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Ceng Kai Xin (甄凱欣) is an orphan who becomes exceptionally close with JinFamily. She was once manipulated by LiMei, in an attempt to seek revenge against LinFamily.


Ever since her childhood, KaiXin was an independent and driven person to overcome her own background as an orphan and earning a living by taking on a variety of jobs to support herself financially. Meanwhile, KaiXin had also contributed back to society through volunteer work as well as charity. As a result of her parents' death, KaiXin had the earnest desires of having a sense of belonging into a family and hence, she later forged an irreplaceable kinship with YongJian and BaoXiu. The latter's optimistic demeanor had subsequently allowed KaiXin to forgo her hatred towards the cause of her parents' death which prevented her from falling further to the path of villainy.


  • Unnamed parents (deceased, as a result of an accident involving LiMei and QingLong during her childhood)




  • In a retconned setting, KaiXin was supposedly the lost daughter of QingLong and BaoXiu, her role was subsequently replaced by JiaXiu.[2]


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