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Chen Jian Hong (陳建弘) is the establisher of a delivery company, he was estranged from his father/ZiJiang-Group until he formed a friendship with JiaWen, who later rejected his affection as her past feuds with JianHua had greatly affected his family.


JianHong has a strict standard towards punctuality towards his employees and wouldn't hesitate to dismiss them for failing to adhere to the rightful standards of his company. He upheld the belief that no matter how talented and brilliant regarding the background of his workers, they will start working from the level of foundation; delivering goods to customers and integrating themselves with the essential knowledge on how his business operates and had shown the heart of compassion towards them.

In the past, he had completely lost his faith towards marriage and family after harboring a deepened hatred towards his father. JianHong deemed him as irresponsible towards his mother, who had been through many sufferings prior to her death over TianEn's cheating on their marriage for the sake of expanding ZiJiang-Group. As a result, JianHong was unwilling to inherit the asset from the said syndicate and believed that his father had not played the most important role in his success and gave it to WeiXin, hence, both of them had strong siblings relationship since young.

He initially had a displeased attitude towards JiaWen but exhibited his warm-heartedness demeanor which helped her with pulling through the darkest moments in her life; the betrayal of JianHua and facing a miscarriage of her child and having sought to seek justice against the former for the sake of JiaWen. JianHong developed the feelings of affection for the first time towards her, whose kind-hearted and fortitude personality gave him the motivation into overcoming his distant and cold-hearted relationship with his father and understanding his past grief. Despite cultivating a deepened understanding and giving encouragement towards JiaWen, the latter was incapable of accepting his feelings due to her past relationship with ZhengHao and JianHua and also deeming herself "responsible" for straining his kinship with WeiXin. As a result, both of them ended up giving each other blessings while striving towards their future endeavors.


  • Father: Chen Tian En
  • Deceased Mother
  • Younger Sister: Chen Wei Xin
  • Younger Brother-in-law: Cai Qing Feng