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Chen Tian En (陳添恩) is the founder of ZiJiang-Group. He maintained a strained relationship with his son but thanks to his friendship with JiaWen, both of them had reconciled their relationship.



At the cost of expanding his business, TianEn had neglected the feelings of his wife in the past. His earnest wish was entrusting his assets to JianHong, who had refused and maintained a strained relationship with him after his son deemed himself as unfavorable in forgiving TianEn on his mother's behalf. Once JiaWen acted as a meditator between them, which was vital in allowing TianEn and JianHong to understand the pain within them and subsequently amended their family ties.

TianEn becomes extremely distrustful towards JianHua for providing happiness to his daughter WeiXin after hearing his cruelty towards JiaWen. Seeing his children's relationship becoming strained over monetary issues, TianEn was hesitant towards giving JianHong and WeiXin his assets after knowing the risks of losing everything at the hands of JianHua. But after the former woke up from believing the words of the latter, the family ties between the three of them was much strengthened from before.