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Ceng Huan Huan (甄環環) is the daughter of LiMei and the daughter-in-law of WuFamily. She encountered her husband JiaLong while residing in Thailand and mothered their son, Ye Ye (耶耶). She cooperated with YunRu and impersonated PeiQi's identity as an attempt to claim ZhouFamily's assets. After redemption, she seeks to renew her marriage with JiaLong.


HuanHuan has an adorable demeanor while appearing to be straightforward through her words. This either caused her perception to be outrightly doubted, which has the chance of sparking unwanted tensions through dissatisfactory.

Under the negative influences from YunRu, she personality changes to represent more of HongJie and LiMei. However as affirmed by JiaYun, HuanHuan is admired from her strong sense of justice as she had kept a distanced relationship with her mother and HongJie, having disapproved their antagonistic acts. Despite cherishing her ties with them, she wished that both of them turns over a leaf. Hence, she has deepened sense of belonging in WuFamily and not wanting her unpleasant childhood of being looked down by her peers due to LiMei's background to be repeated on her own son. As her marriage with JiaLong faces the verge of divorce, she strives to maintain and perhaps improve her relationship with him.


Wu Family (In-Law)

Friends, mostly are former archenemies




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