShuJun

Once she rescued JiaLiang from custody, as RenMei approached him to seek justice for GaoFamily and reluctantly attempted to give ReXin an apology while BaoZhen adviced her to severe the ties with JiaLiang. She suspected a potential romantic involvement between JiaLiang and ShuJun, and indirectly caused YanZi to become amentia following a stroke. While ShengYuan almost claimed JiaLiang's life on several occasions that were foiled by ZiTing and ShuJun, who rescued WenLing as ShengYuan almost ruined her innocence while both of them reached out to the latter's inner conscience. Following RenXin's reunion with GaoFamily and RenMei, she unwillingly accepted ZiTing's marriage with ShengYuan. She realized JiaLiang's cold-heartedness, as he only reconciled with her to take advantage of her affluent background. Like JiaLiang, she approved ShengYuan for stealing the trademark of Milk Dance (牛奶跳舞) steamboat and was surprised with his involvement in exposing XiaoQing's affairs with GuanZhong. With LiFamily's participant restored the reputation of WanDai(Group) and claiming back their ownership of Milk Dance, she was encouraged by RuXin following their first meeting, who renamed himself from Tang Fa Cai (湯發財) that changing her personality was unnecessary even though ZiTing and JiaLiang's heart stray furthered towards ShuJun as both of them were romantically involved. As RenXin and ZhengYan finishes their marriage, she heeded advice from RuXin to safeguard her assets and realised JiaLiang had entrusted them at the hands of ShuJun. She gradually improved her relationship with ZiTing, as ShengYuan truly fell in love with her and forgoing his hatred of JiaLiang, he cautioned WenLing regarding RuXin and taunted RenMei and ShangHao for becoming friends with the latter. Once seeing MingFeng becoming a victim of his scams, she confronted RuXin for posing as a psychologist and even blackmailed MingHui but was prevented from exposing said truth to JiaLiang and ShuJun with the interference from ZhiLong, under the alias Kenji (健司) and represented Oda(Group) (織田集團). (episode 48-95)

"Zhang JiaLiang, even if you don't look at our past twenty years as husband and wife, you should look at the fact that I'm the person you owed. Your life and everything of yours were given by me, this is how you repay me?"

―WenLing and JiaLiang, episode 99
With the affairs of ShuJun and JiaLiang revealed, WenLing managed to escape the hospital with assistance from ShengYuan and ZiTing as JiaLiang's intentions of accusing her for having mental illness were foiled by RuXin and ZhiLong. While cooperating with the latter and reclaiming back her assets, she allowed BaoZhen to successfully end the collabration with JiaLiang and faked her own death. As ShengYuan was entrusted with HuiMin(Hospital), she persuaded ZiTing to abort her unborn child and recuperate from her declining health and almost fall in JiaLiang's hands. In a similar situation as the latter, she was confined by the returning WenXue, who confessed her involvement in taking over YiDai(Group) and attempted to claim WenLing's life as revenge for her traumatic past[2].
WenLing was saved by the timely arrival of ZhiLong, the returning YueLi and ChongFa and JiaLiang, who almost perished together with ShuJun without the appearance of TianLie. She subsequently ended her marriage with JiaLiang[3] in exchange to prove his innocence over her attempted murder. She deeply repented to her father for indirectly causing the deaths of WenXian and RuiHua, she visited TianAi overseas, who awakened from her coma and returned to WanDai(Group) as she gained further experience in the business world from ChongFa. (episode 97-117)



  • She has an allergy towards kiwi fruit, as confirmed in episodes 29-30.


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