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Du Ba La (杜芭拉) is a retired conciliator and also the childhood bestie of LuoShi. She had mothered WeiKai from her past relationship with KunMao and deems JiaXiu as her son's destined wife.


Despite her old age, BaLa usually shows off her femininity and has a very strong sense of fashion. BaLa had loved KunMao deeply in her youthful days but was extremely apologetic towards BaoZhu for accepting her existing marriage and family with KunMao. As a result, she became optimistic and willing to leave the relationship between herself and the latter even to the point of entrusting WeiKai at the hands of BaoZhu as a form of compensation. After her son acknowledges their lost kinship, she had eagerly supported WeiKai's desires of starting his own family with JiaXiu as BaLa was unwilling to see her grief be repeated on them. Like her own friendship with LiMin and LuoShi, she has also regarded JiaXiu as her bestie and daughter-in-law as both of them had fully understood each other's past pain on the aspect of love.

BaLa had dedicated herself to serve as a conciliator and even becoming amnesiac as as a way to escape her past relationship with KunMao and having a decline judgement of right and wrong, which allows her to recuperate her wounded heart from the relationship with KunMao. In the present day, BaLa had decided to keep distanced ties with him due to his current marriage with YunRu.






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